Black Friday Breakdown…Retail Mystery Box

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With Alissa, Wookiee, and Patric busy celebrating American Thanksgiving and focused on the three F’s – Family, Food, and Football; they’ve left me in charge of the site. Big mistake! Mwah ha ha ha!

Get ready to be inundated with posts from me today and tomorrow.

As was previewed on Monday in this post here, Black Friday has arrived (albeit, a day earlier than expected) and brought with it eight Mystery Boxes. Black Friday in the US is the day after Thanksgiving and is known for it’s promotional sales (Think “Boxing Day” sales the day after Christmas for those in the Commonwealth). So today and tomorrow, I’ll take an in-depth look at each of these eight Mystery Boxes.

We continue with the Retail Mystery Box!

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those premium character/building/decorations you may have missed out on or hesitated to buy earlier for a discounted price of 50 donuts.  And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

Here’s what you can win…


   Abercrombie and Rich – Originally part of the Christmas 2015 prize track, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Bookaccino’s – Originally 100 donuts, Should I Buy, rewards 4 million REV 

   Claus Co. – Originally free during Christmas 2013, returned for 90 donuts, Should I Buy

   Costington’s with Mr. Costington – Originally part of Christmas 2013 prize track, returned for 110 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Donut Store – Originally 100 donuts, Should I Buy

   Gas and Grub – Originally Terwilliger 2015 craftable, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Guinea Pig Rescue Center – Originally episode tie-in promotional, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Hammock District – Originally 80 donuts, Should I Buy

   It’s a Wonderful Knife with Gino Terwilliger – Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Knot What It Seams – Originally part of the Secret Agents 2017 prize track, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Lotto ‘N’ Liquor with Dewey Largo – Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Mapple Store – Originally 90 donuts, Should I Buy

   Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle (Nick’s Bowling Shop and The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop) – Originally 70 donuts, Should I Buy

   Ordnance Express – Originally part of the Wild West 2016 prize track, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

 Sequel Stop – Originally part of Christmas 2014 prize track, returned for 70 donuts, Should I Buy

   Sportacus – Originally 85 donuts, Should I Buy

   Sprawl Mart – Originally 90 donuts, Should I Buy

   Springfield Farmers Market – Originally Terwilliger 2015 craftable, returned for 70 donuts, Should I Buy

   Springfield Pet Shop with Jub-Jub – Originally 90 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Springfield Mall – Originally part of Christmas 2013 prize track, returned for 90 donuts,donuts, No SIB

   Stoner’s Pot Palace – Originally 60 donuts, Should I Buy

   Things Unnecessary – Originally crafting hub of Christmas 2015, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Tomorrow’s Costington’s – Originally SciFi 2016 craftable, No SIB as it’s never been for sale

   Try-N-Save – Originally 70 donuts, Should I Buy

   You Only Own Twice – Originally part of the Secret Agents 2017 prize track, No SIB as it’s never been for sale


Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy posts from the past so you all can see how much they originally cost and what specifically each building, character, or decoration does.

50 donuts is a bargain for most of these items…except for items that were originally free, as getting it for free is the best deal…but still 50 donuts is a fair price for most of the items at least. So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you really want…give it a try. You’ll likely get something worth it. Though, personally, I’ll be going for the Character Mystery Box first.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Retail Mystery Box. Be sure to come back every few hours when I go into details about the other Mystery Boxes.

What are your thoughts on the Retail Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far from the Retail Mystery Box? What do you hope to get from this one? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


Mystery Boxes: Bronze, Silver, Retail, Decoration, Building, Great Outdoors, Character, Gold.

20 responses to “Black Friday Breakdown…Retail Mystery Box

  1. After blowing all my KEM Bonuts clearing out 11 items in my character box, I realized I had 6 items in this Retail box, including Dewey Largo and Gino building-character combos. In addition to KEM farming, I had to drop 3 million on Bloodmobiles, because I ended up needing to clear all 6 boxes to finally get Dewey Largo and Lotto N Liquor. I can’t complain much though as I basically paid full price for the two items I did want and got 4 extra buildings in the process. My disEAse of more tells me I haven’t gotten enough of course. Time to start saving for Xmas and try to avoid these shopping distractions and build up my bonus % … target 700% by Xmas! Thanks for all the work on this blog!

  2. I swear it charged me an extra 10 bonuts when I got the Farmers Market…🤔🤔🤔

  3. In my Retail Box, I have Stoner’s Pot Palace, the 2 Bowling Shops and the Farmers Market which I already have one from the Terwilligers event. It would cost me a total of 130 donuts without the Farmers Market and 200 donuts with the Market for the total original price, with the Box it would cost 100 donuts without the Market and 150 donuts with the Market, so I only save about 30 or 50 donuts for everything. For me it is still an alright purchase for 3 maybe 4 buildings. Also, thanks Safi for all of the posts on these mystery boxes. 😀

  4. Retail Mystery Box

    too many Craftables here
    you’re playing Craps with bad odds
    best move on to another gamble 😉

  5. 2nd try got me Wonderful Knife & Gino! Happy as anything to get the Sprawl Mart & a building/character combo for 2 boxes opened. Off to lay some KEM’s & then turn on the Collider tomorrow am! Donut poor but in game cash rich; So will do some farming on my B game to get more stuff!

  6. For some reason, I always thought that I started playing this game in 2014, but, thanks to this post, I just realised that it must have been 2013! I remember winning Claus Co., Costington’s, and Springfield Mall! How time flies!!

  7. Such a shame I won’t be able to get that Guinea Pig Rescue Center, like I said yesterday, it’s rare. If I even tried I’d only have two attempts to get it, seems unlikely as I need most of these buildings. I’ll just keep saving up donuts and hope this comes back for normal purchase next year.

  8. I really wanted the building+character combi from this box, and I had 3 possible ones to win: Gino Terwilliger, Costington and Dewey Largo. Really wanted Gino. But got Costington on my first try for this box. Not too bad I guess. Just wondering now if I should try my hand again at this box, for Gino. At the risk of ending up with some other buildings, since the odds aren’t in my favor. I don’t mind that much, 50 donuts for a building. Except, I blew some 600ish sprinkles on the character box, mostly getting stuff I don’t really fancy :'(
    If only EA would allow us to pick & choose the items we want from the boxes, and we pay slightly more than what the box cost. Maybe say, 10 donuts more? I know, wishful thinking :/

  9. I won Gino Terwilliger in the first box. God luck for everybody.

  10. Mr Costington cost me costly! Last box darn it! 😠

  11. I’d like Mr Costington but too many things I’d rather not get so I’ll pass this one by. Yet I got the Raddish Station, Solid Gold Mansion, Himeji Castle, Shapes from the Gold box. I’m happy with Shapes but really wanted the Nerds or Donut Boat.. I still have quite a few things in the box, but the chances of getting what I want aren’t that great. I will probably end up passing if I don’t buy more donuts for Cyber Monday. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! 😊

  12. I had three things in this box. I wanted one of them, kinda wanted another, did not want Sprawl Mart at all. Of course that one came first. Meh. At least I finally completed the Terwilliger family collection, and I guess I’ll find a use for the other buildings.

    • I actually wanted the Sprawl Mart for my B game & got it on the first try! It has a 16 hour task for the old lady named Agnes to greet customers. Kind of a funny visual as she waves! Good if you don’t want to set all characters on a 24 hr task too!

  13. I did 5 mystery boxes… 3 exactly what I wanted, 1 of my totally last choice of items, and one that wasn’t what I was trying for but still good.

  14. I won the bowling bundle and it’s nit showing up in my inventory

    • Be sure you check your main inventory. Don’t click on Buildings. If you scroll in your main inventory, I found mine about 50 items in. Once you click “Use” on Nick’s bundle, both bowling shops will now become the first two items in the main inventory. You can then place both for their 6-second builds.

  15. This was the box that I cleaned out with my stash of bonuts. I never saw the pet shop come through my vault and I was determined to pick it up. So I’ve got 13 new buildings bringing in the dough and I’m off to see if I can scrounge up some multipliers.

    • I’m glad you said that about The Pet Shop. I never saw it in the Vault yet either. I’ve tried 3 times so far but no luck.

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