Episode 21- Invasion Before Christmas Extravaganza

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  We’ll get the stream going at 2:30pm ET (for timezone converter check here)…remember we pushed the time back slightly this week, since I (Alissa) have a charity event at Riley’s school this morning. 

For those viewing a little before showtime, sit tight and it’ll show up in the video below shortly.  For those viewing during the live stream, just hit play and you’ll get tuned it.  You also have the ability to go back (rewind) in case you missed something.  🙂  And for those joining after the live stream, you can view the recording of the video right here.

No matter how, or when, you’re viewing thanks for watching and we hope you have fun!

Happy Holidays Addicts! In this episode, we talk about the Alien Christmas Invasion that’s hit our Springfields. (all the snow!)  Plus, it’s our Christmas Extravaganza episode…singing and dancing galore!  As always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)
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You can download this episode from Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or listen to it below!

Audio Only:

Live Stream Video:

Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Thought Provoking Question:
What’s your favorite holiday memory?


44 responses to “Episode 21- Invasion Before Christmas Extravaganza

  1. Hoarding daily challenges is easy. When do I stop tapping funzos to save them for act 2?


  2. During the live stream, mention was made of some item that you could buy for donuts, but that then debated all of the donuts spent. I can’t find an up item that nets out for free after rebate…did I misunderstand what I heard or am I missing seeing it in the store? What item was it?


  3. Question about saving our daily challenges. I completed today’s (12/17) but haven’t yet collected the payout. Do I have the ability to wait until Tuesday morning to collect it (currently 450 batteries), or do I lose the payout if I don’t collect it today?


    • No, you won’t lose the payout. Do not collect your 450 batteries for today. Like wise, do not collect your 450 batteries for tomorrow. Come Tuesday, with the launch of Act 2, the batteries should switch over to Act 2 currency, and you’ll have 900 Act 2 currency ready to be claimed, plus an all new third Daily Challenge to complete.


  4. Jonny Parker the third

    My Christmas memory was when I ate parts of my Christmas tree

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is my wife’s memory. One Christmas morning she and her sister got a round saucer sled, as they were unwrapping it her sister exclaimed, “Oh a sled!” and promptly threw up in it. Needles to say it was forever know as the vomit sled and lived in their garage, unused, for a decade.


  6. Oof. Patric. If you haven’t watch the game yet, my advice to you is: DON’T! The Ducks look awful.


  7. Safi you are gorgeous as always ♥
    Happy holidays xx


  8. Got it to work now 😊
    Thanks xx


  9. Excellent show! See you all next year!


  10. I’m probably the wrong person to ask about holiday memories. I have no bad memories, but as an adult I’ve become a bit of a grinch. Plus- my wife has a Christmas birthday. So I focus more on her birthday than Christmas.

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  11. I remember going downtown to see all the animated Christmas displays in the department store windows. It was a big family event and we would always get ice cream on the way home.🍨😁


  12. I’d rather KEM farm than grind at the rail yard.

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