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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..


After a few weeks off The Simpsons are back this week with an all new episode!  Haw-Haw Land airs tonight.  We’ll get to see how STEM episode tie-in plays into Springfield.

In addition to an episode tie-in, we got ourselves a little mini-event update in our games.  A little Buck Stops here in Springfield.  Politics and Stonecutters…what could possibly go wrong?

ICYMI…our Addicts Live 2017 Year In Review Episode (Episode 22) aired last Monday…check it our if you want to take a walk down memory lane. (including a special drop in from the Wookster)

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting? How was your New Year’s Eve?  Anything fun?  Enjoying the first week of 2018?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. Hello to all
    In this puzzling continuously, I love you all
    Esteem your relations and friends

  2. River/water bug? Has anyone else noticed this? In the latest strip of land in Springfield, furthest “east”(right), I can’t place water tiles at all. I can put concrete, boardwalk, dirt paths, everything else that should be placeable on land, but if I select water, it hops to the edge of the previous limit, and doesn’t allow placement further right/east from there.

  3. I can’t get back into my game either:(

  4. Man, is EA doing maintenance or something? Can’t connect for a few hours now. Would like to finish up the current mini event today…..

    • I think they probably are doing maintenance, I was not able to connect to the game at all yesterday either and It still seems to be down today 😕 Sorry to any of my neighbours who have visited me, hopefully it will be fixed soon and I will visit you. 🐱🌸🌟

  5. TallSpiderCandy

    I bought some donuts to get Number 51 and the SC table, however I’m on the fence if I should purchase Uriah and/or the Hungry Hun? I already have 8 characters that collect at the dump, so not sure if either Uriah or Hun are beneficial to me and my donut earnings there…any thoughts please? Thank you and have a lovely day!! : )

    • Uriah is definitely worth it. He can take the place of another character who may be needed during events. He can recycle plastic, metal or glass. Uter on the other hand can only collect trash and recycle plastic. Right now, I collect 5 donuts every day from the monorail. I may pick up Uter and the Music Teacher (I forget his name) and Lisa’s Recycling plant…maybe I can get 10 donuts a day.

  6. Cannot connect to server for awhile…

  7. Does anyone know if Otto and Arnie Pye are characters that may appear in the vault? Just wondered because neither of them are in the store anymore. One of the missions for Declan suggested buying Arnie to help and I have the train driver skin for Otto but I can’t buy either character. The Stonecutter skin for Arnie isn’t in the store either.

  8. In my Vault this week, I was offered the Springfield Observatory. However, it wasn’t offered at a discounted rate. It is listed at full price (75 donuts). I really want to buy it…but I’d like to save the donuts and spend them on Stonecutter outfits for Springfield.

    I thought about risking a purchase (hoping that the 20 donut rebate would be automatic), but I’m not sure if I want to risk 20 donuts or wait for EA to respond. The Stonecutter outfits will be leaving soon, so I need to make up my mind.


    • The rebate will happen automatically at the end of the purchase…it is part of the transaction, so no need to wait for EA.

  9. Question I just bought jaspers stonecutter skin and his task is to paddle homers stonecutter skin but I don’t have homers can I buy it or will the task just go away?

  10. OMG- I am dying of laughter! I just put Santa on the 4 hour ‘Avoid Toy Production’ task and he is walking around my Springfield in a bikini bathing suit. (I had no clue!) Too funny! What are some funny tasks for characters that make you chuckle EVERY time you put them on?

    • It’s not exactly a task, but I like to squish my walking zombies every time I find one. Always makes me giggle when they reconstitute themselves.

      • that is SO awesome! I should’ve bought the zombies too! Too funny! I did get 3 tourists with jobs, as the one with the 12 hour ‘Staycate in Brazil’ task that shakes his big belly with the sunglasses and hat always cracks me up

  11. Is anyone else having trouble adding rivers to the newest land expansion? I can’t add any beyond 2 squares from the southwest edge.

    • Yes, I am… 🙁
      I like to have water around the outline (border) of my town.
      When I try to place it on the far right hand side when I press the water icon- it takes me to the road that is also about 2 or squares over. (back to the left hand side of where I want to place it)
      I though it was just my game. I hope they fix it soon.

  12. Anyone else notice you can’t put water in the last two rows of land at the bottom? You can put down roads, dirt, or any other surface, but not water. Weird glitch.

  13. I’m having a problem with having to continually re-download the entire game nearly every day. I’ve got 5 gigs of storage left on my phone just for TSTO. I missed a large portion of the winter event, and now the stone cutters event just because I can’t keep spending 20 minutes downloading the thing over and over. EA sent me a generic “I’m sorry you’re having this problem, many people are having the same problem, etc.” I’ve deleted tons of stuff just so I can keep playing it 😪😢

    • I’m also having this issue on my iPhone. My iPad is fine but seems to be worse when I switch between the 2 devices. Have to reinstall the game and log in at least once a day on my iPhone.

  14. I’m having the problem where my game is super zoomed in! I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge 7. I downloaded the Samsung Game Tuner and put resolution all the way up but it didn’t fix the problem. Anyone have advice on how to fix it?

    Thank you!

  15. Hi fellow tappers!

    Absolutely love this community. Thank you so much TSTOaddicts for all your hard work making it such a great place to be 😀

    I know I’m a little late to this thread but I’m really curious to hear about other players’ stats and what they love most about the game.

    As for me: I’m level 107. I never have more than around 300k cash at any one time before I spend it. My bonus multiplier is 67.7%. I currently have 124 donuts, but that’s a lot more than usual and is a hangover from Christmas. I am a mostly freemium player generating donuts from daily tasks, Maggie and the monorail but occasionally I put £10 in to buy donuts for special items (I went a bit nuts on the reindeer this Christmas – they were so adorable!).

    I’ve been playing for a year now (just missed 2016 Christmas event – my first event was around the world). I play daily and am obsessed with designing (I spend an inordinate amount of my in game cash on land and decorations and my XP progression is very slow – my donuts are too precious to spend on the xp multiplier!). I generally manage to make it to the end of all the events and collect all the freemium prizes but I do struggle with the 4 hour grind.

    How does that compare to everyone else? I suspect my cash and bonus percentage are pretty low for my level.

    Really interested to hear about you. How long have you been playing? What level are you and what’s your bonus percentage? How much cash do you generate? And what do you love most about the game?

    • I started a game 217 days ago, currently at 509.25 bonus with $1M in cash. After getting the beach hideways, you should look into KEM farming and mystery box buying.

      • Wow your progress is amazing, Charles! And confirms my suspicions about my own slow progress!

        Sadly I can’t guarantee I can log in consistently enough for KEM farming because of work but mystery box buying sounds like a good idea for me.

        I just love designing too much I never want to spend my donuts on the ugly percentage bonus stuff. The other stuff is always more attractive!

        • You can hide the vans and billboards behind buildings. Even if you don’t log in often and don’t turn on the collider, a 6 KEM will advance you and will not cost you much.

          • Ok maybe I will give it a try! When you say a 6 KEM do you literally mean just buying and selling 6 KEMs each time? I would definitely have room on my land and enough cash for that as it’s not very much. Just how to make it look pretty…!

    • At your level you need 500K XP to level up or 250 KEMs to level up with no bonus. For you that around 149 (depending on your hidden bonus), or about 25 iterations at 6 KEMS. As you become more comfortable with it and increase your cash income, you will probably add more KEMs. In one of my games I have over 2789.32% and it only takes me 4 KEMs to level up. Then I bought all the land, got rid of all my farms except a little one in the corner to buy new premium items.

      • Interesting. So I need to get working on that bonus % as well!

        I already bought a few mystery boxes and am starting a very small KEM farm in the corner. Fingers crossed! Thanks for all your help

    • Have been playing a little over two years. I am at the top level. I found that at one point you earn enough in game cash from everything that it pays to turn your collider on and level up through buying and selling the Bloodmobiles. That is what worked for me.
      I do buy donuts, From time to time because the farming to me gets tedious at times. I do a small farm usually like 12 and that does not stop me from purchasing the donuts though, I look at it as part of my entertainment budget. Much cheaper than my monthly cable bill if you get the boatload of donuts.
      My percentage is at 450%. It is from most of the decorations I have in the town. I do not try hard to increase it. I do hide things if they fit. If they do not I store them Even if they have a percentage. . I like to design that is one of the fun things about the game. To me, you do get a lot of free stuff the more you play even without donuts.
      Good luck with your town.

  16. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I think it it is FABULOUS that TSTO has introduced the character Brendan Beiderbeckie a musician, which, obviously is based on the Great Jazz coronetist and pianist
    Bix Beiderbeckie – I have albums by him. Along with those of early Louis Armstrong, Red Nichols and a few others.

  17. I apologize if this covered elsewhere but I sure could not find it.

    So, I bought The Stonecutters Lodge and No. 1 which gave me Stonecutter Homer as well. A questline for No. 1 started and the Game of Stones questline started. After part 4 of the Game of Stones, the quest disappeared. There was no final quest and the walkthrough has it as quite a bit longer. Anyone else experiencing this?

  18. Can anyone answer this, please.

    Has anyone out there been offered the Number 67 skin that does not have Arnie Pye – please let me know, thanks

    I’ve seen a suggestion you only get the option if you have Arnie already and yet I’m sure I’ve seen people say they got the skin without having him first and are waiting for him to be back in store.

    • I think you get the option of buying the skin if you already have Arnie – if you played the Stonecutters event and won the skin through the questline (and didn’t have Arnie), it’s was put into your inventory.

    • I’m not really sure, but there have been times in the past where you can get a skin (that goes in your inventory) without having the character. I remember getting a baseball skin for Jasper before I had the character.

    • I bought Jasper and Disco Stu skins and they’re in inventory until I get the characters, but Number 67 never showed in store.
      I posted on EA forums after talking to support and it was suggested in a reply that no Arnie means no skin option, which doesn’t seem right and I do think I’ve seen people say they got the skin and will have to wait for the vault to pop back up with Arnie to use it.

      • I think its a glitch. ☹
        Unfortunately if you don’t already have Arnie you will not see the skin on offer.
        Fingers crossed that he turns up in your vault this week then you can buy him and the skin will miraculously appear in store. I can’t confirm this as I already have Arnie and I won the skin from the event at the time. I think others are confusing this issue as all skins purchased will sit in inventory until you have the character. But with his stone cutter skin the bad glitch is it’s not available while he is sitting in the vault somewhere unpurchased.

  19. I know I’m a day late here. Oh well. I was thinking that it would be nice to have railroad tracks and trains available for our towns. Maybe a railroad themed event? There have been a lot of episodes that have had railroad themes.

  20. Got all 4 characters singing the stonecutters song, awesome 😁😀

  21. Anyone having this problem? I completed the Rigellian Christmas quest, earned the B.S. characters (not to mention buying Shiva and the skins for Ralph and Bart and Lisa), fought the Rigellians and destroyed their ship. The problem is when I switch skins from regular ship to destroyed ship the skin is the same. Also, when I send the B.S. characters to fight the Rigellians again I don’t see the fighting animation. If someone could help I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Uh, a little help please?

      • I think this is the second time I have seen a comment like this from this user name. Just an fyi in case you didn’t see the info about this site. The moderators are not paid to answer questions, are not part of EA, are not associated with the game at all and do answer many questions in a reasonable and friendly manner. Visitors to the site try to help as well, but this a friendly team site. If you want quick answers try contacting EA help since they get paid. Otherwise relax its just a game.

        • I’m not asking for help from the mods, just asking for some help from the community, that’s all.

          • Can’t really help, except for saying that it works for me. I can change the skin, and see the battle. Although I think the skins for Lisa, Bart and Ralph don’t have an animation anyway.

          • That’s odd. I can’t seem to respond to you Aabend. Eh, might as well respond here. Anyway, as far as I can tell Ralph and the Simpselfs basic animations work. Maybe deleting the game and reinstalling the game might help?

  22. Does everyone do this? When you’re looking for Maggie and only have about 15 secs left, with no sign. Close the app and kill it in background. Then you can have another go in a 2 minutes! (and remembering to put the sound on that time 🙂 )

  23. Not a perfect solution, but fox always offers all episodes ‘on demand’ within a week. If you can wait, you can see the whole episode uncut.

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