Springfield Jobs – Act 3- Prize Guide- Fit Tony

Phew! I can’t believe we are FINALLY at the end of this incredibly long, grind-tastic, event! I can’t remember when there was a longer event…or one that felt like the longest, even though it actually wasn’t (I think Stonecutters was actually the longest…but, I forget…I’m old).

Whatever the case, we have finally come to the last prize in Act III. Was it worth the grinding?  You tell us…

Final Act III Prize- Fit Tony!

So…let’s start by clarifying something. This is NOT a SKIN for Fat Tony. This is a full character. Which annoys the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks (HELL) out of me. I get it. EA is struggling for characters for the game…but to keep doing these Doppleganger types who break all sense of time/space…just bugs me.  How can there be so many of the same characters in your town at the same time???  There is no real logic to it…and myriad SciFi stories and physics papers dedicated to what would happen if your “other self” met your “real self” and what kind of insanity would ensue as you tried to figure out who was who in regards to the “REAL YOU!”

I’ll just go with, “this makes no sense…but he is free.” And just take him…place him…and let him walk around looking buff, while the REAL Tony sits in the hot tub getting prune-fingers.

But how do they get away with this travesty????  They simply go with Fit Tony being Fat Tony’s Cousin. Ugh. Jump the shark much EA/Gracie?

So…Fit Tony is a Full Character… Here are the Details!

Act 3 Prize 7 – Fit Tony

Opening Questline
Stress Mafia-Ing Pt. 1

Fit Tony starts
Legs: Woah, Fat Tony, great job losing weight!
Fit Tony: I’m not Fat Tony. I’m his cousin, Fit Tony.
Legs: Fat Tony is having a triple bypass. His arteries were totally clogged with cannoli cheese.
Fit Tony: Meanwhile, I’m in charge. Now, who’s getting whacked today? A giant bowl of spaghetti followed by fifteen cannolis.
Johnny Tightlips: I need to exercise!
TASK: Make Fit Tony Keep Cycling Carbs- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Stress Mafia-Ing Pt. 2
Fit Tony starts
Fit Tony: All right, Krusty, hand over the two hundred dollars in protection money.
Krusty: Not dollars. Fat Tony always takes two hundred Krusty Burgers.
Fit Tony: Fine. Can you at least make them low-carb? No buns, and wrap the burgers in lettuce.
Krusty: Ruin my burgers?! I’m broke, not desperate. Well, I am desperate, but not pathetic. Well, how much lettuce you want?
TASK: Make Fit Tony Take Krusty’s Payments in Krusty Burgers- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Stress Mafia-Ing Pt. 3
Fit Tony starts
Legs: C’mon, Fit Tony. That stoolie is getting away. We need to run him down.
Fit Tony: *heavy breathing* Sorry, boys, I’m out of energy. Being Fat Tony has made Fit Tony fat..
TASK: Make Fit Tony Let it Go- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Fit Tony’s Permanent Tasks:


Length  Earns


Take Krusty’s Payments in Krusty Burgers

1hr $70, 17xp Krusty Burger
Keep Cycling Carbs 4hrs $175, 45xp


Drink and Babysit

4hrs $260, 70xp Boiled Potato
Let It Go 8hrs $275, 70xp


Monitor Whacking Macros

12hrs $420, 100xp Brown House
Post to His Fitness Page 24hrs $420, 100xp

Java Server

And that’s it. Fit or Fat…it’s still Tony. You can’t fool me!
I hope that this finds you WAAAAY past the point of caring about prizes, and just grinding for as many FREE DONUTS as you can gather.  They are calorie free…with no carbs…and help you get everything you want. What more can you ask?

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  1. Fit Tony – I will take a free playable Character vs an NPC anyday, but there are still many Springfield Characters missing from this Game App (I’m trying not to think of the eventual end for this Game App) 😎

  2. One of my favorite characters in the show, since well, it’s a surprise when Donnie Fatso came out. I was shocked to think they would kill off Fat Tony, only to realize later that he has an identical, more healthy and buff cousin called Fit Tony. To think that due to the stress of the mafia work he would then morph into Fat Tony due to the similarities. So yeah, I’m glad to have him.

  3. Liliana Naspris

    My game is updating every day sice Saturday 5th of May, obviously I have to sign in everyday 😬. And YES !! it felt LOOONG as all the others ☺️ Just keeping you addicted 😩

  4. I’m happy to have Fit Tony, but I get what Patric is saying.

    I haven’t been playing for long. Does EA have a reason for not including Sarah Wiggum? or do they try to hold off on some characters so they can introduce a few ‘most wanted’ characters each year?

  5. I’ glad it soon will be over. I liked very much the italian theme, a bit less the british one, but the third act didn’t make sence. We had a 4 day weekend with may 1st, and there were days that i didn’t even log in. Made it to fit tony tho with days to spare (not that much). I will use my crafting currency to expand the venice area

  6. Was able to get Fit Tony and expected the $ Hot Air Balloon (from the splash screen) to appear as part of his task, but it hasn’t.
    TSTO crew, idea about how that could pan out with just a few days left in the event?

  7. None of my towns are going to get Fit Tony. Not even close. I have been checking my towns 1-2 times a day. Just don’t care about this event. It isn’t fun. There is no excitement to logging in. Tap and grind.
    I rarely send all my characters on tasks anymore, so one more character won’t make or break me.

  8. I dont know, I’ve been waiting for his for the whole event. Only thing I’ve really wanted, I always like this episode

  9. Keith1Roon991

    Giving up with this event now, all characters have resumed there normal tasks, 600+ donuts save for some characters and % items, still farming a couple of times a day, time to build up some currency and chill out time.

  10. Eh, I’m happier with a doppelganger of a character who’s at least from the show, than several of the seemingly random ones we’ve gotten over the years like Dracula, Snow Monster, Cleatus, etc…

    Remember when Herman was added to the game and the dialog joked about running out of characters? If only they knew then…

  11. Challenge: Name the doppelgängers!
    I’ll start the ball rolling with:
    – Moe & Caveman Moe
    – Homer & Evil Homer & Guy Incognito

  12. SlvrDollarAl

    Enough with the Holyfreakinshirt already. We get it. Your trying to start a catch phrase but it’s stupid, offensive and isn’t working.

    • Holyfreakinshirt! Settle down! It’s just my way of saying getalifeyouloseritsjustagamesotakeAchillpillandworryaboutsoMethingthatmatters! (Both of those are trademarked, by the way).

      • omnipotentwiz

        If you hadn’t trademarked that second one, i totally would have =). Keep up the crazy catch phrases!

    • You can think it’s stupid, that’s your right…but how is it offensive?

      • Offensive because it’s an obvious euphemism that is far from kid friendly. To say it isn’t is bullshirt,

        • I think kid friendly is up to interpretation. I say plenty of times in front of my daughter, darn it…Jimmy Cricket…Bull hockey…son of a beach etc. With the true words implied but revised to be kid friendly so she doesn’t repeat the curse words.
          I think your stretching to try and help your argument…

    • He got you to repeat it; it must be working 🙂

    • Keith1Roon991

      Holyfreakingshirt, that’s just plain rude!!!!

    • If that’s offensive, how do you watch Simpsons and play this game? We have gambling, Booberella, drinking, greed, Santa in a thong,

  13. omnipotentwiz

    I honestly dont think i will be able to get him

  14. Jason Martin

    I like having the duplicates. I would love to have individual Homer Clones since he has so many great tasks and skins, but during events he’s always busy and I don’t get to see them all! I would pay extra donuts to break out the skins into separate characters. Now with Fat Tony, not so much since he doesn’t have any skins already (or squeaky voice teen etc).

  15. OK, tiny correction: Fit Tony is actually the cousin of the first Fat Tony, so you could argue they are two separate characters. The fact that Fit Tony then morphed into an almost identical copy of his cousin Fat Tony, including adopting his nickname might cause a bit of confusion, though.

    • Ya think? Yes…I am aware that he is actually a cousin. But sorry…until they give us all of the key characters (like Sarah Wiggum), these lazy Dopplgangers are not welcome.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you… I was just pointing out that there is an argument, too, for making it two separate characters. Plus, people keep complaining if the main prize is “only” a skin. 😉

        • I’m not upset…trust me on that. LOL! I am mostly just miffed that they keep giving u these Dopplegangers that are easy for them…but redundant for us.

          There are SOOOO many characters that haven’t yet appeared, to keep giving us, what amounts to duplicates, is annoying.

          But, as you pointed out, at least it is a full character.

      • I still want John….from Homers phobia. We have Roscoe….come on!

  16. Thomas Hible

    But Fit Tony IS a different character. Technically. He is fat Tony’s cousin who comes and takes over when Fat Tony dies of a heart attack. (S22 E9). Then gets fat and becomes Fat-Fit Tony, then just Fat Tony.

    To say its the same so shouldn’t be here should also apply to the “original” Sgt. Skinner.

    • I think he’s more referring to the fact that they look alike. How many doppelgangers does one town need? Sgt. Skinner , while the same name, looks nothing like Seymour…

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