Placing Gondola, and Other Items for Bonuses around the Museum

I am posting this out of necessity, because all of the mods are tired of answering the SAME question in other threads… It is the LAST time we will answer this, OK? (and yes…I am exasperated…and working on my night..Sunday Night on this…so please read!!!!)

This bonus concept is exactly the same as Bart Royale…with the exception that there are a ton more options, and a couple of wrinkles and restrictions as they pertain to placing on or around water.

Let’s Dive In…

Let’s start with the Bonus Concept…
You will increase your currency earnings in each Act, up to 20% yield (just like Bart Royale), by placing items that you craft in the “Bonus Zone” around the Museum.

There are TONS of items to place…and Yes…unfortunately, some are tricky if you want the full benefit, and they will make for a very cluttered look around your museum if you want all of the bonus earning %.

This is the list of craftables that can earn Bonus %…and their cost. You will need to craft and place enough to total 20% if you want to max out the Bonus %.

Terraced House (1)– 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (2)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (3)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (4)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (5)– 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (6)- 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Grand Canal (1)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (2)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (3)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (4)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (5)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Gondola– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Da Vinci Aircraft– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Cheese Truck– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

You are also tasked with “placing the gondola” which can only be placed on water (river if you choose).  The Video Below shows how to do this.

So…place the water…then place the gondola…making sure that it touches at least one of the squares in the Bonus Zone.

Loads of people have also asked how you can place the Canal Buildings to get the bonus, as well as have them get the cool “Pier/dock” steps that appear when they are placed near water. The reality is…it is VERY limited…and  you can get the bonus on one or two buildings…but after that, it’s just crafting to make your Italian canals look nice… More on this after you watch the video.

As you can see…you can have one or the other…but not both, because of the way the Bonus Zone is limited…and water is required to “grow the steps.”  I opted to place it behind, as an extension of my first building. I will likely move all of this around after the Event is Over.

The same holds true for placing your Cheese Truck and Flying Machine (all of which ARE REQUIRED to complete the Act I Heist Scene (which will be a video that plays when you get all of the required pieces).

The same rule applies to placing the Flying Machine. You can place it anywhere you want…but, if you want to earn the Bonus Percentage, it must touch at least ONE Square of the Bonus Zone. Capiche? 

Just like Bart Royale, the advantage to getting and placing enough items to Max Out the 20% bonus should be obvious. It will make “getting it all” on the primary prize track easier. And who doesn’t want Grandma Musolini???  She is crazy funny…and a lot scary.

To Recap:

  • Place as many of the Bonus Items you can, in the Bonus Zone to earn the Bonus%.
  • YES it is going to be cluttered…but remember, you can move these around in Acts 2 and 3, to try to make them look nicer for a few (7) weeks, until this event is over. Then you can move, place, store to your heart’s content, not worrying about multipliers…RIGHT?
  • Chillax. Have fun. Or Grandma Musolini will give you the “evil eye!”

And, that’s it. No more Gondola Talk…any more requests of help on this topic will be “Gone-do-la’d Into the Trash!”




49 responses to “Placing Gondola, and Other Items for Bonuses around the Museum

  1. I can’t update or even access your app anymore, is there a reason why? I have iPhone X but your not even in the App Store anymore. Ugh please help lol


  2. None of this would have been necessary if EA had simply added a step to have everyone place 2 sections of water by the museum prior to earning/placing the gondola. People would have either inherently stuck the boat in the water or seen its base turn green when positioned over water & stuck it there.


  3. Seems that Grand Canal 2 cannot be turned. Anyone else have this problem?


  4. At 20% what is the payout?


    • I would like to know that too. My guys are earning 36 paintings (54 for premium) whether i am at 16% or 20%.


      • The base payout is 30 (for freemium), so 20% is 36. 16% should pay 35, but for some reason, it’s paying 36. Likely a rounding thing. The important issue is it’s correct for 20% and higher for lower %.

        Base on premium is 45, so 20% is 54…that’s also paying correctly at 20%


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