Buck Stops Here, Stonecutters Reboot & Haw-Haw Land Episode Tie-In Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Busy update morning in Springfield, huh?  For those of you outside of the Americas, I’m sure you appreciated the nice morning start to this update (0800 GMT)…but for those of us in the Americas we were fast asleep when this update hit (or at least we should have been).  So many of you are waking up to new content in Springfield…well new and old content.  (plus an episode tie-in coming for Sunday’s episode)  We’ve got a little Shadow Government event going on.  Politics and Stonecutters…what can go wrong?

Before I get into the rundown I want to take a minute to remind ALL of you…this is NOT a political site.  We’ll write about what’s in the game but as far as personal commentary from us or from you…it’s not allowed.  So let’s all keep things respectful…no matter what side of the aisle (or pond) you’re on.  Any comments that cross over that threshold of political opinion will be deleted.  Got it?  So let’s all respect each other…and each other’s political views.

Now on with the show rundown!

There are a lot of layers to this update, so let’s take each one at a time.

First, let’s talk about dates.  Everything is slated to start today (January 3rd), with the exception of a few individual items that will roll out next week.  And the end date is 2 dates.  The Episode Tie-In stuff is slated to leave the 16th & the Buck Stops here is slated to leave the 17th.  However, make sure you follow all in-game timers to be sure you’re not going to miss out on anything.

And now let’s go to the Mini-Event itself…

The Buck Stops Here

This event is triggered by the Well-Scare State Intro quest.  (the dialogue is from Homer counting down to the new year). Complete the first tasks (6s for a variety of Springfielders) & it will launch the Buck Stops Here mini event.

This is your standard mini event.  Follow the questline to unlock a series of prizes.  You’ll also need to do character tasks to earn Executive Orders for the questline, 

This event is a mix of politics and Stonecutters…with a lot of amusing dialogue.

Questline to follow for The Buck Stops Here Mini Event is called Well-Scare State.  It’s marked with this icon  in the taskbar.  You can also click the  icon in the top right corner to bring up the prize questline. 

Here are the prizes you can win from the questline…

Capital City Plaza Hotel

Captial City Convention Center

Birch Barlow

Animated Task for Quimby

Springfield Hall of Records

Again, it’s a pretty straightforward standard mini-event.  Follow the questline (Well-Scare State) to unlock the prizes.

There are a bunch of premium items with this event as well…

Capital City Capitol Building & Rose Quimby- 150 Donuts, Earns $200, 20xp/24hrs

Preppers Compound & Lloyd- 150 Donuts, Earns $90, 10xp/24hrs

US Capitol Building- 70 Donuts, Earns 6 /4hrs

Stonecutter Tunnel- 60 Donuts, 2.5% Bonus on cash and XP…will generate more tunnels


Cheering Crowd- 10 Donuts

Rude Crowd- 10 Donuts

Shadow Govt Mystery Box- 60 Donuts, Includes:
Stradivarius Cain
Wayne Slater
James Bont (& Death Table)
Russ Cargill
Adil Hoxha
Femme Fatale
All Seeing Eye
Republican Party HQ
President Lisa
Mastermind Hank Scorpio

And that’s it for the Buck Stops Here Mini-Event.

Now let’s jump to the returning Stonecutters stuff.  Looks like this is just a simple way for EA to get those who missed Stonecutters, some costumes & buildings.  I personally don’t think this means Stonecutters 2…but you never know.

So, I can’t see any of the Stonecutter stuff in my store because my higher level games all have everything & my lower level games are too low to see it. (you have to have Mayor Quimby to start the mini-event) So here’s a list of what the files say…if you see anything different let me know.

Looks like it’s just a bunch of premium stuff in stores to buy….

Daycare Center- $250,000

Stone of Triumph- 75 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 55 Donuts

Ark of the Stonecovenant- 85 Donuts, 25 Donut Rebate, NET 60 Donuts

Stonecutter Lodge- 140 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts (I believe this comes with Number 1 as well)

Abandoned Store- 30 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate, NET 20 Donuts

Stonecutter Table- 120 Donuts, 60 Donut Rebate, NET 60 Donuts (plus you get 10 donuts back by doing this)

Number 22- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 2- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 85- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 29- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 59-50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 50- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 79- 40 Donuts, 30 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 5- 40 Donuts, 30 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 21- 50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 12-50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 14-50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 51- 100 Donuts, 90 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts (FULL Character….GREAT DEAL)

Number 111-50 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 314- 40 Donuts, 30 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

Number 67- 40 Donuts, 30 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts

There are a few that are missing from premium purchases…so I’m not sure if you were given those for free or what (since I don’t have access to this stuff in my game).  So just let me know.

Also, a reminder…this is for COSTUMES ONLY.  So if you don’t have the premium character you won’t get it with purchasing the Stonecutter costume.  The Stonecutter costume will sit in your inventory until you purchase the premium character associated with it.

And that’s it for Stonecutters…

Now let’s jump to the Haw-Haw Land episode tie-in….

This is an episode tie-in for Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons.  It starts from Lisa and she’ll be tasked with a 4hr task.

The episode tie-in follows the STEM Vs. Them questline.   It’s marked with this in the taskbar… 

With the first part of the questline, you’ll be given a free Life-Sized Visible Man…

At this point you won’t see anything in the store for purchase with this tie-in.  (but you’ll see the icon).  More items will be coming next week, after the episode airs.  So just sit tight.

Episode tie-ins are just short little questlines with 1 free item (usually) and one premium item (which likely will come next week).  

Beyond that it’s just complete the questline & wait until next week with this one.  (questline is 4 parts, I’ll have a walkthrough up later today)

And that’s it for now with the Haw-Haw Land episode tie-in!

And that, my friends, completes everything with today’s update.

Remember this is an IN-GAME UPDATE.  Which means there’s NOTHING to download from the app store.  So you’ll still see the Christmas Splash Screen with this.

What are your thoughts on the mini-event, tie-in & Stonecutters stuff?  Anything you’re planning to purchase?  Liking the dialogue so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

181 responses to “Buck Stops Here, Stonecutters Reboot & Haw-Haw Land Episode Tie-In Rundown

  1. Question: I have limited donuts left.. enough for 1 more 50 donut/40 rebate for a stonecutter skin. My choices left: Hibbert, Willie, Grandpa, Wiggum Lenny, Carl and a few whose characters I don’t have… Any better than others? Funnier tasks? Better animation? I have 5 more days.. might be able to squeeze 2 more in before deals go away. Wanted to ask what others thought were the best!

    • Wiggum – that’s an easy one! He is one of the four(?) who have the visual task to sing at the table. Plus, I’d eliminate Willie and Grandpa off the bat, because they have other premium skins.

  2. I noticed that you can have Birch Barlow doing two things at once in your games (kind of). I had a daily challenge pop up to “Finish Birch Barlow Show at KBBL Radio”, while Birch Barlow was still on his actual task of “Complain about Spend-o-crats” to earn Executive Orders at the Capital City Plaza Hotel. So, Birch doesn’t actually have to be sent to KBBL, it is just a task for the radio station on it’s own. But I found it kind of interesting that Birch Barlow “could” be in two places at once. Or is someone else finishing Birch Barlow’s show at the station while he is off complaining somewhere else, hmm…Fun little intricacies of the game. The only reason I even noticed this was that I had just sent him to “Complain” and the daily task popped up.

  3. Is there any bonus or Easter Egg for having ALL Stonecutters (other than the cash bonus for completing the sets). I’m only missing Hibbert and Frink, and with the rebate they are only 10 each. Pretty good deal, but I’m quite stingy with my donuts and don’t usually purchase skins (especially if they are already a premium character). I can’t decide if I should go for them. Thoughts?

  4. So I noticed there were three free SC skins: Principal Skinner; Brockman and one other which I went ahead and “bought”; only now I can’t find or remember what the third character was… lol… can someone remind me. *derp*

  5. Does anyone know how to unlock the 6 hrs job for number 51?

  6. Hi Guys n Gals
    I been a tap player for around two years or bit longer I remember seeing the original Stonecutters event and I brought the Stonecutters loge and I got number one but here the thing. I dint end up unlocking homer Stonecutter but I always loved the episode so each time when something came back from the Stonecutters event I brought it like past characters, but the problem I got I never got homer Stonecutter is there way to get him if you ready own the Stonecutter loge? Because I can’t do number 5 quest. So I looking for some help.

  7. One request;

    Could you Please list the Stonecutter skins that have visual tasks. Apparently the Lenny (#12) doesn’t have any visual tasks. What a waste of 10 donuts!

  8. I was hoping that the money pool thing would come with the Stonecutter costume for Burns if it ever returned, but I guess not. Still hope it returns at some point though, as I’d really like to have it be part of my city.

    • Ya could add me as a Friend and I could let you see it in use, lolz
      As it was apart of the 2014 Stonecutters thingy then Returned 16 Weeks later when Springfield heights was Introduced so did ya check the Vault or Springfield Heights Sections in the store as it might be there if not just add me as a FB Friend and I’ll make Burnsy Exercise, lolz

  9. So is getting the Stonecutter tunnel thingy worth it as I’ve got like about 60+ Nuts in my thingy or should I instead get a Mystery Box Instead of the SCTunnel so anybody help me figure out which it worth more in the long run. Also Anybody know when you can make more Squidport/springfield Heights Boardwalk Tiles as all I know I’m at MAX and wish to make more. Also feel free to add me in GAME.

  10. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Read that this Sunday’s Simpson episode is Haw-Haw,
    “Suggesting” that Haw Haw will come into play at that point.
    Also suggests that the new Character located in the “Kid” category in the store, to the right of Janey, might be related to the upcoming Haw Haw

    And on a side note, this mini-event ends January 16 — the date sounded oddly familiar, so I investigated. January 16 is the date Prohibition started.


    Want to,start a RUMOR that the next event will be related to Prohibition? Gangsters? Al Capone?

  11. So is getting the Stonecutter tunnel thingy worth it as I’ve got like about 60+ Nuts in my thingy or should I instead get a Mystery Box Instead of the SCTunnel so anybody help me figure out which it worth more in the long run. Also Anybody know when you can make more Squidport/springfield Heights Boardwalk Tiles as all I know I’m at MAX and wish to make more. Also feel free to add me in GAME.

  12. I bought the Stonecutter’s Lodge the other day and now have Number 1.
    I don’t know what I need to have his quest work. I tried looking it up here and this is what I found:
    IF you have Number 1 you’ll get a bonus questline with the Mountain Lodge..
    Unfair Trade
    Number 1 starts
    Make Number 1 Control the Latte Market- 1hr, Earns 15

    I have the Mountain Lodge, so why isn’t this working for me?

  13. I can’t buy Number 67 and don’t have the costume in inventory already. I don’t have Arnie Pye, and don’t appear able to buy him, either. I’m level 160.

    However, I don’t have Disco Stu or Jasper, either… but I can buy Number 79 and Number 5. I can buy Stu’s Disco and Community Center, though… so it appears related to the fact I can’t buy Arnie. The weird thing is… I could have sworn I earned Number 79’s costume the first time round, and it was just sitting in my inventory! Now they want me to buy it?! I didn’t have the Stone of Triumph, which came next… so I couldn’t have had Number 5’s, although I thought I may have. I do have Lenny and Carl’s, somehow.

    I also have nothing in the store under Haw-Haw Land. Is this normal?

    • Same here. I dont have Arnie Pye in my store, nor most of the buildings and some standalone characters, like the aforementioned Arnie and French Waiter.

      Never played the Stonecutters event so cant say anything about the other part.

      • I think I bought Arnie in the vault. My vault is still going-maybe he’ll turn up again in yours? I earned his skin the first time around, too, so when I bought him from the vault I could immediately use it. Maybe try the characters section of your inventory?

        • Should have mentioned I checked my characters inventory section… I have Baseball Jasper (maybe what I had confused old costume-wise?) and Boxing Drederick…. but no Stonecutters stuff, or Arnie. Very odd!

          I haven’t seen the weekly changing vault for several weeks, now. Not since there was another limited-time vault (or something similar) that seemed to replace it.. maybe Halloween or Thanksgiving? Is it hidden somewhere?

          I know Arnie Pye and French Waiter mentioned above are both vault items now, so you have to wait for them to turn up in the vault… helps if you actually have one, though!

          • If you go into your store and pull out the section menu it should be the top right corner, the vault. Hope this helps.

          • Bloomin’ ‘eck, I never knew that – thanks!! Wondered where it went!

            Still… it doesn’t explain why the costume is absent. I don’t even see it in a pull-out section in my inventory… and it’s not under characters! Oh well.

  14. Hmmm, my mystery box doesn’t have Masterimind Hank Scorpio. I know I didn’t buy him before. Too bad, would complete the secret villain character set if I could get him.

  15. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Hi Addicts, could you please post pictures of the stonecutter tunnels placed in a Springfield with a road under it?

    • When I don’t want to wait for the SIB post and/or I want to see what something looks like, I look in my friendvilles for a neighbor who already has it. That’s one of the benefits for having a full boat of neighbors…it’s pretty much guaranteed that *someone* will have just about anything I want to “preview”!

      • Debbie Dovenbrink

        Sorry I had posted that I did not see that my original request was posted and asked for removing my second request above but it was published by your team nevertheless. I did only request it a second time because the first time round I did not see it in my browser but after my second post I saw that the first request was published and therefore I immediately wrote a comment that my second request can be deleted. 😉

  16. Having looked back at the StoneCutters prize track I think I must have got just over half way through. Can’t help thinking I’d have got further if I’d known about this wonderful site back then 😊 so really pleased to have been able to complete the StoneCutters “set”. In my mystery box only had 3 items: All Seeing Eye, Mastermind Bundle and Republican HQ… of course won the HQ 😖 but I’ve been able to incorporate into my design. Just need to farm now to get 120 🍩 determined to get the last 2 in my box. I’ll probably pass on the StoneCutters table though.

    Happy New Year everyone 😊😊😊

  17. I want to thank you for mentioning the no political issues/comments. Some other sites I used to read have become unreadable because of those types of comments, from both the writers and the commentators.

  18. UNder utilization of stonecutters. Capital city buildings do not belong in Springfield. I’ll play but it’s a meh.

  19. Arnie’s skin is not showing up in the store for me, anyone else having this issue?

  20. homers skin is missing 🙁

    • Just bought the lodge and got No 1 and Homer skin

      • Where did you find the Homer skin? Is it tucked away in inventory? I bought the lodge and did NOT get the skin (at least there was no notification and the Stonecutters section did not show the Homer skin as obtained with the rest of them).

      • get lodge get no1 did his quest chain … no homer skin

    • Comes along in the questline of number one (who comes with rhe lodge) if i recall correct

  21. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Could you please show pictures of a StoneCutter Tunnel with/over/across in Springfield? 🙂

  22. Started after Stonecutter originally had the event. See that the lodge was an in game cash purchase. Is it an item worth paying for with donuts? I have earned some of the costumes thru the years and have most if not all the characters. Did spend 10 donuts to get the alien character. Let me know if the Lodge is worth having and I think it comes with a full character. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • I use my lodge all the time. I like 12 hour tasks, and I can send a bunch of people to the lodge quickly and easily. It also gives premium tasks to many characters for which I wouldn’t otherwise have a premium skin.

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