The Springfield Job 101: Act 3 Heist Characters

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A few of you have been asking for a specific list of characters that can do Heists for Act 3. So popping in with a quick list of those who can Heist and earn you event currency.  The characters that could heist during Acts 1 and 2 will once again be able to heist during Act 3, but some new faces have been added.  Let’s take a look…

Aristotle Amadopolis
Mr. Burns
Ruth Powers
Fat Tony
Frankie the Squealer

Johnny Tightlips
Wheels McGrath
Dante Calabresi Jr
Dante Calabresi Sr
Sven Golly
The Pope
Oscar Wilde
Geoffrey Chaucer
Jack the Ripper
Arthur Fortune
Guy Incognito

So  29 total characters can earn event currency on Heists for Act 3.  Hope that helps some of you having trouble out!

17 responses to “The Springfield Job 101: Act 3 Heist Characters

  1. Can anyone tell me if Mexican duffman has been released and I missed it or he’s just not been released yet

  2. 20 Characters heisting (not 1 new Female Character – why is that, EA?)🤔 ….. breezing through Act 3, not many Premiums of interest (I guess my Sprinkles are going to the Mystery Box?) sorry for those Tappers affected by the Glitch (half the reason I’m not buying Premium in this Event)!

  3. Did I miss the guy that looks like Benicio del toro somehow?

  4. I an still locked out of crafting for levels 2&3 someone please helpm!!!

    • If you have the ‘roll back’ glitch, I’m afraid there’s nothing to do. You can contact EA, but they’ve been remarkably un-helpful to date concerning this problem. Sorry🙁

  5. Twenty-nine characters and only one female. I know that the Simpsons and our games are dominated by male characters, but this event has to be the worst in terms of gender imbalance. Come on EA – make an effort!

    • Maybe there are less female criminals?

    • I would love to see Marge get a new costume (her last costume was released in 2015) or be involved with a major event because out of all the Simpsons, she is usually the one that does not participate in many events. Most of the freemium characters are either plant workers or part of the Springfield Mafia which mainly consists of male characters (there was Marge at the plant but she doesn’t work there anymore and Mindy works at the Plant but she is limited time so not all players have her).

    • Agreed about the female/male ratio.

      What about Babysitter Bandit? The Terwilliger women? Goomah Selma or Tushie?

  6. So Fit Tony and Fernando Vidal can’t do the heists but only Raoul can in Act 3? I was expecting more freemium characters to help out at the Casino in Act 3 like with Fat Tony and his mafia in Act 2 at the Tower of Springfield.

  7. My heist 2 and 3 levels are locked out any advice on how I unlock them

  8. It’s the same characters as Act 2, correct?

  9. TallSpiderCandy

    Thanks! Have a lovely day! : )

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