Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Bigclaw!

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

While we’ve previously discussed Springfield Downs and the Go Kart Track a couple months ago, this month we’ll continue to look at most of the Minigames found within our game. After discussing Conquer The Eliminator yesterday, we continue our journey today with Bigclaw!



The Bigclaw minigame can be played every 24 hours and involves tapping the non-playable character (NPC) Bigclaw. It can be tapped three time per day and will drop a random reward for every tap.

These are the rewards for each tap:

50 25%
$250 25%
$500 25%
2 25%

Pharmaceuticals earned from Bigclaw allows you to go over your Pharmaceuticals cap. 

Do you tap Bigclaw? How many times do you usually tap Bigclaw in a week? Are you over the Pharmaceuticals cap? How many Pharmaceuticals do you have? What stats or strategy related topic would you like discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you. And be sure to come back tomorrow for the Excavation Site.



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47 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Bigclaw!

  1. Where did he come from originally. I enjoy your post, can you please add in, for any future ones, where the item originally came from, to appease our curiosity? Thanks.

    For BigClaw, I noticed when he first came, however I got him, I would always tap three times and would always get three different items, money, XP and pills. Now It varies but I never get all three of the same.

  2. Bigclaw

    Fun at 1st, but Tappers will forget this NPC that delivers 3 Prizes every 12 Hours exists once their Springfield gets HUGE (lol)!

  3. Safi, Thanks. Can always “count” on you. Lol I know weak pun.😊
    Just feeling silly.

  4. Do you think he’s worth 30 donuts??

    • I enjoy him, but I’m very stingy with my donuts and would never spend 30 donuts on an NPC right now. If ever I get to the point where I have all the premium playable characters, then yes, I would get Bigclaw.

  5. Would be good if prizes were a bit better payout like a refill of the railyard or heights or even donuts then player would have a reason to play instead of small percentage payouts

  6. Safi. Nice work on these guides. Have you got any idea what the chances are of getting boardwalk tiles is for using the submersible.

    Thanks again for all your info

  7. Tap every time I see him, great npc and reward

  8. I tap him when I see him and then try to follow him for the next 2 taps but can often lose sight of him. I have over 1000 💊

  9. Any one having issue with s8 getting update

  10. He’s on sale now! Do you think he’s worth the 30 donut purchase?

  11. One time in the beginning, I got a donut from tap! Can’t replicate it again since

  12. I’ve been tapping on him whenever I see him (“Bwaaa!!”), but I never knew until I read your post that there were two different dollar amounts!

  13. Thank you, Safi, for this valuable information.. I wonder if you’ll cover a mini game by name “Surveillance Post”? I understand that the prize is by “number of trash bin” for Springfield Dump. I noticed that if I place it in middle of hundreds of tree, I average around 240-270. If nothing around, really goes low.

  14. I think this character is funny. I tap on him quite often.

  15. Thank you for this post, I had him in storage

  16. I totally forgot you could tap him. Not sure I’ve seen him in quite a while.

  17. Question – I noticed that big claw just happens to show up in my playable screen all the time. Is he by chance warped near my vicinity when I play? When I see him I definitely tap him. Once you get your percentages up 250 or 500 x 400% add up.

    • His on-screen location is not tied to anything I’m aware of. Might just be a coincidence for you. I’m sure the size and layout of your Springfield are huge factors in this.

  18. If i find him by luck i tap him and try to follow him. Sometimes i have luck, sometimes he goes behind buildings where i can’t find him anymore.
    Not looking for him then.
    Same as that gnome, i never find him

  19. Unless I’m busy searching for tapables during an event, I tap him when I see him. I have 541 pharmaceuticals. He’s a pretty fun NPC.

  20. I really can’t say how many times per week I tap Bigclaw, but I have a series of 24hr buildings I use as timers for Bigclaw. When it’s time for me to clear the buildings, it’s also time to tap Bigclaw. I’ve been doing that since Bigclaw was first brought into the game. The last time I checked my pill count was over 1500 or 1700 pills or more.

  21. I was debating on buying this fellow during the Thanksgiving 2017 event, 30 donuts. Looks like a worthy buy!

  22. If you’re frustrated by not being able to find him every day you can inventory him after the 3 taps and then pull him out of inventory in 24 hours and he’ll be ready to go.

    • Or, if you have the animal sanctuary, send Homer to fight Bigclaw once a day – the money and XP earned from a 3 hour task is great, and then Bigclaw can be found at the animal sanctuary after you finish…
      I have gotten up to 100s of pharmaceuticals over my cap tapping him regularly

      • I just stumbled upon the fact that they have a 3-hour task to fight one day while clearing my town. Those secret surprises (secret because I didn’t pay attention) really thrill me. It’s like stumbling upon a cool task you never utilized or knew was possible. Amber Simpson’s “Run from Abe” 10-hour task was an unexpected visual task surprise.

      • Good tip, I didn’t know that, thank you 😊

  23. I tap him and the leprechaun when I see them.

  24. Homer also has a 3 hr task to fight Big Claw for $270 and 45xp. That’s about the equivalent of a normal 8 hr task.

  25. Huh. I didn’t know we could tap him for rewards XD

  26. Bigclaw is great!

    I just bought him(?) yesterday, and he really adds to the Thanksgiving atmosphere. I also love that he just wanders all over Springfield and that you can click him 3 X for prizes every 24 hours. I wish they had more characters like this who walked around Springfield and dropped items when you “catch” them. It really brings the town to life.

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