Cooking Simpsons Style

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Have you ever watched an episode of The Simpsons and thought “Gee, that looks yummy.  I wonder how you make it…”?

Perhaps this came to mind when you were watching the episode “All’s Fair in Oven War” (Season 16, E2) and you saw Ralph’s delicious Crayon Sandwich….

Mmm waxy!

Well wonder no more my friends!  A YouTube Chef, Binging with Babish, has taken on the task of recreating Ralph’s Crayon Sandwich…minus the thumbtacks.  Check it out:

Ok so that’s a little…gross? I dunno what was worse for me…the Crayons or the Mayo.  Blah.

BUT….on a serious note.  Babish DID create an edible version of the Crayon Sandwich (crayons not included).  That version is towards the end of this video, where he recreates another dish from the Simpsons, Skinner’s Stew.  Check out this totally edible version here (if you want to skip the Stew, the Sandwich making starts right around the 3:35 mark):

Looking for a little more Simpsons cooking?  Well, tomorrow’s Sunday, who’s up for making Homer’s Moon Waffles?!

And finally…it IS Winter (at least for the Northern Hemisphere).  And for most of America it’s been bitter cold!  What’s great on a cold winter day?  How about some of Flanders’ “Oh My God” Hot Chocolate? Babish takes that on here:

That looks DELICIOUS!

If you have some time check our more of videos from Binging with Babish hereHe recreates some fun recipes from your favorite shows and movies…like Bob’s Burgers, Rick & Morty, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & more! Pretty cool stuff!

What are your thoughts on cooking Simpsons style? Will you be trying any of these recipes? While I hope you don’t actually try the one with melted crayons, if you do…take some photos and send em in!  I’d love to see how they turned out!  That goes for any of the other recipes as well.  If you’re up for making em, send us some photos so we can see how they turned out!

Happy cooking!


17 responses to “Cooking Simpsons Style

  1. LOL I just go to the Springfield section of Universal Orlando when I feel like indulging in Simpsons-esque cuisine. Their gigantic pink doughnut really hits the spot. Or I stop by Moe’s Tavern and get the Flaming Moe’s. The Krusty Burger is my favourite though, or I can get something light and stop by the Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck lol

    It’s all appealing and delicious!

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  2. Awesome post. I subscribed to his YouTube channel!!

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  3. Hey Alissa
    Nice post 🙂
    I sent you an email on Friday, not sure if you got it.

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  4. I am going to try the hot chocolate this weekend!!!

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  5. This is a really amusing thread and the recipes look great. The actual crayon sandwich attempt was hilarious. A nice, light read for a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Alissa!

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  6. I loved this post! I think the Springfield Culinary Arts Academy should be a mini event down the road 👩‍🍳🍳🍽🥐🥂👨‍🍳.

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  7. Awesome! And it gave me inspiration for my sister’s birthday present: his cook book! Very cool!

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  8. In college I made Skittlebrau, Homer’s fictional beer with Skittles candy. While you do see some slight dying if the suds the candies tend to stick to the bottom of the glass and when they dislodge can hurt your teeth like hell. I don’t recommend trying it.

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  9. OMG!! I’m not a really fan of hot chocolate, but this one looks delicious 🍵🍵

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  10. Alias de la plume

    I know a whole blog where someone makes the food exactly how it is in the show and it is hilarious
    Eats like a duck

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  11. Waiting on a recipe for steamed hams…

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  12. Was at Universal Studios Orlando for the holidays & it so weird to order a Krusty Burger & Duff Beer : – )

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  13. ☕Burnin-Seed☕

    This was fun little post. I really enjoy little posts like this one and the “Simpsons Did It Again” post. It changes the pace of this site a little, and I appreciate it. Thank you!

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  14. TallSpiderCandy

    Awesome!! : )

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