Bart Royale Act 1 Tips

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in real quick with a couple of tips for Act 1 of Bart Royale.  And yes this list of tips will include those characters that have a task at the Mega Playscape & can earn you event currency.

So let’s get to it….

Who can Fortify? Who can Assault?  aka who earns event currency…

So the Adults Fortify, the Kids Assault, here’s the list for act 1:

As of today, 1/25/18….this will change as the event progresses

Fortify (Adults)
Pyro (Act 1 prize track, last prize)
Hellfish Grampa (Premium)
Hellfish Burns (Premium)
Crazy Iguana Lady (Premium)

Assault (Kids)
Wendell (Premium)
Erik (Premium)

The kids have an animated Assault task for Act 1, the Adults do not.


Finding Tappables

The tappables gravitate to the Mega Playscape when your Springfield is open.  So just leave your town open for a little while and you’ll be able to clear them all pretty quickly.

And yes, there is a message that will appear that says when you’ve cleared them all.

Also if you’re daily task is to clear them you can tap the “Do It” button there to find them.

Defensive Bonus

A full post on this will be up, likely next week, but you’ll want to focus on increasing your defensive bonus, not only for the questline but to help you move through the prize track.

Craftables will increase your bonus, as long as they’re in the zone.  So focus on leveling up your crafting, but also craft items that make sense for the bonus.  (for example it’s better to craft trenches for 100 scraps and 0.50% bonus, then it is to craft fences for 75 scraps and a 0.25% bonus.  Look at the craftables as you increase your levels to see what gives the most bonus for the number of scraps that make sense)

Your max defensive bonus for Act 1 is 20%.

Falling Behind the Calendar Early

Don’t worry about it.  This event is designed so you earn more currency as you progress.  So you may be a day or two behind right now, but as long as you continue to increase your defensive bonus and send your characters frequently in another couple of days you’ll be ahead of the calendar.

So don’t sweat it!  It starts out slow for many players…it’s designed that way. By this time next week you’ll all be telling me how easy it was.

Again the tricks to earning event currency: increase defensive bonus and log in every 4hrs to send/clear characters and tappables.

And that’s it my friends, a few quick tips to keep you rolling with this event!

Do you have any other tips you can recommend to your fellow tappers? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


83 responses to “Bart Royale Act 1 Tips

  1. I would add one advice – I placed Mega Playscape outside my town, in area cleared behind the Chinese wall. I started to have problems with tapping the Ruffians, they were all over the city and did not seem to be able to find the way to Mega Playscape (often standing behind unclared area, not sure how to get over it) – not even if I left my game 5 minutes waiting. I got to the situation where I was not sure if I will be able to get Pyro without use of donuts.

    Well, did not want to spoil the layout of the town, but finally I stored part of the outer city wall (Chinese wall) and made road that ends next to Mega Playscape. And hordes of Ruffians started to move towards the Mega Playscape immediately. So if you want to build your post-apocalyptic area outside town, build road to it temporarily, you will not have to seek every single Ruffian all over your town.


  2. How do I upgrade the playground equipment? The quest tells me to upgrade to 5%.


  3. Any insight to Luftwaffles?


  4. Just realized that my Battle Dome gives me bricks (for crafting items) every 4 hours…


  5. How to make my Mega Playscape look like the one in the Defensive Bonus Guide pic ? What are the evolution criteria ?


  6. At the moment my playground has a bonus percentage of “11.500001%”. Does anyone know where that odd number comes from?

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