App Store Update Available Plus Teaser for Next Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There is currently an App Store update available for download in your App Stores…

While on the surface, and once you download it, it doesn’t look like it does all that much (icon/splash screen don’t change)…it will bring us a little teaser as to what’s next in TSTO.

However, the teaser won’t hit until TOMORROW (May 23rd) at 10 am ET, 1400 GMT.  So, for now, it’s really nothing to see in your game.  Nothing will change, that’ll you’ll really notice anyway.

So for now, here’s a taste of what’s to come tomorrow…

Oh and this puts us on a path for the next event to hit right as May is coming to a close…so May 29th/30th (end date for teaser in the files is the 30th, but that doesn’t mean that’s when the next event will hit.  We’ve seen teasers end after an event has hit)

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  1. I’m really annoyed. I can’t redesign in my town anymore. I highlight more than one item at a time to move them and most of the time it doesn’t work. I have to move one item at a time. I know EA makes more money for each tap but I don’t think that is their motive here. It was better before.

    • I haven’t figured out how to move an area without the water/pavement/dirt coming along with it. I thought someone said there was a button, but the only thing I’ve seen is for storing, not moving. It’s driving me crazy, too🤪.

    • If you ghost out the road/pavement/cobble/water option in the menu to the right when you’re in edit mode, then you can move or store a grouped design. Read that from another commenter and re-confirmed in my town.

  2. I am not seeing an update in Google Play. However, there was an in-app update this morning when I opened it up. NO teaser or dialogue or anything really once it was done.

  3. Keith1Roon991

    I got krusty plane and a 4 he task to refuel the plane

  4. Keith1Roon991

    Log on issue again today, had to hard close and turn my tab off/on before it worked again???

  5. Just not doing the update…seems like too many login issues right now. I guess I’ll just wait till the next event shows up and hope they are finally “glitch-free” by then.

  6. “…’s too hot today.”

  7. The update broke something for me. I get an ‘error processing login’ message and can’t use my game.

  8. I think this update could revolve around Krusty and could tie in the clown college with it and maybe items from the episode that the banker appeared in (Bart the Fink). It could have items from the episode including 100 Tacos for $100 stall, the haunted house the Simpsons stayed in, IRS Plaza, IRS Burger skin for Krusty Burger, Krusty Memorial Statue, Rory B. Bellows and Tracksuit Krusty skins for Krusty and the other Sideshows.

  9. Oh man,, keep hoping they will try to address this massive “rollback glitch” but,,NO,, apparently they seem to not be doing that. I haven’t given up hope YET. Refuse to spend any $ on the game until they at least try to do something. It seems as though this has been going on long enough that they have had time to look at the problem & try to do something. This is really the only place I go to for TSTO,,,maybe they have addressed this elsewhere,,,(doubt it). Everyone that runs this blog is extremely helpful & gives us very up-to-date info. Went on longer than I meant to,,,all to say I’m scared to update the app store update!!!

  10. So i did the update. Now im getting notifications when Hippie is finished recycling metals. Has any of you had that notification before? I only noticed since yesterday. I also had the login issue which was resolved and i am using android tablet., if it matters. Im not complaining, i actually like that since i earn sometimes 10 donuts a day from the railyard.

  11. 1tippietippie

    I had that log on issue happen to me a few weeks ago. I installed, uninstalled, changed password.. nothing. But then a few hours later.. everything was fine. Same thing happened to me again this morning. I didn’t bother uninstalling, I just put the game down for a few hours, and when I came back, it worked just fine. But I’m still getting that slow motion bug after clicking on the railroad yard.

  12. I lost all muy friends with the las update

    • Might just be a temporary glitch. I had that, too; only Other Springfield showed in the friend screen, but tapping on the “handshake” icon still showed the whole list. After I logged off and on again, everything was fine, all my friends were back.

      • Yep, I did all the same steps as you (handshake, logoff/on). I even checked Origin on PC and all my Tapped Out friends were still there so I wasn’t too worried.

  13. Jo Anne Owens

    Problems too…tells me that my other device didn’t save my city, Yada yada…I haven’t played on another devise for 6 months…I have had issues for the last four events…about to delete game for good 😢

    • That message always shows up when you log on. I switch between two games all the time, and even logging off and instantly logging on again to the same game produces that message. I learned to ignore it…
      My theory: it’s some sort of disclaimer, so if something actually does happen, EA can say it’s your fault because you were warned, or something like that. 😉

  14. Dark_R0nin910

    Wonder what it will be

  15. After solving the log issue (had to reinstall the game) and update de game, my city got a terrible lag. Does someone knows why?

  16. “A professional in an ape mask is still a professional.”

  17. Could the update description “a brutal build on a failing park” suggest at some point a change for Krustyland?

    • That’s what I was thinking but my predictions are always off. Maybe a “I’m the Lizard Queen” pt. 2 Duff Gardens reboot or a Praiseland expansion.

    • or clown college

    • The only acceptable Krustyland option for me is to bring it into the main Springfield. Right next to Springfield Heights would be perfect. Anything less and I’m not interested – I’ve bought all the non-premium items, bought all the land, and haven’t been back for at least a year. I used to check in to the balloon pop game thing each day, but the payouts were so low I stopped bothering.

  18. I had the same problem, so I ignored it and logged out without opening the numeric loggin. And the reloged in normally. It told me I would lose progress and I ignored it, but in fact I did not lose anything! Pfuiiiii! Relieved. It’s becoming ridiculous.

  19. Cant wait =)

  20. Who is this character? Is it a one off character from a past episode? I guess we’re going to have another mini event before something larger arrives for the summer. This character reminds me of Marlon Brando.

  21. talon8770 // rick m.

    oops forgot about lady duff mans soccer task

  22. talon8770 // rick m.

    I don’t see an update in the ios app store but a lot of my characters have a 1 hour play soccer task

  23. Yeah, definitely getting “Network Connection” issues, too (some things never change with EA)! 😠

  24. ANOTHER update and still no “rollback bug” fix!!!! I’ve got 250+ characters stuck in limbo – can’t access them. No chance of playing the new update when it hits unless EA do something. Been waiting 10+ days for them to fix the game since I first reported it to them.

    • Took me about as long to get it fixed for me.
      Lost 15 days.. Pretty unplayable while hosed by the glitch 🙁
      I feel your pain. I guess they have events coded for months in advance though.. Still, Hopefully they put this bug to bed soon

  25. after updating i am getting cannot connect to server messages. happening on both Android and IOS. tried uninstalling and reinstalling

  26. Still can’t log in to the game – tried everything short of uninstalling / reinstalling. I even went to the EA website and logged in there without a problem.

    • Try uninstalling and reinstalling..

      • I’m waiting until I get home to use my wifi rather than a public wifi.
        It’s weird – it doesn’t even seem to try to connect. I get the error message immediately when hitting login.

  27. Sandra Rensema

    The update seemed to solve my login problem.

  28. And the bugs are still present for my game:

    – Past events showed up for me since 3 weeks before and are still present
    – All Springfield Heights reseted
    – Can’t select char by tapping the face in top-left
    – IRS radius broken

    No news from EA about these ones?

  29. Jennifer Forrest

    Darn, I was hoping this came with a bug fix for Much Ado About Mindy Pt. 4, but Homer still can’t buy that darn champagne!

  30. I completed the update and now can’t log in. Anyone else having issues?

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