Holiday Bazaar

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like a little shop has opened in our stores full of premium content from events past…..the Holiday Bazaar!  (I forgot to put this in my rundown post…sorry guys)

Inside you’ll find loads of returning content from events past to fill out your Christmas/Winter/Pagan/Alien areas!  Here’s what’s inside…

First, to access this area of the store you’ll have to expand your store menu and click on the Bazaar icon, which looks like this 

You also have to finish part 5 of The Invasion is Snow Joke questline

Inside you’ll find…

Egg Nog Bar- 60 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Grampa Snowman- 20 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts .50% bonus on cash and XP

Elf Home- 60 Donuts, Earns $260, 26xp/10hrs PLUS 2.5% bonus on cash and XP

Rigellian Tribal Hut- 20 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts. Earns $75,7xp/3hrs

Pagan Bonfire- 170 Donuts, 70 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts. Earns $135,15xp/4hrs PLUS 4.5% bonus on cash and XP (also task for Simpsons there)

Rigellian Shrub- 5 Donuts

Festive Trashcan Fire- 3 Donuts, 2 Donut Rebate, NET 1 donut.

The Wiccans- 110 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 90 Donuts. (1 character, but payout is triple)

Fancy Igloo- 5 Donuts. .50% Bonus no cash and XP. (20 donuts (4 Igloos) would get you a 2% bonus)

Medium Iceberg- 15 Donuts, 5 Donut Rebate, NET 10 donuts. .50% Bonus on cash and XP

Snowball II Snowcat- 20 Donuts, 1 Donut Rebate, NET 19 Donuts. 2% Bonus on cash and XP

Pagan Fence- 1 Donut. .05% bonus on cash and XP

Small Pagan Tent- 5 Donuts

Cult Flying Saucer- 10 Donuts

Rigellian Chalk Outline- 5 Donuts, .25% bonus on cash and XP

And there you have it, them items in the Bazaar!  This items will be available until the event ends, so choose wisely but not quickly!

What are your thoughts on the Bazaar??  Items you’re thinking about getting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but Christmas float is free in the store. At a cost of 20 donuts you get a bonus 20 donuts back after purchase.

  2. It’s not impossible that I’m going mad (‘tis the season for it) but I thought I read on this site that there would be two more releases of content in the bazaar before the event ends. I’ve scrolled through the comments but can’t find any confirmation – and in fact it appears there won’t be. Can anyone clarify? In the meantime I’ll prepare for being dragged kicking and screaming into Calmwood.

  3. I have – it works.

  4. Great points abound! I bought about 55 or so pagan fences and placing them along with my 390 in inventory was a royal pain, so considering the additional variable of “footprint” is important too. Snowball II and the Elf Home are both awesome as others have mentioned and I’ll try to keep buying some of these as the event progresses.

    I also see all the comments about Freemium players who don’t KEM farm getting upset about all the sprinkle items. I remember that I started playing 4 or 5 years ago for the dialogue without caring about bonus %, but one year and 700% bonus percent later, I’m happy to say that I can enjoy the best of both worlds with this event! Happy holidays to all!

  5. Any chance the Twirl ‘n’ Hurl will make an appearance?

  6. Is it just me or is the Snowball II Snowcat the best bonus % per donuts currently available?

  7. Snowball II is a good deal 2% bonus. For 19 doughnuts, and they are so small you can hide a lot of them easily!

  8. The elf homes are a great deal in my mind. They earn $ and xp, AND earn 2.5% to boot! I had four from last year, and I bought four more this year.

  9. Elf home yay!!!! I wish it was a tad cheaper but its one of my favorite buildings. I was glad to see lots of the items for sale during this event, winter is my favorite decoration style.

  10. The pagan fence deal (glitch?) worked for me. I bought around 50 of them, consecutively, placing them as I went. When I stopped, I received a message that my other fences were in my inventory. I had 301 in there. I immediately placed them all. My % increased about 17.5%. That’s an amazing return on 50 donuts. Now I have to figure out where I’m going to stash them all! I don’t know if this is permanent, and I didn’t want to gamble more than 50 donuts. Good luck!

  11. Is this it for the items that’ll be in the bazaar or will more be added as the event goes on? I’m hoping for a chance at the singing stones since I passed last year and wish I hadn’t.
    Also what are the odds are Santa Homer and the Village will be offered not as a bundle with Santa Flanders in the mystery box. I already had Santa Flanders so Santa Homer and Village weren’t in my mystery box. Again something I regret passing on last year.

  12. My only real complaint with the event. I was rEALly hoping the Christmas Raccoon would be back this year, I have wanted him forever. Missed him in the mystery boxes last year. To make it worse, my wife got him.

  13. The elf house is one of my favorite items in the game. Not only are they festive and with a tiny footprint, but they are one of the rare items that both add bonus % and produce income. I already had 6 from last year, bought 2 this morning, and will buy more as the event progresses. I’m thrilled they are back.

  14. David Billington

    Can someone clarify for me please the deal on them. I was thinking of buying about 50 of them. My intention was to put them around some houses as an alternative fencing and get the 2.5% bonus. Would I end up with the best part of 200 fences and 2.5% bonus.

  15. Now im really glad i didnt buy Egg Nog Bar in previous years lol

  16. ***PSA*** The pagan fence will give you 4 fences each time you purchase. Spent a little under 100 donuts, wound up with almost 600 fences in my inventory

    – It only works once. So, if you bought fences last time they were available, you won’t get a bonus. This also means you need to buy whatever you want on your first try because you won’t get the bonus again.

    -You also need to buy 7 before you start getting the four additional ones in your inventory.

    • Yes, this works very well and when he says “first try” he means you have to KEEP BUYING. Don’t stop or else the extras don’t show up when you resume.

      That means if you plan to get LOTS of Pagan fences, make sure you have the free land to place them because they can’t go into inventory. Each fence section must be placed in order to keep buying.

    • Thanks for sharing! I was able to take advantage of this.

    • It may only work once during this event, but prior purchases (crafting?) does *not* affect it. I had four from last year’s event and the “trick” worked just fine for me yesterday.

  17. Snowball II (no limit) is the best deal (0.105%/donut) followed closely by the fancy igloo (0.1%/donut). All others are 0.05%/donut (standard rate) or less. Going for XP – go Snowball or go home.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, why do people buy all these decorations, when they could just buy mystery boxes? Isn’t a mystery box much more value?

      • They are not all available in Mystery Boxes…

        • I meant the normal 6 donut mystery box (might’ve worded myself a bit weirdly). So why do decorations instead of mystery boxes? Only reasons I can think of is that they have more donuts that they can spend, or the decorations look cool.

          • Depends on your intentions. Pure return of value maybe the box is good but then you have a ton of replicas you need to place somewhere to benefit from the bonus. I focus personally on actually designing my town so I buy good values. I personally like the elf houses because they give bonus percent AND money regularly. I will probably buy the pagan bonfire because of this too 100 donuts is attractive for what it does.

      • Because hiding billboards and news vans can be a real chore.

        So I limit the number of such decorations in my town.

      • In the case of the snowcats…they have a great bonus % return on investment and an extremely small footprint. Which means you can boost your XP level by 20 to 40 % (depending on how much you can spend) without having to find any new space for them. 20 cats will fit behind most any existing building in your town, so you don’t have to re-design to accomodate them and they won’t clutter up your town. The nukes were another item like this when they were “on sale”…very small footprint, with an attractive bonus %. 😉

  18. I might get a couple of those items with the good rebates, but I think I’m more likely to spend more of my freemium donuts on the Winter Wonderland Mystery box for 50D per item.

  19. After figuring out how to farm donuts last night (thanks y’all) I may grab a few more Pagan fences. Can never have enough fence pieces on hand

  20. Thanks for this, wasn’t aware it was there 😊

  21. Is the egg nog bar unique? I could have sworn I had that in my town already (although I haven’t found it yet), but it’s showing up for sale in my bazaar.

  22. Think the pagan fence is .05 per fence, not .5, right?

  23. That reminds me… now that the snow is back, I need to figure out where I hid my snowmen, and put them someplace more visible!

    • Last year I stuck all mine behind the ice castle, so now it’s easy to find them. Had them all over the place before and could never remember where they were.

  24. Pagan fence is 0.05%, not 0.5%.

  25. Slight correction – Pagan Fence is 0.05% per 1-donut piece….

    Wouldn’t want people to get too excited at the 10x higher-than-usual return. 🙂

    I am glad to see the Elf Home return – that’s one of my favorite combination of both income-generation and XP bonus without being excessively large, similar to Wailing Wall which sadly did not return this Halloween

  26. I think I will get the Wiccans, a triple pay out character for only 90 donuts (after the rebate) plus it will complete my Winter 2016 characters set.

  27. Snow cats at a better deal than jet bikes!!!
    Go for it bonus hunters 😎

    • And once winter is over, it’s very easy to hide since it’s just a puddle at that point.

      I’m considering picking up a bunch of them to go with the Egyptian portion of my town.

    • I just bought one 😊 the footprint for the igloos is too big for me ❄️

  28. It’s a Christmas miracle, some actually good deals. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of igloos and Snowball II snowmen in everyone’s towns.

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