In-Game Update: Christmas Promo (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got a little Christmas Promo on our hands….

This is an in-game update so nothing to download from the app store, it’ll download for you once you start up TSTO.  If you don’t see it, hard close and restart TSTO.  If you still don’t see it try restarting your device.  

Going through it all now, so I’ll be back with more in a bit…

Things start off with some auto dialogue from Kang followed by a 6s task for him.  This will be followed by a 4hr task for Kang…

More info below the fold….

Ok first, looks like EA left a little extra info in the files.  If this is accurate it looks like the Christmas Event (and yes, it’s labeled XMAS 2017 in the files..not winter) will start on the 5th (next Tuesday).  And even better news…it’s only 2 Acts!  Scheduled to end on January 2nd!

Again, this is just some preliminary info based on what I see in the files. It may not be accurate, we’ll have to wait and see.  But if it is accurate…it’s good news! 🙂

Now, beyond that little bit of news…this is what you’ll see when you log into your Springfield

Kang: The humans left us out of their televised Halloween celebration again.  I’m so hurt!
Kodos: Not me, I am far too important to care what some stupid humans do!
Kang: Oh, right.  I am not hurt either.  Doesn’t bother me at all. They will pay for this outrage!  I will take over and destroy some other human holiday! Not that I care.

So what does this mean for Christmas?  No clue!   But it’s likely a giant clue (much like the magical Monorail station was before Halloween)

From the questline you’ll get…

Rigellian Christmas Spaceship- Free. 11×10 Awarded after part 3

Kang Be Torn Between Christmas and Halloween- Free animated task for Kang. Awarded after part 6.

So, for those of you asking for lights…they’re back in the store!  Now you can light up your Springfield!

Here’s what’s in the store….


Christmas Simpson House- Free

Christmas Skinner House- Free

Christmas Brown House- Free

Christmas Cletus’s Farm- Free

Christmas Flanders House- Free

Christmas Van Houten House- Free

Christmas White House- Free

Festive Lawn Angel- $750

Festive Wreath Lamp Post- $385

Festive Lawn Bell- $425


Christmas Apu’s Apartment- 10 Donuts

Christmas Houseboat- 10 Donuts

Christmas Wiggum House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Sanjay’s House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Lard Lad Donuts- 10 Donuts

Christmas Burns Manor- 15 Donuts

Festive Wolfcastle Mansion- 10 Donuts

Christmas Fat Tony’s Compound- 10 Donuts

Christmas Blue House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Krabappel Apartment- 10 Donuts

Christmas Muntz House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Orange House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Pink House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Purple House- 10 Donuts

Christmas Willie’s Shack- 10 Donuts

And a reader reported (Thanks BuddyKarl) that the Festive Light Plunger is back (let’s you turn ALL the lights on/off at once)…

Festive Light Plunger- 55 Donuts (2.25% bonus)

Note: I have ALL of these lights in my town already, but they’re still showing up in my store.  So be careful and don’t accidentally spend donuts for something you already have.  Also, for those that don’t have the lights and don’t know, houses/buildings that you may have multiples of (White House, Brown House, Lard Lad etc) if you purchase 1 set of lights it will apply to ALL of the buildings you have.  Also, there is currently NO snow in Springfield.  The images above are just the only versions I have in town of houses with lights…

Mystery Box

Winter Wonderland Mystery Box- 50 Donuts.  Inside the box…. Giant Snow Globe, Ski Chalet, Springfield Skating Rink, The Grumple, Dancing Reindeer, Spruce Caboose, Chocolate Shoppe, Funzo Bundle, Ski Lift, Murderhorn, Santa Skin Bundle (Santa Homer & Flanders), Plow King, Snow Monster, Star Snowsuit Maggie, Gingerbread Mansion, Festivus CGB, Slide Factory, Ice Palace, Nativity Scene, Virgil’s Cabin, Mr Plow Skin, and King Winter & his Cave

And that’s it my friends!  All that’s included with this little Christmas Promo!  Be ready on Tuesday December 5th for the Christmas Event to hit.  Will we actually get a Christmas?   Or is this all the Christmas we’ll see in TSTO this year? Will Kang make Christmas feel like the Halloween we didn’t get?  Will he be too drunk to remember what he was planning on doing?  Will EA ruin Christmas for me again? Stay tuned to your Pocket-Sized Springfields to find out!

What are your thoughts on the promo?  What items will you be picking up?  Excited for Christmas to start?  What do you think will happen?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

126 responses to “In-Game Update: Christmas Promo (Updated and Complete)

  1. the updates on Thurs 12/21/17 continue to load. I can’t get ANYONE at EA to explain ir even contact me back. None of the fixs listed work. Now that I have wasted all of my Data I have decided to remove this piece of shit and NEVER waste my time or data on ANY EA products. I know this will disappoint my kids but I see no reason to support an organization that refuses to support their products. Its like they sent out buggy updates then left the building for the week. WHERE THE HELL IS THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT????

  2. Lost regifter 2 x in a row really do I aft ta say it. WTf lol

  3. Is it possible to get the lights in the store after 5 december? Or is the promopack removed for christmas-stuff entierly? I was on my way to decorate all my houses when lights suddently dissapeared in the shop. I want them back 😑😘 Simpson player from Norway. Do i have to wait to 2018? I see chtistmas myserybox is still in the store

  4. Argh, where is it?! Any idea what time it’s due?

  5. My grumple has disappeared??? Help!!

  6. I am a Christmas lunatic! Spawned from such great holiday memories this time of year as a child (along with sitting down and watching Simpsons) When I first downloaded Tapped Out, it was Christmastime & the game couldn’t have looked more magnificent! The biggest factor (alongside so many others) was the snow! The splendor of a winter wonderland in my Springfield was all I needed, I was hooked! At the time I hadn’t realized it was only a seasonal update & was devastated when the snow had melted. I can appreciate it now though, as I look foward to the snow returning each year. (I live in a desert so no snow here unless I escape to Springfield!) Now that you have a back story & I’ve created such an elaborate inquiry for just a simple question…lol… Will we see snow this year? (I’m impatient for I have waited calmly all year while alongside those disappointed in last year’s storyline)

  7. just when i sold back all but one of each of my colored houses: blue, pink, purple, white, orange and brown. … but now i have LIGHTS … yay! time to buy those houses back! wheee *twirls* …..

  8. I can’t find the skins for Christmas Apu’s Apartment or Christmas Orange House? … I do have some skins for the other houses.. but they are labeled as Festive. Anyways, is these something I am suppose to do in order to unlock these skins?

  9. Where are the house decorations in the store…I can’t find them????

    • If you click on the Hammer and Saw (bottom right corner) it should then bring up a box which displays the house lights/decorations.

      Silly question… Have you already purchased them previously?

      If you click on one of the houses that offers the decorations- does it let you change the skin of the house?

      Did the rest of the mini update with Kang and Kodos start for you?

  10. Hoping for night mode in the Christmas event to really show off the lights. 🙂

  11. I want a pair of those Rigalian worm hole hoops if they’re not too expensive. I have the 4 teleporters and they are absolutely indispensable – worth every bonut. I’d have to cluster so many things together without them. With them, I can spread out 4 key zones(Playdough factory, my castle/scary wall zone, Rail yard and high density housing). C’est chouette!

  12. For once I actually liked the mystery boxes. Been playing since 2013 so only had 5 boxes to open. A 250 donut outlay netted me 11.25% bonus as well as the Grumple which I was missing so I am a happy Addict 🙂

    Just wish the Murderhorn wasnt so darn big and fitted in my town!

  13. Winter Wonderland Mystery Box – I didn’t see anything available that was worth the sprinkles for me (but please don’t let that stop anyone from obtaining prior Prizes at Discount), so back to Kem Farming! 😱

    I lol’d through the dialog between Kang and Kodos (poor Lisa got interrupted – again!)🤣👾👽

    I’m all for a Rigellian Christmas, so long as visiting Neighboreenos actually rewards something (Event Prizes with Characters and Buildings are always welcome – no NPC’s, no unnecessary Decor, please!) 👍

    Crafting has been very hit-or-miss (October 2017 was a miss due to the fact half of what was available I could not Craft)! I did Craft what
    I could that was worthwhile / Treehouse of Horror themed and would rather not Craft for Christmas 2017 if it’s not worth the effort! 🤔

  14. A couple thoughts on this mini-update:

    Getting some classic characters involved in a new holiday is awesome, especially after a mediocre Halloween event.

    I’m already sick of the Mystery Boxes. There are a couple of returning items in this one that I would gladly pay full price for, but there’s also some stuff I don’t want at all. Attempting to force me to spend extra donuts (and by extension, BUY extra donuts) in the chance I get what I actually want after getting burned on a couple of the Black Friday boxes has backfired and now I’m probably not going to even attempt it. I’ll just save my donuts in the hope that the Christmas offerings are better.

    And as a non-Christian who has enjoyed the Simpsons since I was 8 (it came out when I was 6 and my parents wouldn’t let me watch it for the first few years…) and this game since 2014 I liked the change of pace last year. I think doing something more closely related to the show, a big Hanukkah event for Krusty or something, would have worked better and not been so poorly received, but as it was different and clever (though inaccurate in a number of respects) I still enjoyed it. My point in saying this is that I’m already seeing a number of “thank god it’s Christmas again” and “it’s got to be better than last year” comments that are just dragging the negativity of last year back up. If people don’t want to allow for the devs to include some diversity from time to time I hope they’re able to at least restrain the negativity this year.

    Anyway, I hope we get a great update next week and everyone has a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Winter Solstice/not celebrating anything but still enjoying life this month!!

    • I think for a number of people (myself included) it wasn’t the theme…it was the execution. It sucked. Plain and simple. Crappy dialogue, terrible prizes…it just failed in most major TSTO categories for me.

      On the contrary….Halloween this year had good ideas, fairly decent prize and better dialogue…but it wasn’t Halloween. If that even was in June people would have liked it more.

      • Yeah, I agree, it wasn’t a well executed event. But I feel like they ran out of great ideas that really tied into the core themes of the show a few years ago. I’ve grown used to only being half excited about the prizes offered and am happy if I like one or two of the characters/buildings. At least the idea was novel, if not linked to a major amount of show content, and it was closer to my own faith than any Christmas event could be. I’m sure to some degree I just feel slightly persecuted and annoyed that everyone complained so much last year about an event I actually somewhat enjoyed…

        You’re right though, the “Halloween” event would have been great if it had been done any other time of the year. It felt like they just forced it into Halloween and both the Harry Potter and Halloween aspects suffered because of it. I’m a big HP fan I ended up spending more donuts than usual in an event, I was just disappointed that Halloween seemed lacking and most of the stuff that was offered was retreads.

        • But you have just as much right to talk about how much you enjoy an event as someone does to talk about how much they hated an event….shouldn’t feel annoyed at people discussing what they like/dislike. 🙂

        • I agree too, this “Halloween” would of been better earlier in the year. In my opinion, they just crammed it all together. It did have good prizes, and good dialogue, but it wasn’t the same. Last year’s winter event gave us a different taste to it and I still managed to get all the worth while Christmas things (Ski Lift, RBBB, Snow Globe..) and I liked the gift boxes too, but Halloween this year didn’t do it for me. Just hoping now, as we lost the aspect of Halloween this year, they don’t just throw it all together with Christmas..

  15. I took my chances with the mystery box, I was hoping to get the grumple but instead I got the dancing reindeer, the slide factory, and king Winter but I am still satisfied with that

  16. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Looks like 99% returning stuff that most have and a mystery box again, which is gambling.
    Hope the real Christmas event will rock when it comes around.
    But it’s neat that there is this little event inbetween

  17. I would LOVE that they bring Serak The Preparor.

  18. They also allowed president Lisa do her quest without the polyvac

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