The Invasion Before Christmas 2017 Is Here! ( Updated and Complete)

Tis’ the moment for an update….fa la la la la, la la la la
Let’s hope EA doesn’t blow it….fa la la la la, la la la la
Download now for snow in Springfield…fa la la, la la la, la la la laaaaa

Well Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to a winter wonderland in Springfield!  Yes, inside the snow is falling and Simpsons are calling yoohoo…download the update!

Right now it’s live on iOS and Android…waiting on Android and Amazon…

Things start off with a task for Kang (6s), followed by back to back 6s tasks each for Kang & Kodos & this will trigger the start of the event….

Back with more as I go through it…more details below the fold

First thing is first…I’m going to start this by saying…

Dear EA,

THANK YOU!  So far this looks promising, all-inclusive and ridiculouslySimpsonn-y.  So thank you!  Of course, the full jury is still out…but right now I’m a happy blogger.


Now onto what’s included…

Seriously stoked about a lot of this content guys!

Act 1 Ends December 19th. 
Event Ends January 2nd.

Only 2 Acts with this one guys…nice 4-week event.

Currency for Act 1….

 Rigellian Batteries (Prize Track)

  Magic 2x4s (Crafting)

Wrapping Paper (Special Game)

First, let’s take a look at the prizes…

Santa Kang (Costume) & Free Land Token- 400 

Rigellian Christmas Toy Workshop- 2,500 

Free Land Token- 5,000 

Ice Skating Rink- 8,200 

Worker Elves- 10, 900 

Rigellian Construction Site- 13,400 

Mrs. Kodos Claus Bundle- 17,700 

Stuff in the Store…

New stuff…

Manger- 150 Donuts, Earns $90, 10xp/4hrs.

Rigellian North Pole- 100 Donuts, Earns 10 /8hrs

Rigellian Queen Festive Facade- 40 Donuts

Elf Lisa & Elf Bart- 100 Donuts, costumes for Bart & Lisa.  Earn Event Currency

North Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle- 35 Donuts

Wrapping Paper Packages

25-Pack of Wrapping Paper- 20 Donuts

50-Pack of Wrapping Paper- 30 Donuts

75-Pack of Wrapping Paper- 40 Donuts

Returning Items

Fairy Kodos- 40 Donuts (Costume for Kodos)

Winter Wonderland Mystery Box- 50 Donuts.  Details Here


The tappables for this event are…

Robot Funzos!

And boy are they a royal pain in the funzo to tap!

They unlock with The Invasion is Snow Joke Pt. 5, and they earn…

12 , 1  and a chance for 2 

It looks like they spawn 1/18 minutes.  Max of 20 in Springfield, bank of 60.

Important Note: Info I put in the post about banks etc is just from the files, it’s not verified in-game. It could be that it’s not supposed to work and I just don’t see the line of coding saying it.

Tip for tapping them quickly, because they are hard to find….

Tap the Robot Icon in the top Right Corner, it’ll take you right to them in your town….


Crafting unlocks at Part 6 of The Invasion Is Snow Joke.  And the “hub” for crafting is…

Jesus’ Carpentry Shop- Free, 4×6

Crafting currency, which can be earned via tapping Funzos, is 2x4s.

Actually not a ton of Craftables, and some of them are fairly decent.  While I would have preferred Crafting to be gone altogether, I do think this is nice. 

Again, there are levels you’ll need to move up to unlock all of the items.

Here are the craftables…

Candy Cane Fencing- 20 (Level 1)

Rigellian Christmas Wall- 40 (Level 1)

Elf Day Care Door- 160 (Level 1)

Gun Drop Rocks- 40 (Level 2)

Lollipop Flowers- 10 (Level 3)

Festive Nutcracker- 15 (Level 4)

Festive Hot Drink Stand- 60 (Level 5)

Gingerbread House- 350 (Level 6)

Festive Bow Lamp- 15 (Level 7)

Festive Candy Cane- 40 (Level 8)

Poinsettia Flowers- 80 (Level 8)

North Pole Columns- 160 (Level 9)

Ice Fence- 40 (Level 10)

Wooden Soldiers- 100 (Level 11)

Snowperson Security Guard- 180 (Level 11)

Festive Bell Lamp Post- 30 (Level 12)

Gingerbread Simpsons House- 350 (Level 13)


At Part 7 of The Invasion is Snow Joke you’ll unlock the Re-Gifting Machine…

Re-Gifting Machine- Free, 8×4

Wrapping paper (earned by tapping Funzos) fuels the machine.

If you win 6 times you’ll unlock a special Mystery Box.  Each round takes 15 Wrapping Paper. 

Basically, this is like the Sci-Fi robot battle (Poly Vac)…although there’s a Mystery Box after 6.  So that’s fun.

There is no cool down period from what I can see, if you have 15 wrapping paper you can keep going.

Here’s what’s in that Mystery Box…

5 Ice Tiles (4 times)

Free Land Token

Large Snowy Christmas Hill

Small Snowy Christmas Hill

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Actions Unlock with Part 8 of The Invasion is Snow Joke…

You earn 1  for 30 actions.

Just tap Funzo Robots in neighbor’s towns.

Holiday Scratch-R

New premium Scratch-R available for $4.99

And that’s it my friends!  All the details to get you through the first part of Christmas!

As always we’ll have FULL breakdowns of all of the details in the coming days…so yes, the following posts are coming..

Should I Buys
More info about Wrapping Paper Game
And a lot more!

So stay tuned my friends!

And this event truly is awesome!  I’m loving it so far & what I see to come!  After the let down of last year, this one looks awesome & there’s something for everyone!  No matter what you believe/think/feel/don’t believe there’s something for you with this event!  It’s going to be AWESOME!

What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?  Excited for the prizes?  How about the craftables?  Any premium items you’ll be picking up? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Can anyone offer info on the North Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle? Do the pieces offer a bonus %? If so, how much? I tried a search for it on the site, but only found a SIB for the station, not the accesory bundle. TIA.

  2. Are there any old decorations/buildings I should put out for this event? Or does it matter?

  3. What Happens once you get all of the items in the Mystery Box from the Re-gifting Machine, about to get there

  4. Is it worth getting The Peak Inn?

  5. I’ve got all Act 1 gifts except for Mrs. Claus Kodos bundle. What comes with it? A new character and a Christmas fireplace? That it? Or do i have to have the female Mrs Kodos before using this cuz it’s a skin?

  6. anyone know the payouts on the Holiday Scratch-R?

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