Addicts Want to Know: Rollback Glitch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Unfortunately, it looks like the dreaded rollback glitch is spreading…and like wildfire!  We posted about the glitch here back in March. Actually a month ago today.  We gave you guys the steps to contact EA to have your games rolled back, and many of you reported that the rollback from EA helped but EA also said a patch was coming.

Well….that was a month ago.  To date, no patch has hit the games and the glitch is impacting more and more players each day.  Not only that, y’all are posting various reports from EA customer service.  Some are saying they won’t roll your game back, some are saying they will.  Some of you are saying EA says a patch will be here by the end of the week (that was several weeks ago now), while others are saying EA doesn’t know when it’ll be fixed.

It’s a HUGE mess!  Leaving loads of you ticked off and ready to leave a game you’ve been playing for years over it.  Need more proof?  Look at the app store comments for Tapped Out! Players are pissed about this and rightfully so!

It’s enough to make me break out my Angry Socks again…

EA needs to get their act together and fix it, because the worse it gets (the more players impacted) the more likely people are to stop playing TSTO.  I know personally, while not currently impacted, I’ve been playing TSTO for nearly 6 years and blogging for nearly 5 years and if I get hit with the glitch I’m walking away.  It’s just not worth it to me.  The THOUSANDS (and I mean thousands) of dollars I’ve spent on this game are not worth it for the frustration of not being able to play.  And I don’t blame anyone of you that quits over this stupid bug. It’s been long enough, it should be fixed by now.

So here’s what I want to do now.  We’re going to spend a good chunk of time on Saturday’s Addicts Live talking about the Rollback Glitch and I wanted to get some feedback from y’all on your experiences with it to use on the show.  So if you could take a minute to answer the series of poll questions below (if they apply to you, don’t answer if they don’t apply to you) and feel free to share more about your experience with the Glitch in the comments below….

Thanks guys!  And be sure to tune into Addicts Live on Saturday April 14th at 12pm ET to participate in the conversation about the Rollback Glitch. (don’t worry we’ll be talking about Springfield Jobs too)

165 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Rollback Glitch

  1. No one has any updates to this? No one has an EA contact who has info at all?

  2. Silly Vanilly

    Stopped playing. EA just sends “We’re working on the problem” mails for a problem that hit many users already summer 2017. I have no trust that they fix it anytime soon.

    I’m through with TSTO and will never ever shell out money for something that’s related to EA.

  3. I’ve been impacted by this all the way since Act 2 of this event. EA support has been no use at all so I basically stopped playing until an update that fixes it arrives. Very disappointed with EA

  4. It sounds like I was incredibly lucky. Mine hit during the Christmas event and I called EA two days later after investigating and figuring out what was going on. The guy I spoke to, Patrick, was super nice and did the rollback and stayed on the phone with me all the way through verifying that it worked. It took about 30 minutes. He threw in 50 donuts for my patience.
    I lost two days of progress, but was able to catch up.

  5. I haven’t been hit by the rollback yet, but I have come across some sort of glitch. Within a 24 hour period, I am having to produce anywhere from 20-30 chairs and yoga mats over again even though I haven’t spent any. Nothing else has changed just those items. Anyone else having this issue?

  6. I have been hit by the bug seven times now. It is weekend and I have to wait until Monday before my game can be roll back. It is a nuisance and I feel frustrated, but EA customer service in the Netherlands are very helpful. I am only worried if I am able to finish the event.
    They tell me that EA is working on the problem, but is very difficult.
    Thumbs up for the EA customer service in NL.

  7. So, I was hit by the infamous glitch this week. I had one of the Facebook “helping” teams fix my game by restoring the tap radius, character button, gold pile and big tree. However, I remain locked out of purchasing items for Acts 2 & 3. Lucky for me, I had already purchased the necessary Act 3 items. So, I can still play as normal. I even got to “re-purchase” a land token from Act 1, so bonus.
    However, after reading all the accounts of it happening multiple times, I am just waiting for it to happen again. If so, I think I will just uninstall and move on with life. I’ve played it for 6 years and hate that it might go out this way. I think EA just wants to retire the game. Why else would they let this go on?

  8. Still not fixed

    Its now over 3 weeks since the 3rd incidence of this glitch hit me and my game is still broken.

    Customer care is completely worthless. They refuse to do any more rollbacks and the programmers cannot patch the game to permanently resolve this for almost a year now. Dont hold your breath for a fix.

    I refuse to spend any time on this game until this is fixed. It takes me over 20 min to do 1 sweep of my town with this issue. The game is unplayable.

    EA truly doesn’t care about its customers. This is the death of TSTO.

  9. ok guys… I’ve just been hit by the infoamous rollback glitch (I’m italian)… exactly same behaviour as the other “affecteds” (no more characters portraits, no more IRS collect area, no more gold mountain, no more big tree, superhero questline etc etc…)…
    After 5 year’s of game is a bad way to stop, but this is totally unacceptable for me from EA… bye!
    (excuse my bad english)

  10. Milhouse in the Brown House

    I’m being patient. Nothing else to do. I didn’t spend any actual money on the game, so I’m not as frustrated as many others.
    Tappin my white house farm has become exhausting though. Takes fifteen minutes to get through it.
    I’ve seen most of my bug problems mentioned by others here: act 2 items locked up; IRS circle diminished; character icon in the corner is dead; etc.
    One thing I didn’t see mentioned by others is that I can’t purchase rainbow crosswalks anymore. I was collecting them for no sensible reason, but now the club is locked up. C’est la vie.
    Fingers crossed. A few months playing with a pesky bug won’t kill me, though I have hopes it will be resolved faster than that.

  11. Level 939. 300+ characters
    £300+ real cash spent
    Got the bug.
    Dumped the game.
    Purely because if it’s spreading what’s the point.
    Thought EA was a major player. Obviously not.
    Oh well. Time to get my life back
    Good bye from the UK.

  12. EA was “helpful” if you mean that they said nice things (from a canned response list) and assured me it would be ok. It wasn’t. After two rollbacks, that cost me 3 days of waiting and erased most of my Act 1 effort (each worked for less than 24 hours) EA assured me that I needed to rollback a third time to lose all that again and I assured them that they could …. find another solution. I got promoted to a higher queue wherein they abandoned me to the “specialist tier” which includes but one lowly technician fixing the bits manually, it seems.

    I’ve found this incredibly frustrating. I’ve managed to stay ahead of Act 2 through long slogs across my town, but it has all but sapped me of the will to play TSTO, one of the few games that has followed me across 3 phones and multiple tablets. EA has found time to roll out updates and Gil deals, but this is beyond them?

  13. I got hit by the “Rollback glitch” just when the event started. Contacted EA immediately and the only thing the did was to close the ticket and say that they would address the bug if it become a general problem!?

    Note that I was not hit as hard:
    – Had pie man and ribbon quest started
    – Nothing happens when i press the character icon in upper left corner (worst!)
    – Tap radius on the IRS is way lover than before, think the IRS level is the same? (bad!)
    – Don’t think that I actually lost any content but I’m not sure, to much to keep track of.

    Maybe it’s EAs ways of saying it’s time to quit the game?

    • I suffered the same symptoms as this, although started about a week in to Act 2.
      EA customer support were friendly but unable to actually help, passed it to the next level who would email me back, still waiting….
      Continuing to play though and, maybe foolishly, hoping it might resolve with Act 3 update

  14. Wow! 👎
    Shame on EA for allowing this Rollback Glitch to occur!
    No ‘my bad, have some free sprinkles’ will remedy this situation!
    How about a ‘patch update’ asap?

  15. So I just got hit with part 2 of the rollback glitch. I now can only craft items from Act 1. AARRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!

  16. Started a case with EA was told I would get a roll back. Never happened. When I logged in to check my case it was closed.
    When I next got a hold of EA I open the chat session and the associate there told me this was a game mechanics problem and I should just post it on their discussion board’s.I I missed completing act one because of this glitch.

  17. TallSpiderCandy

    The rollback glitch affected me a while back; I lost most of my black Friday purchases and a whole lot of progress. I contacted EA and they rolled back my game and compensated me 50 donuts. I complained about losing characters and buildings and they gave me 20 more. Not enough for even half the price of only one character combo I lost. I tried to get over it but it bothered me too much so I contacted them last month and was given one character combo I lost and best wishes. Better than nothing. I did everything by email, tried the call feature but it never worked for some reason. I spent many hours on these issues and emailed a lotttttt of EA reps, some didn’t care, others were more understanding and helpful. I hope I never go through this again and feel for everyone affected by it. I was shocked to see on the forum back in November just how long this issue has been going on. EA should definately have a solution by now for a problem that’s been happening for most likely a year!!! Honestly, I’ll probably stick with the game til the end…but I nearly quit over this glitch. I also bought a lot donuts after they gave me back some of my lost content, but if problems keep happening, I’m less likely to invest real money into the game. I know that EA can’t please everyone but this glitch is a serious issue that I’m sure has caused many people to just quit. I was nearly one of them…but mainly due to the EA reps more than the glitch. When they don’t seem to care, why should we when there’s a million other games out there to invest time and money into, right? Please EA, take more value in your players and get on the ball with patches and better reps. I am a loyal player but stuff like this makes me question if it’s worth it. Thanks Addicts for all that you do!!! I did your poll (I love those when you do them by the way lol!) I’ll have to catch the show tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts but am looking forward to the discussion!! Have a lovely day!! : )

  18. Contact EA twice no answer. Playing since day one on android. Affected bye the glitch since acte 1. Very annoying. But thank’s to all of you I keep playing since I know I am not alone in this situation

  19. The game just stole from me 657 donuts !!!
    I was opening lots and lots of mystery boxes for 6 donuts and writing down the sequences I get.
    Then after one re-login I noticed that 247 donuts are missing.
    After opening another sequence of mystery boxes I went to Krustyland and this time my donuts reserve went down by 410.
    Don’t know how to explain 247 number, but 410 is exactly the number of donuts I supposedly got from mystery boxes in that sequence (10x30donuts + 11x10donuts).
    Considering that support was just silently ignoring my latest incident reports, is there a reason for me to continue with this game ?

    • I mean, even if I somehow get my donuts back (doubt it very much), it means that from now on I can no longer spend them the way I want, because there is some kind of bug, and my donuts would disappear again.

      • Same thing, here. I thought it was the mystery boxes (misery boxes) that got me. I had opened a ton the day I lost my game. EA returned about 40 of the 1000 or so I had spent as compensation. Someone on the EA forums had said not to buy a lot of premium items in one go, and I believe them now.

        Now, I blame game mechanics. The game never saves (“synchronizing”) on exit, only on launch. I’d suggest that when you exit the game, immediately re-launch it to synchronize (do not re-enter the game, kill the task).

        • I’d like to read that forum topic, to see if my case is indeed exactly like that, and to learn all best available practices how to avoid this bug in the future.
          Do you by any chance know some good keywords that would help me to locate it on EA forums ? I tried obvious ones and was overwhelmed by all kinds of topics from 2012-2014.

      • Just as I expected – first they tell to wait 24 for lost stuff to magically reappear, and when it doesn’t, they claim that “We have investigated and cannot verify your loss and so we will not be granting you the donuts back.” and do nothing. Well, how do I know that they actually did investigate ? From where I’m standing, it looks like standard reply when you don’t want to do anything.

    • I had the same thing happen to me, but, the reverse could also happen. Luckly they were all farmed, so I got over it quick

      I would usually farm up to 1000 donuts. Then, spend them all on mystery boxes and immediately exit the game and kill the task … when reopening it, I would have a couple of the donuts back(it varied but even 30-70%) + all the previously won items. It did not work every time but that’s a sync glitch one could take advantage of. Although, given the time to spend 1000 donuts even with an automated script does not seem worth it.

  20. I’m still affected. I bought some donuts to get some characters I really wanted and EA support said that after the roll back they wouldn’t be able to give me the donuts back. They suggested to wait for the fix insted of the rollback.
    I asked them about this specific “variables edit” that someone was talking about in the official forum and 6 different rp couldn’t help me.

    Now I don’t have the portaits working, same for the collecting range bonus, and I can’t buy anything from act 2 items, luckily I got the quest items before the glitch…

    I can’t risk a random rollback since money are involved… I don’t know what to do.

  21. I’ve been playing for over a year and have probably spent close to a thousand $, So far I have not had the glitch (knock on wood) but if I do, I will quit playing. Not only this game, but I will boycott ALL EA GAMES! They are a large enough company that they should be able to find and fix the issue. I’d spent over $600 on the mobile game final fantasy 15, when it became clear that the game’s creators at Epic were more interested in forcing people to spend enless amounts of money to stay competitive, over player’s enjoyment. I’ve since quit that game, deleted others by Epic, and will never d\l another by that company.
    There are so many good games available to play for free from smaller companies, why continue to support the corporate giants that seem motivated by pure greed?

  22. I called the second day after the event started which is when i got hit (at the event start). I reviewed the info on tsto and called ea.
    1st call i got the regular “try rebooting” message. The tech seemed to not have heard about the outstanding problem.

    2nd call was about 4 days later and this tech had heard of it and said that my case would be escalated to the highest level of support and a fix would come “sometime” in the future. I told him i didn’t want to do the rollback and lose all the things I’d done in the game, plus you guys had said it didn’t always work.

    I got an email just yesterday asking for more details. I told them everything i told them when i called and all the information i got from this website. I haven’t heard anything back.

    I’ll probably play just the events but it takes much too long to find and tap every one of my 200+ characters and multitude of buildings one at a time. So i won’t play in between. If it goes on for too long I’ll lose interest and stop playing.

    Right now I’m deeply disappointed. Ea has always been good and responsive in the past. Not sure what happened.

  23. On the question of whether or not support was helpful, I answered no. Were they polite? Sure. But did they do anything helpful, not really. My first contact to them about the glitch was on March 26 and I got my first response back with the basic uninstall/reinstall, log out/log in instructions. No change so i replied as such. Second contact from them (different guy), they asked for game specific info. Email, game ID, level, when it began, etc. I sent them all that. Then…. nothing. For almost 2 weeks. Finally April 3 I sent another message asking for an update, and it wasn’t until April 11 that they finally replied in part with this generic mesaage:

    “We’re sorry you had trouble after updating your game. The game team is investigating an issue with lost progress. We’ll let you know when the problem is fixed.”

  24. I’m a Charter long time Player that got nailed with this glitch in mid January 2018. Thanks to comments on message boards from this TSTO site, I contacted EA Support thru the Help link in-game. I asked for a phone call from EA Support and received it within literally a minute. The EA CS Rep suggested a roll back of 24 hours and did it live over the phone. I logged back into my game while he was still on the phone and my game had returned to normal as it was before the glitch. (minus any progress or purchases I had made in the last 24 hour period) All was well for probably 3 days – then I was hit again. I followed the same procedure by clicking the in game link for EA Help. They rolled it back again and I got everything back. I was very angry and frustrated filled with anxiety that the glitch would happen again. Also many more people on TSTO were reporting getting hit with the rollback glitch. So, I bailed on the game installed on my Android phone and switched to my wife’s Kindle. I have not experienced the glitch ever since I switched to the Kindle. EA never gave me any indication back in January that they were going to fix the glitch. But rest assured that I know first hand and fully understand the angst that any long time player’s go thru when that glitch hits. Hope this helps. Good Luck All.

  25. I have question in regards to the glitch. Does it seem to be total random to who is being impacted or is it affecting certain regions, decives or carriers? I don’t want to jinx myself, but it seems anytime there have been major issues (other than servers being down) I’ve been lucky enough not to be impacted. In general I’m not a lucky person, so I am scared… Very, very scared.

    • It doesn’t appear to be device specific. I think it’s more related to a specific EA server. If your game is store on that server that’s the one impacted. Unfortunately, we don’t know who’s on what server.

      • If it’s related to a specific server IMO that ought to be relatively easy for EA’s techie people to at least isolate the problem. I kind of hope that it’s more complicated than a specific server issue because IMO that would indicate less of a regard for gamers than I’ve already concluded they have (and a lot of past experience with EA games, even before they did mobile games, has led me to believe EA execs have zero regard for gamers.)

        • Don’t hold your breath…they have shown a true disregard for players several times over the years. This is just another example…

          • We had a server glitch on the Sims3 and that lasted over 2 and a half months before they got it fixed. The only way around it was to find a copy of Origin before the glitch hit, install it and refuse to update. Odd thing about that glitch was that it only impacted certain people not everyone, similar to this glitch.

  26. For some reason I can’t see the poll questions 🤷 but I’m currently experiencing the bug for the 2nd time.
    The first was over the Xmas event (lasted 6 weeks ish) and this time it hit a week before this event strated. The first time they offered me several rollbacks which didn’t work and in the end they escalated it to an ‘expert’ and I finally got a patch (don’t know how/why – I was too happy to ask). I didn’t loose anything I got in the game while I had the glitch (donuts, event prizes, etc) but it did stop me purchasing some items I would have purchased as I was paranoid I would loose stuff (kept taking screenshots like mad to prove I’d won stuff, etc).
    This time they haven’t offered me a rollback, but I probably wouldn’t have accepted it knowing they didn’t have to last time. I have been compensated 20 ? Donuts (I can’t quite remember, wasn’t offered any last time).
    Both times its effected the same things: tap radius being reduced to minimum, the top left character button not working and not being able to use the railyard for donuts are the most annoying! But other little things like not being able to use hights buildings, dirt road is missing, money pile and big tree are back to Lv1, keeps giving me friend points from neighbours.
    It hasn’t stopped me playing, but then I don’t spend really money on the game. I would have stopped if I did.

  27. Seems like EA could give some (reasonably substantial) amount of free donuts for players experiencing the glitch. It really would be an awful problem to have and I’m quite thankfully it has not affected me. I mean come on EA the donuts are free, your meal tickets are all pissed off……just give em the donuts! Please and thank you.

  28. I want to buy the Angry Socks, where can I guy some?

  29. I haven’t been affected (yet) but wonder if it has something to do with this “time travel” update from last summer. It sounds like that’s when people first started seeing it. Did something about that update make stuff from past events available or something? If so, maybe something about the way it was coded broke the game?

    I was on a break from the game at the time and wonder if that’s why I’ve lucked into not getting the glitch.

  30. Ha ha angry socks

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