Springfield Jobs – Prize Guide – Primo

We are being sent round the world once again, in hopes of collecting art, buildings and artifacts relating to some of the finest artistic capitals in the world (sorry Australia).  There are a TON of items to be won and crafted, and we are here to cover some of the benefits for winning them, which can linger long after the event is over!

The 5th Prize to be awarded is PRIMO!
Let’s take a look!

All right. I know this gets confusing with all of the churches and gangster types being thrown into the same update. But, I’ll let people with a broader sense of religion, and a lesser fear of being attacked by “churchies” while not offering my opinion on the similarities of religion and gangs. But, here we are…fat guys who love their Mamas and the church…who also kill people…or try, as in the case of Primo.

The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer” is worth re-watching to get a handle on who Primo really is. But, you’ll figure that out after you are awarded him for collecting a TON of paintings Pictures of Painting.png…as in…16,120. That’s a lot of paintings.

After collecting 16,120 paintings…the rest becomes moot…as YES…you want to place him and use him…as he also completes the SCENE ONE…and you are rewarded with an animation…which we will cover in another post.

Prize 5: Primo
Helps with Heists, earns at a regular (non premium) rate

Questline (Can wait until the event is over)
Meal Protection Plan Pt. 1
Primo starts
Primo: Michael, even though you wear a chef’s hat instead of a capo’s fedora, I want to be your bodyguard.
Michael Damico: Primo, tonight you sleep with the fishes.
Primo: You’re going to whack me?!
Michael Damico: No, I have some fancy fish I’m going to cook tomorrow and I want you to guard them.
Task: Make Primo Sleep With the Fishes- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Thieves Try to Steal the Fishes- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

Meal Protection Plan Pt. 2
Primo starts
Primo: Michael, I want to prove I’m worthy of your trust. Give me a real challenge.
Michael Damico: Eat this spaghetti.
Primo: You insult me with a meaningless challenge?
Michael Damico: No one has ever eaten such spicy spaghetti.
Task:  Make Primo Eat Extra Spicy Spaghetti- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Meal Protection Plan Pt. 3
Primo starts
Primo: Michael, now you want me to guard a cake? Piece of cake.
Michael Damico: Shhh! It’s not a cake. It’s a soufflé. And if you screw this up, it’ll be the spicy meatball again.
Primo: I have to be quiet? But I’m a mobster! My chief weapons are yelling and gesturing!
Task: Make Primo Guard the Souffle- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Primo: Phew, the soufflé made it. Here’s your cake back kid.
Michael Damico: Actually, it’s for you. You’re a great employee.
Primo: Thanks, kid. But I’m going to go back to bodyguarding things with bodies. I prefer things that bleed to things that feed.

And there you have it. Primo…a bad guy with a huge appetite!

And the PAYOFF????


NEXT UP? The Leaning Tower! (if may be leaning because Primo is at the top).

14 responses to “Springfield Jobs – Prize Guide – Primo

  1. Primo (muy bueno EA, another fun Character)👍
    Did I grind for it? Nope, I cheated by spending Bonuts (that I quickly earned back with extra Sprinkles earned). Well, I can’t call it cheating if Tappers years ago encouraged this ….. at least I can purchase Premiums of interest!😊

  2. Wish they would fix this glitch .

  3. So this might be a stupid question. If I check in every hour or spend a couple hours in my game (redesigning) and continue clearing tapables, will there be any for my neighbours when they visit? Or do they spawn just for them?

    @Fred lol… best, analogy, ever. (CBG)

    • There are always tap-ables for neighbors. Doesn’t matter if you clear or not. You cannot drop crooks in towns that aren’t up-to-level, but you can always tap justice agents.

  4. After getting Primo, app asked me for an update and since then I’m back at square 1, although I can see Act 1 completed. Any of you had the same issue?

  5. The video reminded me of getting a piece of lint covered candy from an elderly relative.

  6. I can’t figure out how I finished so fast? There must’ve been a glitch, I finished last night and am now just milking the clock for bonuts.

  7. The leaning tower requires 10 Simpsons to make it lean. Then the task is complete.

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