Springfield Jobs Act II- Prize Guide – Tower of Springfield

Tut, Tut my good ladies and gents…we are awash in the best of “Jolly Old England” in our Springfields.  The heisting continues, but it is almost secondary to the cool buildings and prizes up for grabs in this Act.

I admit to being a bit of an Anglophile, so I am stoked to get some of the buildings and special decorations that have graced my imagination and book shelves for most of my lifetime.  And, if you have to steal a few jewels to get it all?  So be it!

First Prize- Tower of Springfield!
Of course, this is modeled loosely on the “Tower of London,” which is at the basis of tons and tons of macabre stories of Henry VIII and his form of “divorce.”  I’ve visited the real tower, and it is simply about as cool a combination of history, murder, and intrigue as it gets.  Wanna see the REAL Crown Jewels?  That’s the place.  Wanna see the “Bloody tower” where so many of England’s most notorious lost their heads?  That’s the place. It is a must see if you go to London.

And it is a MUST HAVE if you are playing Act II…because ALL of the action happens there.  Just like Act I…it is where the “heists” are planned, most of your crafting and event currency comes from, and the place that you have to build up in regards to earning Bonus % so you can “complete the scene.”

Here are the basics….
After you collect 140 Crown-less Jewel.png (gems)….I know…they look like water balloons…) you will be rewarded with…

And then…just like the last first prize…you will place it to start the action. And Yes…it takes a TON of space. But that is because you also need room for the Bonus Zone.

Remember…the Bonus Zone is where you will place crafting items to Add Bonus Percent for Earning of Event Currency. In this case, you are limited to soldiers and phone booths (two varieties of each), which must be placed with at least one square touching the Bonus Zone. 

The Tower is where you are also going to send off your “Heist Planners” every 4 hours.  And if you are smart…and don’t want to get behind…you will plan to clear and replace them every 4 hours. There are a TON of possible players this round. So, it should be EAsy.

Here are the Basics…

Act 2 Prize 1- Tower of Springfield
Size: 11×13
Bonus Area: 4×19 Around Tower
Earns: Nothing at the moment, when event ends it should earn income every 24hrs
Can Be Placed: grass|dirt|pavement
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10 (and who doesn’t want to be obedient with a chopping block in the court yard?).

That’s it… get to work. 

Next Prize (which we will skip) is a Free Land Token. After that, the Lifesize Sir Walter Raleigh in a Can! 

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  1. I was tapping buildings for the bucks when I came across the Tower of Springfield (aka London) placed over part of my original town (brown houses, monorail tracks, etc.). “Oh, the glitch.”, I thought. I went to the area where I had put my Tower and it was still there. So now I have two towers. I even uninstalled the game and installed it back again… still two. The phantom Tower doesn’t bother the monorail and such, but looks odd. Of course I can’t store it, but I tried to move it (whoops, really bad idea!). I thought I had moved it, but ended up with yet a *third* tower. Very, very odd and somewhat annoying. I’m going to try and open a bug for it (yeah, good luck with that).
    On a different subject, is Jack the Ripper the guy that looks like a Sherlock Holmes or Scotland Yard inspector with a magnifying glass?

  2. Missed out on millhouse’s gran and the leaning tower, Act 2s prizes dont look very good, and im already far behind as my interest has severely waned as i didn’t manage to get Piro on the last event and i tried really hard, feel completely burnt out by the game now, may just delete the app and come back to the game in the future and do a hell of a lot of kem farming to get everything. its not fun anymore. it really isnt, its just clutter after clutter and repetitive brain numbing actions.

    • So…you aren’t enjoying the game?

      It’s funny… I’ve kind of found a way to just accept each of these events on their own terms. I don’t buy everything by any stretch… I design a little section, and then move on. But yes, KEM farming makes a lot of the grinding more palatable.

      I was kinda “meh” with the Italian stuff. Love the English stuff…and likely won’t spend any donuts on ActIII. Just like life…it’s all a matter of choice.

  3. Anyone know if the gil deal comes with bonus xp? Not sure I would like to spend 200 donuts on a building and character…

  4. It’s Prince Albert in the can, not Sir Walter 😉

  5. gill deal?

  6. Ugh Gil showed up just as I was about to commit to buying the ghosts. Now I’m all confused over whether I want the Scotland yard jack the ripper combo more…
    Not enough sprinkles for both right now. Couldn’t be f’ed farming for the required 100 more to get both. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

    • Two fun characters (literary ghosts) and a beautiful building for less, or one awful character (Thr Ripper) and a less nice building for more…hmmmm….
      Actually, I don’t think I’ll be adding The Ripper in my town, but that’s just me.😬

    • I’m so excited about the Ripper! I’ve been looking ahead on the wiki of Simpsons and it told me it was coming soon so a Def buy for me.

    • Definitely go for the ghosts. That’s two characters and a building. No brainier in my opinion. I have the ghosts and probably won’t get Jack the Ripper.

  7. My Kindle Fire seized up Friday. Fought with it all evening and got the event started, placed the tower and set 8 hours tasks. Three days later I am waiting on a new tablet arriving today! You would think a break and unplugging would be relaxing but I missed my addiction terribly!

  8. I wanted to provide an update to some of those currently affected by the rollback glitch, Act 2. I’ve been in intermittent contact with EA since I was stricken Friday. Contact via phone was useless…email was best contact. Finally got an email this morning from someone who actually knows what’s going on and understands the issue and was told they would be able to rollback my game…probably to when I was first hit on Friday. I have to stay logged out until they’ve done the roll back and probably everything I’ve done since then will be lost. But hopefully it will allow me to continue Act 2 (all plunder has been locked) and allow me to regain all my earnings (Burns money pile, Lisa tree, tap radius, Mars quest, and tapping on any character – top left were all affected/lost). I’ve luckily avoided these types of glitches in the past but this one is awful! I’ve been playing since year 1 and NEVER experienced anything like this…the explanation from EA was a corrupt save on their part (must be a server cause I know a lot of people affected by the SAME glitch and circumstances as my game). EA gets an F with this glitch and ability to fix it promptly, and if the rollback does resolve my issue, they’ll only get a C or D grade with their customer support. It should have never taken this long. Hope this post helps other affected…and if you’ve been immune to date…keep your fingers crossed…this suck-didly-ucks!

  9. Keith1roon991

    Bought phone boxes and police boxes (tardis), to get 20% straight away and have loads of characters to send there, 15 I think, cruising, regigging my town, don’t want the plopper tag patric lol

  10. I was able to use the items from act I to get my bonus up to 20% right away

  11. This Act seems to be going faster (earning prizes) at much faster pace. I just got the Prince Albert in a Can and I wasn’t doing the 4 hour grind over the weekend, more like the (3) 8 hour grind. Just seems pretty easy this time around, but maybe that’s because of the extra characters allowed to heist this act.

    • I got the Prince Albert in a Can not that long ago as well, I did hoard some daily challenges at the end of Act 1 and the extra characters probably did help me to get ahead of the calendar. 🙂

      • I hoarded also. I managed to collect almost 4000 in currency. Looks like I’ll have another extra 5 days to collect currency since I’ll be done with this act pretty soon.

    • Yes obviously the extra characters make all the difference.
      I’m just surprised EA did not extend the targets to obtain each prize. There certainly is no need to buy premium characters to assist getting through Act 2.

      • Yeah. I definitely think without the extra characters bought people could do this act pretty fast. The first act seemed to last forever for me despite me enjoying it but it certainly felt repetitive at times. It’s so odd that it’s not even been a week and I’m almost to prize #4. By next week I’ll be done and just collecting currency. Lol.

  12. Thanks for the post. A couple of minor corrections: you can place Act 1 bonus items in the bonus zone and get their bonus. The next prize is Prince Albert in a can, not Sir Walter Raleigh. Our it is in my game at least.

    I agree that the Tower of London is a must visit place.


    • I often place “hidden weirdness” in posts…just to see if anyone actually reads all the way to the end. Boom. You Did. And yes…you can place any of the earning decorations in any of the zones to total 20%. But who wants a gondola in London? This isn’t Vegas, you know…

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