Addicts Want to Know: Going Nuclear

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sometime in the early New Year, we plan on doing an Addicts Live! episode all about going Nuclear in your Springfield…and we need your help!  In case you don’t know…going Nuclear is when you push the Nuclear button in your game to “blow up” your town and basically put every single item & character (except Homer, Lisa & the Simpsons House) in storage to rebuild again. You can read more here and here

I’m looking for a little early feedback from you guys about going Nuclear in your town & since we’ve got a little time to kill while waiting for the next update I thought let’s go for it now.  So please take a minute, in the comments below, to share your Nuclear experience with answering questions like…

-Have you ever gone Nuclear in your Springfield?  Why or Why not?

-Would you ever/are you planning to go Nuclear in your Springfield in the future?  Why or why not?

-How many times have you gone Nuclear?

-How long did it take you to rebuild your town?

-Were you happy with the results?  Or wish you never touched the nuke button?

-Did you lose anything as a result of going Nuclear in town?

Of course, those are just some ideas to get you going in the comments, please feel free to share more details about your Nuclear experience!


176 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Going Nuclear

  1. My son accidently nuked my game. Everything was gone. I have everything sorted out by sections and their events. I expended my Halloween and Christmas event each year. I have never nuked before. I am trying to place everything back by event but I don’t remember some of them since I am a long time player. It is crazy. I have so much stuff that I am not able to tell if I am even missing things. That’s how much I have played …. I have starting to rebuild this year. Don’t nuked. And my suggestion don’t place items that give have no benefits like money … Xp … Or increase % in jobs. Rebuilding here I go … Lol…

  2. I have nuked once, but I doubt I will again. My things seemed so much easier to work with 2 years ago and finding what I wanted to use. My passion for the game is still with me, but only 1 of my neighbors visits anymore. And over 2000 pieces of unwanted monorail track. Give me a cross rail section to make a figure 8 or something. Still having fun hope you are as well.

  3. I have never nuked my Springfield but I have nuked Krustyland and I felt it was the best option for me because I did a redesign on it after and haven’t changed it since. I would like to nuke Springfield Heights because I plan on doing a redesign over that area when I get to 1 billion REV points but the rest of Springfield would get affected so I’m going to have to do the drag and store option instead.

  4. Don’t do it. I’ve done it three times and always lose items. Most of the time EA will place in inventory, but its a hassle. I always lose the smoking brown house and EA will have to place it in my town for it to work. Also you have to to through a couple of people for this to even happen. Just work in sections. Would be nice if the game would set the town up for you !!! You could have a nuke and a rebuild button.

  5. I’ve done it twice, namely because it ended up looking like a huge jumble as I had a land shortage. I’m tempted to do it a third time but it’s such a pain with the inventory and so time consuming. I lost a couple of items, the snake log things. I contacted EA but they told me that I had to prove I bought them before they could refund me…I pointed out you can’t prove in-game purchases with donuts and they agreed with me, so was at an impasse. They eventually just gave me some donuts back but I had to ask repeatedly. Still lost out.

    • Actually, if you had take snapshots of your whole town and inventory before the nuke you could have proved it. Of course if you did this, you might as well use the select tool to store everything important and then nuke to get rid of roads, etc.

    • I screenshot everything I place in town. Of course, I would just have to find the screenshot when I needed it. 😀

  6. Homer pushed a button when there was a melt down at the Power Plant…
    “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe”
    “Would I nuke?”
    The answer is “No”

  7. I went Nuclear once before. I won’t do it again until they fix two issues with the inventory – 1. it always going back to the first item after you place something, 2. not being able to see without clicking which items pay bonus XP.

  8. I would never nuke my town. It is easy to redesign sections and move sections with the drag-tap function. Plus TWICE I’ve made the mistake of storing my Toy Shop to free up Ralph. Both times my Toy Shop went missing and I had to contact EA to get it returned. I can only imagine what I could lose and have no way to even remember what I lost if I nuked my whole town. I really don’t think it’s a good idea.

  9. I would never nuke my town. I mostly like the way it has grown organically. However I do like to rearrange sections now and then, especially when they come from events where you don’t know what you are going to get until the end. I am still not happy with my French and Japanese querters and want to re-position them. To that end, I know there have been lots of comments about the inventory lately but has anyone yet suggested a separate temporary store where you can put a relatively small number of items to be moved? It would help a lot.

  10. Oh and I left out a reason why I needed to nuke my town…to find that gnome that’s been hiding somewhere ever since I accidentally pressed his box some time ago!

  11. Oh wow! I almost Nuked my town but after all this time ( I started when it first came out) I just couldnt make myself do it. I have so so so much inventory its a chore to find things now. Can you imagine what a time sucker it would be starting with an empty town . Way too much time to redesign the whole town. I like the idea of just putting sections away to redesign an area. But all that work…..***play . I wouldnt.

  12. I have never nuked my town. I just use a large area during an overhaul of the town which took weeks to complete. I may just quit the game if I ever nuke my town.

  13. I nuked mine once but it was back during my first year of playing. I have been tempted to do it again.

    I would love to be able to zoom out further so I could view more area at once. Having a better, sortable inventory would also be of great help. Oh and if the inventory would open back to where I last selected an item instead of having to scroll back through everything.

  14. I have actually gone nuclear multiple times. It’s an incredible feeling of freedom. 😁 One of my favorite parts of playing the game is actually building the town and its “neighborhoods” within. It doesn’t take too l9ng to rebuild. I pretty much know what I have and where I want it. I would likely go nuclear again.

  15. I’ve gone nuclear three times so far. I usually do it when we have a long down time between any kind of event. As far as how long it takes to rebuild, I have yet to pull everything back out. Little by little I add things back to my Springfield, but then get another idea of how I want it to look and I blow it up again.

  16. I’ve found this game brings back memories kind of like listening to one of your old favorite songs. Looking back at different sections or event areas triggers memories of what I was doing at that point in time. I would never nuke my town.

  17. its horible ive been playing since the first day and practicaly have everything and trying to find stuff is horible

  18. I’ve never gone Nuclear on my town, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve spent WAY too much time designing and getting it to be the way I want. I like fixing “flaws” in my town, and it can be difficult moving half of my town in order to move the road so they align, but I prefer that over losing everything! Even if I one day decided I wanted to change everything I still think I would do one part at a time like I do now. At least for now I love my Springfield the way it is😊

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