Springfield Jobs Act 2 is Live!

Note: Yes, the servers are currently down. Not unexpected because it’s a later in the day update, more tappers are awake and wanting to play than when they hit at 4am ET.  I’m posting the rundown now, but I personally haven’t been able to 100% verify everything (I got kicked out too) so if I need to make changes I will once the server is back up.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Friday Friends!  Time to gear up for the weekend….with a brand new Act of the Springfield Job!  Act 2 has arrived, so have at it my friends….

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Your heisters kick things off with a 4hr task to, what else, heist!

Act 2 Runs until April 23rd (when Act 3 will start)

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

New Prize Currency for Act 2 

 Crown Jewels

So the ability to earn Pictures is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 2 has reset to zero because you have zero Jewels.  So get cracking on those Crown Jewels…

You’ll earn Crown Jewels very similar to how you earned Pictures during Act 1….

-Clearing the Agent Tappables (earn 10 /tap)
– Clearing Agents in your Neighbor’s towns (earns 5 /tap)
-Daily Challenges
-Sending Heisters to Heist ( earning varies)

Act 2 Personal Prizes

Tower of Springfield- 120

Free Land Token- 4,420

Life-Size Prince Albert in a Can- 10,820

350 Plunders- 17,220

Queen’s Carriage-23,620 

The Boiled Potato- 30,020

MoHo House w/ Nigel- 42,920 

Act 1 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT  1” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)


Crafting remains, as it was during Act 1, for Act 2.

HOWEVER, Act 2 items have now unlocked for your purchase….

Phone Booth– 200

Police Call Box– 200

Queen’s Guard– 200

Beefeater– 200

Darby O’Guzzlin’s– 500

British Roundabout– 500

St. Pauls Cathedral– 1,000

Free Land Token– 300 (can only craft once)


You earn crafting currency from tapping Agents, completing heists AND sending Crooks to friends towns.  So send those crooks! Masks still work…

New Heist Location

The Tower Of Springfield, the first Act 2 prize, is the new Heisting location for Act 2.  You can still earn Crown Jewels (in fact you’ll need to) at the Museum…

Just like the museum, you’ll want to build up your Heist Bonus around the Tower to increase your prize currency payouts.

New Heist Scene

Looks like you’ll need….

Phone Booth– 200

Police Call Box– 200

Queen’s Guard– 200

Tower of Springfield- 120

Queen’s Carriage-23,620 

To complete the heist scene

New Items in the Store..

  Buckingham Palace- 60 Donuts

 Westminster Abbey & Ghosts of Oscar Wilde & Geoffrey Chaucer- 175 Donuts

That’s all that was added today.  But as we’ve seen through events, more stuff will be added on a daily basis.  

And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 2 Calendar
-Act 2 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content
-And more!

So be patient, the info you need will be up soon. 🙂

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Act 2!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through the Act ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.

Thoughts on Act 2?  Just like you pictured it?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 1 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

68 responses to “Springfield Jobs Act 2 is Live!

  1. Not sure where the best place to post this. I have noticed that even though it says No Jobs Available, if you hit start sometimes it will show jobs available with some of the premium characters, including Jack the Ripper and Fortune.

  2. I finished Act 1 but my Act 2 crafting items are locked. Why is this?

  3. There is actually a bug with Act 2 content. I finished Act 1 quest well before Act 2 went live. I can do the Act 2 quest and was able to craft several items but it seems after i finished part 1 of Act 2 quest line, all Act 2 craftable items are locked

  4. Do we have to complete Act 1 to be able to unlock Act 2?

    It’s very frustrating and means that you can’t craft the items in act 2, grrrr

  5. I had an issue with act 1 where I couldn’t get the fine arts museum and still haven’t got it, so I missed out on getting the last 2 prizes in act 1. I got the tower of Springfield in Act 2, but the phone booth and other prizes are still locked. Is this going to be another Glitch?? I seriously hope not.

  6. Act looks good. Only 1 free character, but I can handle that if it’s easier than the final Act 1 character.
    Westminster Abbey shows 2 ghosts, does it come with 2 full characters, one character like Sherri and Terri, something else entirely.

    • D.W. McZombiepants

      Chaucer and Wilde are separate characters with their own set of tasks. They both help with the event. Oscar Wilde IS voiced (Chaucer is not).

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