Episode 30- He’s a Jerk, So Does Anyone Really Care Who Shot Mr. Burns?

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With the latest mini-event in Springfield, little mystery has engulfed the town, Who Shot Mr. Burns?   But really, Mr. Burns is a jerk.  So does anyone really care who shot him?  We’re breaking down the latest mini-event in our pocket-sized towns, as well as discussing EA’s big whiff on Mother’s Day (another chance for Sarah Wiggum!), and we’re unfortunately still talking rollback bug.  And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Thought Provoking question…

Who is your favorite TV mother?  (Cartoon or not)


33 responses to “Episode 30- He’s a Jerk, So Does Anyone Really Care Who Shot Mr. Burns?

  1. EA says they sent a fix May 9 that required me to be logged out. I remember logging back in but as nothing changed i didn’t think anything of it. I’ve just logged out again and rebooted my phone. I’ll delete any local data and see what happens. Anyone actually get fixed?

  2. Refreshing episode, a nice break from loud opinions.

  3. It was the baby. I like it when other episodes shown her with guns. Or was it Marge that shot him?

  4. Lily Munster is my all time favorite TV Mother 👍

    I’m disappointed by EA because – Mrs. Sarah Wiggum (c’mon already! it’s Mother’s Day! Get her in the Game App!) and Rollback Glitch (seriously? this should’ve been fixed EA!)

    Happy Mom’s Day 😀

  5. Is anyone being consistently asked to download the entire game when they log in? Doesn’t seem to happen in my iPad but routinely does on my iPhone.

  6. Best version I could find of America’s most wanted episode featuring John Welsh.

    Still holds up as one of best throwback episodes!


  7. I have nuked my town and after putting out all characters and buildings, I’m not finding Springfield dam! Has anyone else having this problem??

  8. What we really need is a search button to find a particular item aka Springfield dam!

  9. Keith1Roon991

    Nope, on automatic pilot, not fun

  10. Just came in on the tail end. I’ll have to watch the recording. Good to see Wookie! Off the top of my head, 2 moms spring to mind: Roseanne and (even though she’s not a fictional character, she is a TV mom) David Letterman’s mom.

  11. Marge Simpson and Holly Robinson Peete

  12. I just love love tapped out that k you all so much. I work a love
    shift. I love working mornings. Everyone sees me playing tapped out it relaxes me. So now everyone is playing it lol. Thank You all

    Quick question I fi is her one job it said facade I didn’t see the building on my town or is it something else? Lol thanks

  13. They may have a memory flaw in the Railyard code.

  14. June Lockhart

    • Alright! Going “Old School”…all the way back to Lost in Space. 😁
      There’s also a new version on Netflix that’s not too bad…I like what they did with the robot.

      • I like the Lost in Space reboot. Waiting to see what they will do in Season 2. June was also the mom in Lassie.

        • Her 2nd husband was a business partner with my dad and in the late 60’s we went to CA. We spent a day on the set and that night had dinner with June and her family at their home. June had bought her husband an antique fire truck for their anniversary and he drove us around Beverly Hills, sirens blaring and bells clanging. That is a day I will never forget! She was beyond warm and friendly.

  15. Jeannette Kohler

    Her name is Lily Munster.

  16. Morticia Addams is my favorite TV mom!

  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes and singing it made me smile

    My favorite tv mom which I forgot to write before is of Marge Simpson and Carol Brady

  18. Are we assuming we’ll get a Part 4 where we get suspects, clues and we can theorise about who shot Mr Burns?! Because that would be cool! 😊 Enjoying the laid back event because I really need to start rebuilding my Springfield after a nuke

  19. back in the day free donuts were hard to get

  20. So nice to see Wookie! HI WOOKIE! 👋

  21. Although I really enjoyed the Springfield jobs event I’m pretty happy it’s over because it was so long. I’m really liking the mini event and all of the content. I think it would have been kind of nice to get a mother’s day event maybe ea will do that in the future as well as a Father’s Day event. I was hoping to get Sarah Wiggum around this time but hopefully she’ll be in the game soon.

    As always I’m looking forward to whatever new content is coming next. I’m especially happy that you’re doing an episode of addicts live today because today is my birthday and I’m turning 33 years old so I view it as a nice little birthday present.

  22. Quit playing for a while after being hit twice with the bug. Started playing with broken game and if I farm KEM’s, total will go over 250. When I quit game and come back total of donuts go down to 250. Has this happened to anyone else?

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