The Buck Stops Here is Nearing the End

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the Buck Stops Here Mini-Event is set to leave our games tomorrow Wednesday (1/17) morning.  So finish up that prize track.  Make sure you grab everything you’re looking at from the stores because come tomorrow Wednesday afternoon it’ll be gone.

This also applies to the Stonecutter items and Haw-Haw Land Episode tie-inHowever, the Haw-Haw Land episode tie-in items leave stores TOMORROW (Tuesday 1/16).

Note: I know some of you are still having issues logging into your game.  Not sure of a time frame to fix it…or if some of you are back in.  Also, not sure if EA will be extending the time.  My best answer is to either contact EA or go to the EA forum and add a “me too” to the post about the server.

Remember, once the timer runs out you’ll no longer be able to purchase the items or complete the prize track.  You won’t be able to delay the timer on this one since it was part of an in-game update not an app store update.  So be sure to get everything you want and finish the prize track BEFORE tomorrow Wednesday morning, otherwise, you’ll miss out.

Need a reminder about what was included in the store for this event?  Check out the rundown post here.

So what’s next?  No idea.  We’re in a wait and see approach…so we’ll see what EA has in store for us come tomorrow (or Wednesday).

What were your thoughts on the Buck Stops Here Mini-Event?  Ready for what’s next? What do you think we’ll see next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

57 responses to “The Buck Stops Here is Nearing the End

  1. Free donuts as well if your multiplier is high enough you can speed the build and net a donut or more every time lol

  2. I think they’ll follow the pattern from last year. A 2 part major event followed by a mini event as the defacto third act. If it holds up there should be a short tie in or something in a week or so then the next major starts last week of january

  3. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Perhaps, sometime in the next twenty minutes Haw Haw items will be made available? Check back soon, but before twenty minutes.

    • Nope- nothing else became available.
      Now we close out Event items and await what’s next
      And just like we blame the Weather Forecasters for poor weather,
      We can blame our gallant hosts for the undesirable Take Down and slow implementation of the NEXT Event.
      Boo! Hiss! Cat-calls!

  4. Looks like an extra day added, timer will finish wed on my game

  5. Aside from all the political dialogue and the server issues, this was a great update with the prizes (3 buildings and a character was a nice change to the usual 1 building, 1 costume and 2-3 decorations) and the return of the Stonecutters, this is probably one of those events which the free items and prizes were better than the new premium items which I passed on all of them. My only disappointment was that it could of been the perfect chance for EA to re-release L.T. Smash and Classified Records at a rebate or in the mystery box.

  6. TallSpiderCandy

    I really liked this event, the laid back pace is nice and very happy to pick up some of the SC items I missed the first time around. Thanks Addicts for all that you do!! And thanks EA, there are so many possibilities and characters…can’t wait to see what you do next!! : )

  7. What’s next? Isn’t it time for the yearly St. Patrick’s/Valentine’s day event?

  8. I don’t think the event ends until around 3am Eastern on Wed, the 17th. My store says event things are still available for 1 day and 16+ hrs (ATT).

    • I get two conflicting dates…some stuff on the 16th and some on the 17th (with regard to the files)…just erring on the side of caution. But yes, follow timers.

      • I believe HeeHaw land stuff leaves tomorrow. I just wanted to let people know about the later date, otherwise the forums will be awash with people asking where the take-down update is. Lol! 🙂

  9. Politics and religion?  Best…Event…Ever.  Finally, one that truly draws upon the spirit of “The Simpsons.”  And I did say Event—singular—because I’ve always maintained that major Events are little more than a trio of mini-Events with a common theme and the addition of crafting and Tappables.  With The Buck Stops Here it almost feels like we have a craft-less, Tappable-free Act III of the Winter Event…everything to do with the taboo.  (Notice, the splash screen didn’t change.)

    Although I do not share others concerns about the length of Events, this design is not too dissimilar from the course I have advocated, which has been to shake things up a bit more when changing Acts within major Events.

    A third Act masquerading as a separate Event perhaps..?

    Well played, EA.

  10. It would be great if I could connect to the server 4 days now still nothing how fast are the technicians.

  11. Since not everybody reads the all the Open Thread comments (whaaattt?😱), here is a shot of the post that tells you how to fix the connection problem with the EA server…an it even works! 👍

    • Going to make a new post with just this info on it…..thanks for working on this! I have no issues on my end, so not really able to do much from here. 🙂

      • That’s a great idea, thanks. I can’t take credit for the original fix, tho, just passing along the info as it comes to me😁.

    • I don’t have two devices 😭 I can’t believe it’s been down this long for some of us.

      • Can you borrow a friend or family member’s phone for about 20 minutes? That about how long it would take to load TSTO on their phone, do the fix, and delete the app on their phone. Good luck😊

    • Just an additional note…
      Just to test whether the “patch” would hold…I closed the game ,went to something else and came back. Sure enough, the screen of death reappeared. I fixed it again, but until this problem is permanently repaired by EA, I suggest that anyone having problems should always immediately go to a neighbor’s town each time you start the game. It seems to anchor the game by forcing an in-game sync. It worked when I went back in, yet again, to test. Sure hope EA can address this issue with the new event update🤦‍♀️.

  12. I bought Number 51 and finished his quests. One task (6h @Exploration Inc.) is still locked. Any hints on how to unlock?

  13. What mini event?! Can not connect for DAYS!
    Not growling at y’all. Just growling. 🤪
    Oh well. It’s just a game. A FUN GAME, to be sure, but not my life…as this time away reminds me.

    • If you go to the Sunday Thread, I posted a fix for the connection problem that actually works. You will need two devices, tho, with TSTO loaded on both.

    If you sell the convention centre you will get $37000. Go to the store and the convention centre will be available for $150000 with a rebate of $150000. (i.e. FREE) If you keep buying and selling the convention centre you will make $37000 everytime without losing any money. I’ve been doing this for about 10 minutes and have made $5 Million dollars.
    The rebate for the convention centre is only available while this event is on so hurry and you can make millions.

    • I tried, but is says no deal you cannot sell this

    • Wow! That is great trick! It really works very well! Too bad I didn’t think about this at the beginning of the event but rather only now towards the end.

      • Me too – so bad it was that late. Think about this trick 2 weeks ago. But I will definitely check with the next event(s) whenever there is such a free building over. E.g. the Stonecutters child care didn’t work that way, even if it was as well offered for free with the buck-stops-here-event.

    • This doesn’t work. Not sure how you are doing “this for about ten minutes” when once you sell the convention centre and repurchase it, it takes 4 hours to rebuild.

    • Not true, you cannot sell the convention center.

    • If anyone’s confused, this is about the old convention centre that is being offered at a rebate. Not the new capitol city one.
      As a side note, doing this on repeat dropped my consumerism meter to 0 stars. A visit to Krustyland and back put it back to normal

      I expect EA will fix this soon now that it’s been made public.

    • Yea sorry I’m talking about the old convention centre not the capital city convention centre.

    • I’m really confused about this. Can you guys explain it more. Why is it working for some people and not for others?

      • People are trying to sell the capital city convention centre which cannot be sold. The one you are supposed to sell is the Springfield convention centre from level 56. If you keep buying and selling for a rebate price you can make lots of money

    • Great spot. I wonder how many people are now suffering from repetitive strain injury? 🙂

    • Bob, you rock! I have been chronically short on cash and unable to buy the land that I needed. Thanks to your discovery, I bought up all the available land, and upgraded my IRS building.. plus, I banked $11 million dollars for the future. I think I love you! ❤️

    • Bob, you rock! I have been chronically short on cash, and unable to buy the land that I need. But thanks to your discovery, I was able to purchase all the remaining available land, upgrade my IRS building, and banks $11 million dollars for the future. I think I love you! ❤️

    • That was great – thank you so much! 50M earned during a long-tapping evening, but I could buy all but 5 landmarks. Yeah, I can re-design now without deciding what to prioritize: KEM-Farming or landmarks…

    • Bob you are a legend, thank you so much for sharing the tip.
      I bought up all remaining plots of land (about eleven) and at one point ended up with 30M cash to spend = happy days 😊

  15. Still can’t login. So disgusted.

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