Springfield Jobs Act 3 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Monday Friends!  The weekend is over and there’s a a brand new Act of the Springfield Job!  Act 3 has arrived, so have at it my friends….

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Your first task is to earn 120  so that you can unlock the Monte Burns Casino and then your heisters kick things off with a 4hr task to, what else, heist!

Act 3 Runs until May 9th (when the entire event will end)

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

New Prize Currency for Act 3

Casino Chips

So the ability to earn Crown-Less Jewels is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 3 has reset to zero because you have zero chips.  So place your best for those casino chips…

You’ll earn Casino Chips very similar to how you earned Crown-Less Jewels during Act 2….

-Clearing the Agent Tappables (earn 10 /tap)
– Clearing Agents in your Neighbor’s towns (earns 5 /tap)
-Daily Challenges
-Sending Heisters to Heist ( earning varies)
-Act 3 questline.  Most end with 100 when complete

Act 3 Personal Prizes

Burns’ Casino Resort- 120

Free Land Token- 5,320

Money Casino- 13,220

350 Plunders- 21,120 

Fernando Vidal’s Villa w/ Fernando –29,020

International Court of Justice- 36,920 

Fit Tony- 52,720 

Act 2 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT  2” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)


Crafting remains, as it was during Acts 1 and 2, for Act 3.

HOWEVER, Act 3 items have now unlocked for your purchase….

First Bank of Springfield ATM- 300

Island Capitol Building– 1,350

Resort Hotel– 800

Fancy Oval Fountain– 500

First Prime Minister of Australia Statue– 450

Race Car Statue- 400

Free Land Token- 300


You earn crafting currency from tapping Agents, completing heists AND sending Crooks to friends towns.  So send those crooks! Masks still work…

New Heist Location

The Monte Burns Casino Resort, the first Act 3 prize, is the new Heisting location for Act 3.  However, you can still earn Casino Chips at the Museum and Tower of Springfield…

Just like the other heist locations, you’ll want to build up your Heist Bonus around the Casino to increase your prize currency payouts

New Scene

For the Act 3 Heist Scene, you’ll need….

Burns’ Casino Resort- 120

Fancy Oval Fountain– 500

First Prime Minister of Australia Statue– 450

Race Car Statue- 400

Fernando Vidal’s Villa w/ Fernando –29,020


New Items in the Store..

 Smooches on the Beach- 45 Donuts

Raoul and his Penthouse- 150 Donuts

That’s all that was added today.  But as we’ve seen through events, more stuff will be added on a regular basis.  

And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 3 Calendar
-Act 3 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content
-And more!

So be patient, the info you need will be up soon. 🙂

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Act 3!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through the Act ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.

Thoughts on Act 3?  Just like you pictured it?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 2 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Ready for it to end? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

94 responses to “Springfield Jobs Act 3 is Live!

  1. Act 3
    About to earn Fernando Vidal’s Villa w/ Fernando (yes!)
    Noticed we can Craft several Resort Hotels (although they are a tad Large)
    Not many Premiums of interest (to me), but thanks EA for the Freemiums 👍

  2. you don’t have the amount needed to get the racecar above =)

  3. resort hotel or island capital building?

    • Justin Henriks

      Resort Hotel, I crafted the capital building and it doesn’t really fit in anyway… will probably just store it!

    • I would craft the Island Capitol Building (ICB) first and then the Resort Hotel later since you can get multiples of the hotel and the ICB is unique so you can only have one, the ICB and the Resort Hotel might return again in the future for donuts so you might regret not crafting them in this event when they returns. I plan on crafting the 2 buildings after I got one of each of the decorations (fountain, car statue, prime minister statue and ATM).

  4. Ha Haaaaa. Now I can finally craft Act 2 stuff (stoopid rollback bug). So glad it looks like Act 3 didn’t get locked like 2 did for me. Woo Hoo!

    • Pyanfar the Hani

      Second time I logged in today I glitched (again) and am now locked out of crafting again. Given that EA didn’t do anything about the lock out for act 2, I immediately crafted the several things needed for the finale, good thing. (This is absolutely ridiculous that this isn’t fixed.) Craft everything you can now!

  5. https://youtu.be/azEso8NYI7M

    I added a quick video showing Raoul’s quest and the intro to Act 3.

  6. I generally enjoy most events as I just enjoy escaping in this little yellow world and this is no exception, what’s driving me insane is the land rations. I want to be free to make great designs with everything I have/earn, why limit us in doing that by rationing the land. Arghhhh!

    • Yep, land restrictions and item limits make it less enjoyable at the moment. If EA has issues with being able to release more land then they need to rEAsolve it soon or else long time players will start leaving the game.

      • Yep, definitely takes some enjoyment (and intent!!) out of the game at the moment. Less and less use for in game cash if you can’t spend it on new land.

  7. My Plunderer Pete’s items never unlocked, act 2 tell’s me reach act 2 to unlock and now it’s still the same for act 3.

  8. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m loving this event, & yes, I have to have everything lol. I really like that the majority of new buildings have character interactions that animate them. I know the MoHo House was an odd thing, but it’s cool seeing it animated😁

  9. I gotta say. Even though the event is way too long. The schwag is off the hook! The buildings may not be memorable (for the most part) but they look good and there’s plenty of them. Plus several new characters. I’m satisfied so far

  10. Seriously EA? *Another* skin as the final event prize?

    • Not a skin. Full character. As I’ve said many, many, many times throughout this event…there are NO skins (as in ZERO) for this event. Every character is a full character.

      • Wait, so “Fit” Tony isn’t a skin for Fat Tony…? Weird decision, but welcome I suppose. I’ve been cruising through the event so smoothly I haven’t had to read much of the posts, so I must have missed the “no skins” comment.

        • That would be news to me… Not a skin? That is more annoying than a skin…we have too many Dopplegangers in Springfield already.

          • speaking as a newer player, skins are obnoxious. most tasks (heights, monorail, task-book) make you remove the skins, and you have to set them back. At least another character earns additional income

          • It makes sense not being a skin, because Fit Tony (Anthony D’Amico) is actually Fat Tony’s (Marion D’Amico) cousin.
            More info and related episodes if anyone gets curious (like I did):

  11. i know this is a comment

  12. Race car! Well, race car statue! I’m not worried about getting all the prizes. Judging by how I did in act 2 that shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is I want all the craftables (or most of them) and some I want multiple times and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have the currency for the little Europe section I’m trying to build. Fingers crossed.

  13. Woo-hoo! Unlimited Resort Hotels that pay cash! Been a while. Thanks EA!

    • Just kinda big for any serious multiples…but yeah, nice to get paying craftables this time👍😁.

      • i need sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more craftable material, without even getting into multiples. any tips? what can i ignore?

        • If you’re short on crafting currency I’d focus on the stuff you need to complete the quest movie first. You’ll need those items to finish the act and get bonuts. As for buildings, I got Darby’s bar first (small footprint) and St Paul’s cathedral…both pay out cash. The rest of them come down to whether you like them or not…they’re too big and don’t really fit in my town, so I’ll probably pass. Your town is different tho… at lower levels you should try to get all the cash generating buildings that you can. So my advice is…if it pays, get it…start with smaller buildings and work up to larger ones (land is harder to come by lately). If you have anything left, I’d get a few ATMs to decorate with…stuff like that is always useful.

    • It is a great way for players early in the game to build up some cash. Unfortunately I can’t fit multiple buildings in my town as I am limited to space but I can definitely see this positive of this!

  14. Do you get something for finishing the three act mini movies? I want to spend my crafting currency on other things beside the race car and the statue required to finish the third movie but don’t want to miss out if there is a killer prize from finishing. Does anyone know? Thanks!

    • I think the prize is the animation, which is always fun.

      It is generally a good idea to get at least one of every craftable prize, because if you don’t get them while they are free, when and if they come back, it will cost donuts. And perhaps in a mystery box–which will make your chances harder to get the thing you in box you actually want–and if you play, you’ll probably end up with the item you passed on now anyway.

      • TY Gina for asking because I too was considering not crafting those items in favor of more I do want. I could live without the last animation but the bonuts are a consideration and especially the possibility of these items turning up in a mystery box in the future. TY discipledeep, I think I will craft them now so future me doesn’t chance 60+ donuts and end up with a statue of a racecar.

    • Only thing I can think of is bonuts…you have to watch the movie to finish the quest, and you have to finish the quest to earn bonuts.

  15. I’m a little disappointed with crafting this time. I actually want so much more than I have currency. I could go for a bunch of guards and more buildings along my river and I love fountains. I crafted and stored lots with past events, but not this time. I’ll keep working hard to get as much as I can.

  16. Got Fernando’s Condo…it’s perfect on the beach🏖. Didn’t think I wanted another casino, but I kinda like it now that it’s finished.😁


    • Forgot to add…shoved the PM statue behind the casino…with the 2 fountains, the 20% was easy.

      • I can see the fist of the PM behind the casino but let’s just pretend that’s another Burns cherub. I like the symmetry you have done with the items and the mix of heights items and event items used with the casino. I like the beach front you have created in the heights but I used up most of it in my town creating a shopping promenade.

    • Love it. But what did you have to sacrifice to get over the item limit??
      I am on the fence about this whole act. Kinda “meh” and retreadish…

      • Stored a couple areas…that seems to be the pattern now.☹️
        I actually crafted the hotel but couldn’t decorate it, so I just stored it. I agree, the rest of the items coming seem to be “more of the same” and won’t end up in my town. Sooo…won’t be getting any more casinos, hotels etc…too many already and none of them are very interesting.

        • Justin Henriks

          Yes, I agree, I have been storing more and more now as I keep hitting the item limit. I crafted the International Capitol Building and I didn’t really feel I could work with it so I stored it straight away – probably could have spent that crafting currency on something else! I like the Burns resort and like what you have done to decorate – it fits in better than some other new buildings. The Money Casino looks a bit ‘meh’ and not sure about whether the International Court of Justice will fit but will keep an open mind about that one. Craft, hit limit, store, repeat.

    • Teach me your ways of decoration… all of them…

      • I’m afraid it’s not something I can teach…it’s just kinda how you “see things”. If it’s any consolation, I’m rubbish with anything musical🎶🤪.

        • well, i am good at music. I think if i finish with getting through level 60 tasks then i can get better at designs

          • Not to worry, it’s not something you pick up overnight…been doing “crafty stuff” for 30 years, was a chef for 20 some years, and I used to design and fabricate silver jewelry (gotten lazy lately). I’ve also taken a bunch of classes…some in college and lots of adult ed classes since then. I always loved art history classes…looking at all the beautiful creations that people have sculpted, painted or built over the ages is a great source of design inspiration.

          • ah well.. ive been (insert fake answer here to conceal my age). lol. i got nothing,

      • Have you checked out design tips under the main menu? There are tutorials and you can check out Springfield Showoffs. After town tours, Ebron must be inundated now.

    • Thanks for sharing, for all those curious non-neighbors.

      • If you join flickr (it’s free), my whole town is in an album called “ebron’s Springfield” and I add new stuff as it gets done. I wish I had an unlimited number of neighbor spaces…don’t see what the issue would be with EA, just another “limits” thing that they seem so fond of.

    • Seeing your pics reminds me that my town needs a bit of an overhaul. I’ve been kinda “meh” with this and the last event, so I’ve just been sticking stuff wherever I have free space. But there are some cool buildings that I can design around. Maybe I’ll get to work on that tonight 🤘😄

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      Looks strangely similar to my design
      Thank-you 🙂

    • Very nice, as usual! The golden statue fits so much better than the Australian Prime Minister. And I might just move Raoul’s condo to the beach, I like the idea. It does have a bit of a Miami Beach vibe going on, at least the colour. So far I put it in my Brazil section. And as soon as the event is done, I will probably switch this casino with the Britannia, kind of fits better with the English theme.

      • I actually think the Burns Casino has a kind of Monaco vibe…very European with an upscale gilt/castle vibe. Makes me think of the casinos in the later Bond films.

  17. Thanks for the rundown!

  18. More casinos, do i really need them!!!!!!! Think not

  19. Unlike the start of Act 2, this time I didn’t encounter any server issues.

  20. I’m running out of room in my town. Most of the new buildings are enormous. I like the new buildings. I’ve created a classy, European part of town. I’m going to have to start squeezing things together or storing things. I don’t have the time for major renovations right now, but I don’t know if I have the choice.

    • Same here, I’m running out of room; once this event ends, I’ll likely store the enormous buildings.

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I’m thinking I’m gonna have nuke my town somewhere in the near future. I’m gonna try and hold off as long as I can. Stingy ea and the stupid land tile thing.

    • I’m not quite completely out of room but I’ve definitely reached the point where I no longer have large sections of land to devote to creating a themed area for each act of an event. I played for years without ever having a problem the but recent events with their huge quantifies of stuff have really eaten up my Springfield. I guess I’ll have to break down and store some stuff which I hate since each area is like a little memento of the time I spent playing.

    • Yep, that’s the downside of having plenty of new content… you have to spend more time re-designing parts of your town. The positive is that you can get rid of items and areas which you are not so fond of. It’s so time consuming though! I’ve tried making my town more densely populated but this then causes me to continuously hit the item limit. More land and a higher items limit required.

  21. Infected by the roll back glitch, wanted to report that all crafting items are unlocked…as some may know, only act 1 was unlocked through the entire act 2 so it was impossible to finish act 2…now I can. Still have Pie Man quests, and all other issues remain (small tap radius, can’t click character icon, money pile, big tree, mars…all still missing). Hoping that once this event is over, the glitch will go away with the removal…HOPING!!!

  22. Thanks your tips to keep the craftebles and dayly chalkence on reserve, I already have the second Act 3 prize 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  23. Well….I’ll say this…..we’re more than half way through this event. That’s me being positive.😜

  24. I thought it would suck trying to get to 20% bonus with plunder pete’s Act 3items but it was EAsy with just buying the 3final act items.

  25. I’m glad for some new content but will miss all the free donuts I got from finishing act 2 so early. I am still hoping EA either goes back to letting us buy land for “cash” or perhaps let us buy it for donuts. The free ones we get are not enough to equal the content put out. As it is, I’m considering blowing up my Springfield after this event to try to rework everything into the land I have. Smh. That being said, I think the items offered this event are better than some from the past.

  26. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Alissa – Thanks for the info and all your hard work
    Safi – Good luck in your packing and trip preparation, you are working hard
    Wookie – Hope your classes are treating you well, Finals are around the corner, term papers due. You are working hard.
    Patric – 😠😠😠 We are waiting! (You know I luv y’all, and all your efforts)

  27. Fernando! The guy behind one of my favorite scenes. 🙂

  28. I really love the look of these prizes (crafting + prize track), these must be the best act prizes of the entire event. I do wish that EA increases the prize track and crafting currency just a little since the requirements are more higher than in previous acts, but maybe they have added more characters to do the heists at the Casino.

  29. I’m happy as all of the crafting items re-unlocked so I was able to get the stuff from act 2 that I didn’t have finally except the roundabout as I need more currency and have crafted all of the act 3 items already except the land tile and the ATM. but if I get all of them in time I may try to get some more act 1 buildings as they were lower on my priority list so I only have a few. Looking at all the buildings were still to get as prizes though its going to be difficult fitting everything in due to lack of land again.

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