The Springfield Job Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s 10AM here on the East Coast of the US and (aside from getting hit with our 4th major storm in less than a month) that means it’s time for the next event to start up in TSTO!  If you haven’t already done so yesterday (or earlier this morning), be sure to download the newest update for Tapped Out from your App Store.  If you don’t see it in your updates list, search your store for Tapped Out and you should see the update available.

This update is going to be FULL of characters (I count 18 brand new ones), loads of buildings, decorations and a whole lot of around the world fun!  Those of you who were looking for items from England…you’re in luck!  They’ll be in this update!  Along with content from Mexico, Cuba, Italy, Ireland and more! This is a huge update with a ton of content!  So let’s get to it! (Things kick off with a 6s task for Homer)

I’ll be updating this post as I go through the update myself.  So while I did see the files last night and have a basic understanding of what’s in it, I won’t know specifics until I actually look at it in game.  So for now, use this post as an Open Thread to discuss what you see and continue to check back on this post for all of the Springfield Jobs details for Act 1….

Once you’ve completed the Springfield Job Pt. 1 you’ll unlock Aristotle Amadopolis

Then you’ll be tasked with 6s tasks for Homer, Burns and Aristotle. Followed by another 6s task for Homer and Aristotle. (Completing this task will trigger new items to appear in the store)  And then some dialogue will appear.  Once you’re through that dialogue the event itself will trigger.  You’ll then have to do 4hr heists.

Act 1 Prizes

Act 1 Prize Currency is  Pictures of Paintings.  You can earn these by tapping tappables, performing heists, daily challenges and neighbor actions.

Museum of Super Fine Arts and Land Token- 120 

Land Token– 4,120 

Old Cathedral- 10,120 

350 Plunders (Crafting Currency)- 16,120

Primo- 22,120

Leaning Tower- 28, 120

Nana Sophia Mussolini– 40, 120


Crafting unlocks with The Springfield Job Pt. 4.  You’ll be tasked with placing Plunderer Pete’s (4hr build)…

Crafting currency is  Plunder.  You can earn crafting currency by tapping tappables and the prize track.


For this event EA has done away with the Level Up option.  Instead, new items will appear for each act.  Here’s the list of craftables:

Act 1

Terraced House (1)– 140 

Terraced House (2)- 140 

Terraced House (3)- 140 

Terraced House (4)- 140 

Terraced House (5)– 140

Terraced House (6)- 140

Grand Canal (1)– 200

Grand Canal (2)– 200

Grand Canal (3)– 200

Grand Canal (4)- 200

Grand Canal (5)- 200

Gondola– 230

Da Vinci Aircraft– 230

Cheese Truck– 230

Free Land Token– 300 (limited to 1)

Act 2

Phone Booth– 200

Police Call Box– 200

Queen’s Guard– 200

Beefeater– 200

Darby O’Guzzlin’s– 500

British Roundabout– 500

St. Pauls Cathedral– 1,000

Free Land Token– 300

Act 3

First Bank of Springfield ATM- 300

Island Capitol Building– 1,350

Resort Hotel– 800

Fancy Oval Fountain– 500

First Prime Minister of Australia Statue– 450

Race Car Statue- 400

Free Land Token- 300


For Act 1 the Tappables are Justice Agents, they look like this…

They’ll unlock once you reach The Springfield Job Pt. 5.

Justice Agents Spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  With a max of 30 in your town at once.  From what I can see…there is no bank.  So 30 is the absolute max. When tapped they drop 10  and 1 

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor actions also unlock with The Springfield Job Pt.5. For this one you’ll have to send Criminals to neighbor’s towns.

To do this, when you’re in a neighbor’s town tap the mask icon in the top right corner of their screen….

I’m still looking into it to see how these payout…

You can also tap Justice Agents in a friends town and they’ll pay out 5 prize currency and 1 crafting per tap. You can tap 3/town…in addition to dropping criminals .

Heist Planning

Much like Bart Royale, you’ll be given a “zone” around a particular building for each act.  If you place craftable items within that zone you’ll earn more event currency.

For Act 1 that zone is around the first prize, the Museum of Super Fine Arts….

I’ll break this down in more detail in another post….


We’ve seen this in other events, in particular Wild West.  Collect certain items from each Act to unlock special scenes

For Act 1 you need the Fine Arts Museum, the Cheese Truck, Gondola, Da Vinci Aircraft & Primo to unlock the special scene….

The Store

Freemium Returning

Scooter- $1,000

Wine Barrels- $1,500

Motorcycle with Sidecar- $2,500

New Premium

The First Class Lounge w/ Wheels McGrath- 150 Donuts (Can do Heists). Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs

Calabresi Bundle- 300 Donuts. Dante Calabresi Sr and Dante Calabresi Jr. (Can do Heists)….Yes, you’re not reading it wrong.  It’s 300 donuts for TWO characters.

Colosseum- 100 Donuts. Earns Plunder.  2,,15xp/4hrs

Snitch Hotline- 90 Donuts.  Doubles event currency earned in Neighbor’s towns. Don’t buy this…total waste.

Returning/From the Vault (discounted) 

Springfield Musem and Malloy- 150 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts

Plato’s Republic Casino and Johnny Tightlips- 175 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 125 Donuts

Cesar and Ugolin- 100 Donuts

Italian Villa and Francesca- 150 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts

Mystery Box

Asian Wonders Box- 50 Donuts.  Contains: Americatown w/Kumiko and Sailor Kumiko, Himeji Castle, Royal Tokyo, The Happy Sumo w/Akira, Mr. Sparkle, Chinese Acrobatic Theatre, Chinese Junk, Dragon Bundle (Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon) and Great Wall Tower

A Note About Placing the Gondola for The Springfield Job Pt. 6

For part 6 of the main questline you’ll be tasked with Placing the Gondola in the Bonus Area.  The Gondola (a craftable) can ONLY be placed on Water.  Fortuantely, it can be placed on River Tiles….so you don’t need the ocean.

In order to complete this task, place 2 River Tiles in a row in your Bonus Area around the Museum of Fine Arts.  Then Place the Gondola on top of it.

And that’s it my friends!  All of the details for Act 1 of The Springfield Job! 

And before you ask….yes, we’ll have posts on:

Act 1 Calendar
Questline for Act 1
SIBs for Premium Content
Details on Crafting, Heists, Neighbor Actions etc
and more!

What are your thoughts on Act 1 of The Springfield Job?  Thoughts about the characters?  Buildings and decorations?  Items you’re really looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

216 responses to “The Springfield Job Is Live!

  1. What is there to earn with these glasses?

  2. If we miss out on Act 1, is there no way to do the events except by donuts?

  3. Is it certain that the pictures (act 1 currency) carry over to act 2 and that the italian items will still be available once the other acts hit? What country is due after England?
    One can craft a land token but is this land token for a piece of land you don’t get for money (so kinda a can’t miss land token) or for a piece of land you can buy the normal way?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • No. Pictures will NOT carry over. Prize track currency NEVER carries over. The prize track currency resets with each act.

      The Crafting Currency (which is not prize track currency, this is the plunders) will carry over. That’s the same for the entire event.

  4. If we have to spend crafting currency on it then it isn’t really a free land token, is it?

    • Is it a free land token if you have to get prize track currency to unlock it?

      • It’s just land, and should be called land, not free anything. Never had to pay for a land token before, playing two years, in no way is this free, especially considering the slow earning rate! Love the game, but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck… It’s not an eagle

  5. Hi I am on level 444 and I still can’t get side
    show bob

      • Wish that would work, but I’m Way past that level & it’s never been triggered. And I can’t make homer buy champagne in the Mindy quest either. I’ve tried every suggestion out there….contacting EA gets you nowhere…oh well

        • TallSpiderCandy

          Sorry I don’t have any tips for you, other than did you contact EA multiple times? Different reps handle things differently, been through several issues myself, some were fairly easy some more complex but all were time consuming. Don’t give up!! Send several messages every day until someone gives you a decent answer and helps you. Hopefully you’ll find someone who cares. I eventually did and got the majority of issues taken care of. EA should definately treat people better than they do. Almost lost this player over customer service before. No wonder people don’t want to invest real money. I am also one of the ones who experienced the dreaded glitch several months ago. Was shocked to find out it started long before that and am terrified it will happen again, especially after seeing so many still experiencing it. I’m hoping they get everything worked out soon. I wish you the best of luck, keep me posted and happy tapping 🙂

  6. Marian Carnacchio

    Please add celticbreeze393. I’m level 104 and play all day long sad to say. I visit all neighbors every day. I’m cleaning out my list. Thanks!

  7. Are the Royal Guard and the Beefeater static decorations or wandering npcs? (I’m assuming they won’t be actual characters.)

  8. Not sure if others have also come across this, but I find a glitch with placing the gondala. As already mentioned I placed the river tiles to be able to place the gondala within the bonus area.

    After I had done that I decided to delete the extra river tiles and noticed you can actually delete all the river tiles from under the gondala and it will stay in place on the grass.

    If you need to move the gondala you do need to add new river tiles but they can then be deleted again depending on the look you’re going for.

  9. It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino are also available for purchase (if you don’t have him already) for 150 donuts with a 50 donut rebate.

  10. Is there a recent place to add friends for this event?

  11. I do not have enough land for this event, seriously 🙁

    • You’re not the only one.
      Normally EA gave us one or two land strips each major event. I would buy all of it with some of my gazillion game cash stack.
      New text for a T-shirt:
      “EA launched a new event,
      They brought one lousy land token” 😁

  12. I don’t know if any one else noticed but there’s a Sven Golly bundle with bonus donuts being offered as part of the $9.99 donut deal.

  13. I have noticed when I have cleared the Justice Agents it says the crooks are gone too. They are not. I hope EA fixes this bug too.

  14. If I buy 13 TARDISes (TARDII?) in Act2, do I get free Doctor?

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