Episode 24- Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

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There’s a battle royale of epic proportions going on in Springfield!  Kids vs Adults…battle for the rights to the Mega Playscape! In this episode we’re talking about the latest event in TSTO, Bart Royale.  Giving our initial impressions as week one comes to a close.  Plus we’ll check in with Safi on his nuclear rebuild and we’ll give our Superbowl predictions for next weekend!   As always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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27 responses to “Episode 24- Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

  1. Liking the event itself, but not the results of updating my game to start the event. Lost all my stockpiled free land tokens. 🙁

  2. A Little advice and info for some people who haven’t gotten there yet; the training grounds starts a separate quest with all the kids called general micheif and basically you send at least 5 kids on a 12 hour task. More than just the main event kids can participate in this including squeaky voice teen, Kearny, dolph, patches and poor violet, Lisa, Maggie and rod and Todd. Others I haven’t unlocked yet are likely also included.

    It should be noted that over a 12 hour period the main event kids earn more beers than they would doing 4 hour tasks but not by a lot. The kids do not appear to earn crafting currency though, instead they earn 100xp for freemium and more for premium. So choose wisely.

    Only the main event kids earn event currency though, the rest earn money. The training grounds is awesome and animated and I love it! (Louis gets a cameo appearance; perhaps some foreshadowing?)

    I hope that helps! Enjoy!

  3. Agree, 4 hours grind getting me down, its not fun anymore, but head not to do, time for some self preservation, 3 a day is enoght with more time enjoying the game, even recycle station becoming a grind with the uneven balance if resources.

    • Play the Futurama game and then you’ll know what true grinding is. I really appreciate only having to check into TSTO for a few minutes every 4 hours. Futurama is just tedious, constant baby-sitting of the game (endless space battles for random reward drops)

  4. When the teaser was listed as Homergeddon, I was expecting another space themed event (Armageddon inspired) I was looking forward to expanding my spaceport. I am now looking forward to the Act 2 and 3.

  5. I voted “meh” on the event because it’s back to the old style of event. Three acts and four hour grinding. Content is good. Nice new stuff. Nice to see that we don’t have any recycled craftables from past events (as far as I can’t tell). Getting Wendell is the best thing about the event so far.

  6. woops meant number one towns in previous post lol.

  7. curently I’m loving the event, the different crafting aspect is very cool, an how all the buildings work together is great. anywho, I have a request of you guys, alyissa, wookie, an cranky. I would like to see what you guys curent Springfield’s look like, if possible. an no B,C towns, I wanna see your current number towns posted on site pics please. no hurry of when you guys do it, just when you fill your ready. maybe you all could make it post an kinda explain why you put things the way they are within your towns. after following each of you for so long, years, this has been something I’ve always been curious about an have always wanted to see. kinda of a let’s get a better idea why they put this there kinda thing, an maybe pick up a few good design ideas along the way. while basking in the awesomness that is you guys. thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing it.

    • Glad you didn’t ask to see mine right now, lol!

      • hi, o/” my signature used to be kim possible but I changed it recently after coming back to the game after a two year break, as I like to say “life happens” lol. your new to me so I didn’t include you but would be more then happy to see what your currently up to within your town, when your ready of course.

        hopefully they’ll reconize my old signature an such but if not o well lol, I use to get jokes all the time bout checking in with wade for verification on deferent game related stuff lol. I love the show an that was why I use to use that one but I like my new signature alot more. in my life it’s all bout the humor.
        ok bye for now o/” Safi. nice meeting you sir.

  8. OMG, I’m kinda scared right now. Wook, wow. You’re my twin brother-from-another-mother. We’re not just twins, we’re like the twins that can read each other’s thoughts.

    • It was nice to see you all together. Whether in agreement or disagreement, the four voices compliment one another well.

  9. talon8770 // rick m

    And now something completely different. For all the hardest of hard core Simpson’s fans. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HX14C7Q/?tag=097-20&ascsubtag=v6_1_4_17sz_18qq_4_x01

    • But…..$308?!!

      • talon8770 // rick m

        Legos are very expensive and always go up in price. Especially star wars stuff, the new death star is almost $3,000 bucks. ( I’m glad my son is grown ) I got my son a star wars bust of dearth maul for $200.00 years ago its up to $2,300 built. If you search amazon they also had ALL the character set for like 50 or 60 bucks and there are a lot more like Lego quickie mart you can build your town at home as well as online.

  10. Looks like Pat has some weird boggle eyed alien behind him on the wall 😂😮

  11. I think this will become one of the more forgettable events and most everything will go into storage pretty quickly.


  13. I love the content of this event but again 4hr repetitive tasks for 42 days, tappables again, crafting level up again, nothing worth visiting neighbours for AGAIN. Meh. 😑

  14. Why not wall it in like Krusty land then at least we would know that’s the edge. The way they have suddenly done this is unfair.

  15. I bought Wendell. Pretty sure he was based on an old friend of mine. When in grade school he would always hurl on the school bus during school trips. We use to take bets when it would happen.

    As far as event goes a clean launch always gets a bonus from me. i think I’m happiest that you can find Ruffians easily in my town and friends town. Saves a lot of time.

  16. I like the event so far I’m very happy that we got Wendell I am even happier that we are going through he getting the new skin for Maggie soon the new skin looks pretty cool. Wookie: I like your shirt

  17. Not super excited about the theme. Great premium characters though, but prize track is lackluster. NO MORE CRAFTING! I think we all would be ok with these less notable prizes if the way to obtain them was fun or different. What happened to fun event structures like Easter 2014 (minus the frustrating odds that event had).

    • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the repetitive, log in every 4 hours thing. But that EAster event caused me to quit for a year! HATE the idea of anything similar to that. And nope, “we *all* would be ok with less notable prizes”…. definitely not.
      I enjoyed the Christmas event 🙂 shorter, less predictable, and some nice new content 🙂 I like the trenches in this event… they’re gonna fit well in my “archeology district” once event done. I also like that there is lots of new content (no fun for long time players when it’s geared towards stuff we already have)
      And a quick shout out hi to all my neighboureenos… sorry I don’t always pop in for a visit, but know I :heart: you all
      And a random hi to mab from someone who is also struggling with the water restrictions 😉

    • Hmmm… I LIKE crafting!

  18. Conceptually, I like the Mad Max post-Apocolypic theme but stretching a 10-minute portion of a single less-than-memorable episode into a 6-week Event has the earmarks of returning to form, and not in a good way.

    Perhaps the excellence of Winter 2018/Well-scare State, having raised the bar, has also set our expectations a bit too high.


  19. Premise and dialog is fun, but after a laid back and excellent christmas here we go again with 6 weeks of 4 hour cycles unless the other acts change it up, and please say there won’t be another Montymort style epic that just goes on and on and on and … I’m bored now

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