133 responses to “Bug Report 5/22/18: Log In Issues

  1. This glitch started to hit my game yesterday. I get it fixed by following the advice given in this post, the bad thing is I have to repeat it every single time my game crushes, which happens very frequently, or everytime I just stop playing.
    Just waiting for this event to end, hoping next update will end this mess!

  2. I’m exactly the same Kevin. Not played for nearly 2 weeks and was a daily player..When I go to uninstall the game it says I will lose all documents and data! Did a hard reset on iPad and message is the same. Does this mean we lose the whole game?

  3. Having probs loading the game.
    Would like to uninstall & reinstall it but want to make sure i’m doing it correctly and not going to lose several years worth of progress.
    Delete the app from my ipad, go to the app store and re-download it, sign in on my Origin account i currently have and everything should be roughly the way it was before i did the above?
    I will not lose everything and have to start over, correct?

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