Springfield Jobs- Act II Calendar and Math for Getting It All!

See?  I do believe I told you that Act I was do-able…if you stayed on top of it. And it was. Some barely finished, while others, like myself, was done days ago.  And some, got struck sideways by the “RollBack Glitch.”  COME ON EA…Get on it!!

Well…for Act II, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the daily minimums are actually smaller than Act I.  The bad news, is that this is because the act is spread across an even LONGER period of time.

How long?  How does 17.5 days strike you?  Well…for me, it strikes me like a steak and kidney pie in the face…good and bad. I am a bit of an Anglophile, so I am looking forward to all of the stuff from “Jolly Old England.” I have saved up a ton of crafting currency, and stockpiled donuts…so I am READY!

Let’s take a look at the numbers, and what you can win by hitting the targets!

As you have figured out…nothing really changes much, except for the crafting currency, which has changed from stolen paintings, to “crown-less jewels.”
Crown-less Jewel.png I thought they looked like water balloons, or Roma tomatoes.  But, I guess if they say it’s a jewel…then it’s a jewel. And you are going to need a bunch of them to get the final prize.

Tower of Springfield.png Tower of Springfield Crown-less Jewel.png120
Free Land Token.png Free Land Token Crown-less Jewel.png4,420
Life-Size Prince Albert in a Can.png Life-Size Prince Albert in a Can Crown-less Jewel.png10,820
350 Plunders.png 350 Plunders
Crown-less Jewel.png17,220
Queen's Carriage.png Queen’s Carriage Crown-less Jewel.png23,620
TSTO The Boiled Potato.png The Boiled Potato Crown-less Jewel.png30,020
MoHo House and Nigel.png MoHo House w/Nigel Crown-less Jewel.png42,920

I had to look up what the heck the MoHo house was, but thought I remembered Nigel. Or maybe he is just that archetypal English Dude who looks and sounds like David Niven. I’ll have to do more research.


And here is the Digital Version…I can’t wait to add Chaucer to the rest of the characters that already haunt Springfield. The “afterlife” is getting quite cluttered around here!

OK…Off to work on my jump start!  I am going to start a buying spree…and don’t even have to convert my donuts to pounds!

Let us know what you think about Act II.  You know we LOVE to hear from you! (Did that sound sincere?  Would be be better if I said it with an English accent?).

88 responses to “Springfield Jobs- Act II Calendar and Math for Getting It All!

  1. I never realised that I was 3 days ahead of the calendar (without any premiums) since I just received the Queen’s Carriage a few hours ago and that there are still 10 days left of this act. I hope I can get Moho House and Nigel by Thursday and if anyone has Moho House already how have you added it to your town since it is another very “tall” building.

  2. By the end of this event I wonder how much a certain house that is white will have changed. I will get the carriage tomorrow and hopefully can start racking up bonuts.

  3. I like having more time for Act 2. I only got to Primo in Act 1 and even then had to pay 15 donuts for him. The problem with the iPhone update was enough of a delay to put me even further behind than real life delays….

    Slower events make it much easier to participate. Anybody who gets bored – go find something else to do!!! There are plenty of free games and even (gasp!) books to read.

  4. Act 2 crafting items for Act 2 still locked. Anyone have any ideas?

    • You completely finished the Act 1 questline? There’s nothing in your task book for it at all? Nothing that says The Springfield Job Pt. ____ ?

  5. I’m well ahead of the prize track; I think I might be on track to get the Queen’s Carriage sometime tomorrow or so — but that’s with all the premium characters, so YMMV, and all that.

    Personally, I’m already thrilled with this event, for one of the non-prize-track item: I finally have a proper TARDIS in my Springfield! What more could a Whovian want? Nevermind… I actually know the answer to that: four angel statues. (I’ll just have to use the hedges for now.)

    • Ok..not being a “Dr. Who” fan, I had to google Tardis to see what you were talking about. And in pure Tardis fashion, I couldn’t know that I had to be a Dr Who fan to know to respond that it had to do with Dr Who, without first going forward to come back here. Ah. Space/time…it’s relative.

      • If you have Amazon Prime and have never been exposed to Dr. Who, I wholeheartedly recommend getting your feet wet with “Blink” – that’s Season 3, Episode 11.* It’s one of the very best episodes — and as a bonus, it’ll explain my reference to angel statues. 😀

        * Note that “Season 3” is actually a bit of a misnomer, since the series has been running on and off since the ’60s.

    • I have several TARDISs. I plan on hiding them around town after the event.

  6. In act1 I was right in schedual finishing up.
    In act2 I’m off to a great lead with earning Prince Albert a few minutes ago (noon EST Sunday 8apr18)
    It makes me happy that legs and company has joined in on the heisting.

  7. Is anyone else experiencing a glitch in Act 2? Everything was going well. I got the first 2 items (both phonebooths) and now it won’t let me craft more items for England. It keeps saying I have to “unlock Act 2.” Hello… i already did!

    • Yes I am, and can still play. Only thing is after tapping it only collects the nearest 2 buildings or characters. Not going to log out or uninstall game because the last time I did I couldn’t get back in the game for 2 days.

  8. I’m having a Jolly time with Act 2 because –

    I’ve waited patiently for a British theme
    I’m 2.5 days away from getting the Queen’s Carriage
    I ♥️ the unlocked Craftables
    Yay Bonuts

    • I figure I’ll have the carriage about the same time, and I am on track to get close to 100,000 total event currency … yah Bonut chances

  9. Thanks to the 3 daily challenges saved up, I am actually on track with the calendar since I got the Free Land Token earlier. I am glad that there are not too many things available to craft in this act (5 decorations, 2 buildings and a Free Land Token). I’m not sure if its a good strategy to either increase the bonus to 20% at the tower using the new crafting decorations first or just save up for the 2 buildings available to craft first.

    • You can actually put all you bonus items at the tower as all your characters can be sent there and don’t need to be sent to the building from the first section at all.

      • I was thinking of doing that but I still use the Museum and send about half of my characters there and the other half at the Tower. I did not want to move the act 1 craftables to the Tower because it would still be cluttered since my museum already looks cluttered as it is. I was thinking of using extra guards and beefeaters at the Museum to keep the bonus at 20% when I move the act 1 items but I still need to save up for the 2 craftable buildings.

  10. Going to be behind on this event now as I’m waiting for EA to roll back my game so I can craft the act 2 craftables. Mentioned in my message to them that I’ve been suffering with the rollback glitch since the start of this event and that since messaging them previously a few weeks ago nothing has happened so hopefully they will do something about that too. Really the smaller tap radius and other issues are bearable mainly all I really want back is my character selector.

    • You could always send your characters on their missions from the event button and then visit the unemployment office for the rest (keep in mind Cecil will do his 1mil task if you use the unemployment office so I have him in my inventory)

      • When I send Cecil from the employment office and he doesn’t do his rags to riches quests, just the normal tasks.

    • I have messaged them repeatedly about the roll back glitch and nothing

  11. Denise Koster

    I am enjoying this event, BUT, my general satisfaction isn’t high. Everything earns cash and XP eventually. Cash buys stuff and XP levels up. I’m only at level 410, but they go pretty quickly. Mainly, I think EA needs to cut to the chase and eliminate the cash after level 300 or so. I mean, why bother with cash if there is nothing but land to spend it on? Oh, wait! We can’t even buy land anymore! I have a thing about symmetry, and not being able to buy land now drives me NUTS. I have lots of money and NOTHING to spend it on. So I quit spending mine. No more donut purchases, EA.

    • KEM farming. Bloodmobile farming. There goes your cash.

    • Here’s one option ( you can turn extra cash into donuts)…buy a few RatTrap Trucks and the xp earned(depending on your current bonus % level) will pop you up to another level…instant donut. Get a few extra donuts, buy a mystery box…a good chance that it will increase your bonus % a couple points. Keep doing this until you get to level 939…now your xp bonus % should be high enough that you never have to buy donuts again and you can farm RTTrucks for donuts whenever you need them.

      • Forgot to add…always sell your RTTs back after they yield their xp, you’ll get 25 cents on the dollar, but any cash is good cash😁.

    • You convert the cash into donuts. (Farming or buying rat trap trucks).

  12. turns out you can use the previous bonus pieces on the tower of london… and get 20% right away

  13. I actually prefer the longer acts I think. It’s less intense and I felt less pressured to be on the app 24/7. I don’t get people saying they had to play every four hours on the dot. I skipped about two days because of a work trip and still managed to get nana (just). And I don’t have any extra characters. The only frustrating thing is that I need Lenny and Carl for a Krustyland task and didn’t want to use them but now with the wise guys added i think I’ll be able to spare them for a little while.

  14. Has anyone else found themselves locked out from crafting act 2 prizes I got the items I needed for the act earlier and St. Paul’s cathedral but now that I’ve logged in again the items are locked and it says wait for act 2 to start. The only plus side is that the land tokens from act 1 have become craftable again but I’d still like to get the other British items.

    • Usually, when something from Act 2 is still locked, it’s because the questline from Act 1 didn’t get completely finished. Could this be the case?

      • No I completed act 1 currently in the questline on on part 5 of “it only rains every day” waiting to unlock the Queens carriage” I had EA roll my game back to 6th April when act 2 started in the hopes that would fix and they gave me my donuts back plus 50 extra because I had brought all the British premium stuff. But it seems they didn’t roll back enough as I still have the problem and my premium items placed. I told them this and they said wait a bit and it should fix but now many hours later their is still no change so I’ve just contacted them again with a a screenshot of my crafting menu as proof.

        • Good luck…I know dealing with roll-backs can be frustrating☹️.

          • It’s been over a day now and nothing has changed even with the rollback and it seems like they are ignoring me because they don’t know how to fix it. If they don’t unlock with act 3 that act will be uncompletable for the questline.

  15. Hi Patric thanks for the precious calendar that keeps us in check.
    Just one thing though about the image you posted. The Beafeeters are never in front of Buckingham Palace, always at the tower of London. The Red Guards are garding the palace. But, maybe you did it on purpose. Cool little UK.

  16. Just a note…the brick townhomes from a previous event work very nicely if you’re making a London street.
    (Also…there are a mix of red callboxes and guards hidden behind the tower, just to keep the clutter down and still reach 20% bonus)


    • Gorgeous…as usual!

      • At a price…I’m maxxed out again and can’t place anything else. Had to go re-organize and shrink my “Springfield of Tomorrow” so I could finish the church hedge. Ah…the trials and tribulations of the digital worldscape!! 😆😆😆

    • ebron, just a little fact on British things. Beefeaters only guard “the tower” and Royal guards would be in front of Buckingham Palace. From the pic you kindly shared these two seem to be the wrong way round.

  17. People on my friends list already have 31,000! I have 720! Is this a glitch? Lol

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Either they pay the donuts to complete levels or they have a hacked game. I don’t know that paying out dounts gives you the “crown jewels” though, so I’d lean to hacked game.

      • Rushing with Donuts does give you the missing event currency as well – had to spend 20 Donuts to get Nana in my B-game, and ended up with the exact amount of event currency needed to earn her.

    • Make sure you’re not looking at the first number. That will show you their total from Act 1.

  18. Patric, I always appreciate your posts AND your humor. Still not know, whether you are Anglophil or Anglophobe when using the French Flag 🙂 for an UK-themed Act 2. Greetings from Germany

  19. I also saved the plunder for act 2. Easy to max out the bonus% without even touching my italian stuff. I guess i only go for St Pauls and that other building and save the rest for the venice design. For what i see the crafting stuff in act 3 doesn’t look that good too.
    Bad thing is the new buildings all have a HUGE footprint. There is really land required to do some design. Although i have quite a lot of free land, it’ s a bit scattered everywhere so i probably need to regroup things
    For now i really love the event, especially for the new buildings

  20. Psyched about the “tardis”.

  21. DSNecromorphUSS

    EA, you lazy bunch of buggers. I’m really tired of this Act structure, it’s now 2 months of this event and we’re only on Act 2. It takes away a good portion of your characters away for the event, which you have to do, and now we’re stuck on the 4-hour cycle. While I will say I like this A LOT more than Bart Royal, with really interesting real life buildings and characters, I now have less time to work on the rest of my town. A full month to complete an Act? I can’t imagine being a new player and having to devote all of my resources to this one event, it would drive me away from playing the game. Of course I’m not going anywhere, I’m $50 deep in this game, but the management of this game needs to find a good middle ground in an interesting event while not making it so it’s the only thing we can do while it’s in progress.

    • 2 months?! The event started on March 21st…that would be 16 days ago.

      Act 2 is 17 days…not 30. So color me confused…

      • Rachel Flanagan

        Maybe it’s just cause it FEELS like it’s been 2 months!

      • Carmen (gameid5000)

        The following comment is preceded by a huge “wink” and would be voice in a super satirical tone!

        I’m at least a day behind compared to the calendar even though the event only started 10 hours ago. What ever am I going to do?

      • DSNecromorphUSS

        Woah, it really does feel like it’s been over a month. But still, the REALLY long time it takes for each event. Such as this one ending on the 23rd.

    • Your math is a little off there.

      • Nope…there are 17.5 days, because of the crappy weird way they started and end this Act. I divided the total to get the final prize (4290) by 17.5…then rounded up for good measure. So…because everyone freaks out about “being behind” I cushioned it. Got it?

  22. I think moho is a take on soho, a district of London. Pretty disappointed with the roundabout which isn’t a roundabout

  23. I’m really excited about this Act, not least because I shall be creating an army of bearskins and beefeaters! 💂🏻‍♀️💂🏼‍♀️💂🏽‍♀️💂🏾‍♀️💂🏿‍♀️

    • those are nice but i would rather have 14 or 15 Police call boxes (depending on how you count the drivers )

  24. It’s too long but game play is fun and prizes are amazing. Love the changes in how crafting works. Don’t have to get stuff you don’t want just to level up.

  25. They added more jobs in the British tower, Michael DeAmico, Frankie the squealer, fat Tony, Louie and legs. I guess these Italians don’t want to rob thier mother land. Was expecting Sideshow Bib and Cecil to get on the ‘high culture’ Brit heists. I saved up crafting loot to 2,900 and was able to get to 20% and almost complete the scene except for the Queen’s carriage.

  26. Act I was one of the most boring acts in the whole history of Tapped Out, I had to spend 40 donuts to complete it, I haven’t grinding so much as in the past, but this event for me was almost impossible to complete, had to wake up the last few days in the middle of night to complete some more jobs (you realize something is wrong with you when set up an alarm for that at 2am lol) anyway I assume EA has decided to work less this year hahaha been a while since I posted something here, hope the funding for friends of Bujiia continues in good track and thanks as always for the calendar Patrick

  27. With the addition of the Wise Guys in this act, it should be much quicker for everyone to hit the mark. With the premium characters (I have Sven, Malloy, 2 new ghosts), there are 20 that can be sent every four hours. Add the 300 jewel daily bonus, and it should only take 12 days at 4x tapping.

    Numbers aren’t even that daunting if you only have freemium characters. Anyone that got close to Nana should have no problem in this act. Easy peasy!

    • I just realized a made a mistake – I didn’t include tapping any guards in those numbers. Even easier peasier now.

  28. Thanks for the calendar – helpful as always! The crown jewels are odd – pomegranate seeds more like! Here in the UK it will be interesting to see the Brit stuff – looks OK so far (apart from the jewels that is). Wondering if the roundabout really is a roundabout – would be cool to built that into our Springfields.

    • Ive got it, it doesn’t come with any roads around it. To be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the Victoria Memorial from in front of Buckingham Palace. I’ve got a fair bit of space and some spare doughnuts so I’ve bought the palace, put the “roundabout” in front and made a Mall from SH lamp posts and trees.

      • Yes it’s the Queen Victoria Memorial! Well spotted! Shame the roundabout isn’t! (I don’t think roundabouts are a thing where EA live!) 🙂
        You’ve made The Mall? You need to get out more 🙂 Actually I probably do too! Maybe we should set up a Brit TSTO self help group 🙂

  29. Finding out we can still use the museum for Crown jewels made my life easier. Used my saved plunder for the roundabout and St Paul’s. Only got one phone box and police box. I’ll just use museum to get the bonused jewels.

  30. Something I noticed for Act 2 if you want to get up to 20% you can use the houses from the crafting menu from Act 1. I’m trying to get some variety in my design. I don’t want to place phone booths and guards all around the new Act 2 area.

    • I used more houses also. I’ll make a better design with them when this event is over. Right now, everything is rammed together.

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