Offshore Fun: Teaser Content Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Before I get into anything else…


Ok now that that is out of the way…the time has come for the Teaser content we discussed yesterday to hit our games!  As long as you’ve downloaded the app store update from yesterday you’ll have access to the teaser content.

So what’s in store for us?  Well, a little offshore fun for starters!  Things kick off with an auto start from everyone’s favorite clown…Krusty

Not a lot to this little teaser.  One free decoration and one premium character.  Let’s kick things off with a look at the questline you’ll encounter….

Offshore Fun Pt. 1
Krusty starts

Krusty: I hear those hopeless idiots in Washington passed a new tax law. How does it impact me, the small-time gazillionaire?
Cayman Island Banker: Why, you get to keep even MORE of your money, Mr. Krustofski.
Krusty: What?! Why would those perfect angels in Washington do this?
Cayman Island Banker: They feel it’s high time that the wealthy give even less back to the country they pretend to love.
Krusty: How right they are! Time to buy my old airplane back!
Build I’m-On-A-Rolla Gay- Free
Krusty: Oh Planey, I missed you. I hope the mean IRS men didn’t find the bags of you-know-what sewn into your seat cushions.

Offshore Fun Pt. 2
Krusty starts

Krusty: It sure is nice owning a plane. Know what I mean? What?! You don’t own a plane? Ewww. Well, keep investing your money in mobile games, and I’m sure you’ll be rich soon, too!
Make Krusty Refuel His Plane- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Krusty: Ahhh…happiness is owning a fully-fueled private jet. If that seems arrogant, try to remember how very wealthy I am, vis-à-vis you. So just try to be happy for me, Sky Finger. And jealous. I just love when people are jealous of me.

Offshore Fun Pt. 3
Krusty starts

Krusty: Sure, I’m well off. Money-wise. But could I have even more sweet, sweet cash? I’m not a young man. And I just don’t want to leave this Earth knowing I could have had more money. Better call that banker…
Make Krusty Call his Offshore Bank- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Krusty: I’M WHAT???
Cayman Island Banker: You’re broke. You invested in a company called Ponzi Pyramid Schemes, Inc.
Krusty: The Italian architectural firm that designs high-end triangle tombs for rich Egyptians? What’s wrong with them? Come back, money! I don’t want to live without too much of you!

And now let’s take a look at what’s new in the store…

I’m-On-A-Rolla Gay- Free, 4×4 in size.  Animated when tapped

Cayman Island Banker- 100 Donuts.  Full premium character (yes, I’ll have a should I buy on him…)

And that’s it.  Not a ton to it, after all, it’s just a teaser.

Content leaves stores on May 30th.  Which means we could expect to see the next event on May 29th or 30th (Tuesday or Wednesday).  So be prepared for event launch next week…

Oh and all of this content is from the episode “Bart the Frink” (S7, E15). The event could be based on that…OR this could be the teaser to the Clown College event that’s been teased in the App Store updates for a while.  Perhaps Krusty has to open a Clown College to make his money back?  Seems pretty logical to me!  But we’ll see what happens next week…

In the meantime, sound off in the comments below about what you think could be coming next.  Also, share your thoughts on the content included in this teaser.  Will you be picking up the Cayman Island Banker? Waiting for the SIB before making a decision?  Where will the plane go in your Springfield?

75 responses to “Offshore Fun: Teaser Content Is Live!

  1. hating the lag. so ready to stop playing altogether. *lesigh

  2. Can’t they focus on new levels and friend point prizes instead? It’s a bit daft how the game stops at level 60 and there are no more of those prizes to unlock for going around your neighbour Springfields.

  3. Dark_R0nin910

    It’s not roll back, but I’ve got glitched. I’m unable to send Lenny and carl to drink at Moe’s, for a quest. The option is gone from their menu. Instead, drinking at Moe’s express is in the menu, despite me not owning moes express. Help!

  4. I was really hoping this teaser might be hinting at an event involving Krustyland (I deserted mine long ago – hardly ever visit it now). But I think you’re right. Clown college is much more likely. I’m still really really hoping for a Krustyland event though!

    • It’s worth popping the balloons 🎈🎈🎈 for the occasional 5 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩😊🇬🇧

      • Precisely it’s 5 donuts every 100 games. If played twice a day that’s 50 days or roughly every 7 weeks.

  5. Is it just me or is there anyone else like me, that after the update, lost the Magic Academy?

    After the update, I stored my Magic Academy, and it just disappeared and nowhere to be found in my inventory.

    I’ve been communicating with EA on the issue, they were very helpful, but the issue is still not fixed! 💔 They insisted that they can now see the Magic Academy, but I still can’t find it anywhere..

    I’m really at my wits end.. Any advice for me? Please?

    • Search your basic inventory (no subsets) all the way thru to the end. There are lots of event items in there that never got coded to go into a category, so they just reside in the general “inventory”.

    • Kristen Haakenson

      I put my Magic Academy in storage to release a character from a task. Now it’s gone. I’ve searched my complete inventory several times.

  6. I know we’ve done superhero events, but I’m gonna stamp my feet and hold my breath until they do the Dependables!!!

  7. Thinking about blowing up my Springfield, will everything get sent to group storage or will I have to hunt for everything.

  8. Dear EA,

    If you could please hold off on releasing the new update till Tuesday, I for one, and I’m sure many others would greatly appreciate it. No need starting a full event over a Holiday weekend.

  9. I have been waiting for a clown college billboard, even set up a series of billboards like Homer encounters in the episode.

  10. Can’t place “Krusty’s plane” on an airport runway. Seems weird. The only thing more ridiculous would be not being allowed to place cars in parking lots..

    • wordsleadmeon

      Pretty sure out of all the planes in the game we have only one of them actually goes on a runway and it came with its own chunk. I put a lot of concrete down in my airport are and parked them all there.

  11. I had just enough space in my airport for Krusty’s mercifully small plane to fit in nicely without having to rearrange anything…

    • wordsleadmeon

      At first I was like ‘why is this plane so very small?’ then I scrolled over to my airport plane parking lot and realised it would actually fit. I got so excited considering that making more space for that would’ve caused a cascade of redesigns all around the airport. It started out on the edge of town but my Springfield has since sprawled around it.

  12. ethan waldner

    Hey one more thing for my airport from the travel update ig…

  13. So which area do I stash to make room for the new event stuff, Pagan Carnival or Tap Ball Stadium? Hmmmmmm…..

    • I vote for the Pagans…or try to make it all fit in the same “recreation” area.

      • That’s the way I was leaning. My only issue was Tap Ball was more centrally located while Pagan was tucked away toward the side. I like to keep things where they logically fit in, so depending on what the new event has to offer, might have shift some things around.

    • Pagan festival, all the way. Mine’s gradually disappearing.

  14. Aaaaaarrrghh! Clowns!
    Just sayin’ 🙂

  15. Just got an email from EA regarding the rollback glitch basically stating they are not going to fix the bug. You have two options: the first being doing a rollback to when the game last worked correctly (which is two months for me!) or they can give you a new Springfield at the same level, but not with the same content. They would compensate with 50 donuts per week you suffered from the bug, plus any donuts you may have purchased as long as you have the receipts. I can post a screen shot of the email on here, but I don’t know how to. Can anyone help me with how to do that? Overall, I am very unsatisfied with the outcome.

    • I think this means they don’t have a solution. It’s a server side issue and they can’t fix it. Only way to fix it is rollback or give you a new game.

      Can you email me the screenshot? I’ll put up a post about it…

      • Just sent it! Thanks Alissa!

      • willielikesthat

        Wait a min… Is Doogler’s post the same issue with the recent login error where I get the “An error occurred processing the login”? If yes, that’s no good……. I’m now getting this error two times in 24 hrs. Not fun trying to re-download 1.5+ GB of app updates TWICE in 24 hrs. I can’t be doing this multiple times in a single week.

    • Does that mean that we are SOL if we can’t remember how long ago the game last worked well? I’m near 200 and with almost 200 premium and freemium characters. I think i’ve been dealing with this for almost 6-8 months (i can’t remember to be honest).

      • Man…I think the operative question there is, “what defines working well”
        This whole thing is a fustercluck of the highest order…

  16. 3 months now and numerous updates later and still no glitch fix for me – even longer for other players. This game was fun back in its hay-day, but I’m sick of the lack of communication from EA, who has allowed this game to become seemingly broken beyond repair. The bugs of the glitch are very well documented online.

    Thank you TSTO Addicts for all the coverage, and help over the years! I will still continue to check your site, and listen to your podcasts, but it’s time to give this game an indefinite break.

  17. If I could earn donuts at a sensible rate, or find all my characters and collect income in a reasonable time I’d be more excited! Fixing the broken game rather than giving us another long (probably) event with disjointed elements (probably) would be a far better use of EA resources. My case is still “In progress” since 7 April, I suspect that really means “No progress”!

  18. Ok I know nothing can be done about it and I know this isn’t the thread for this topic but I must get it off my chest. If cash isn’t going to be used to purchase land, then why have so much of it? 2nd there is no more gifts or incentives besides that one donut every blue moon on visiting neighbors. So here is my suggestion why won’t TapOut award with free land tokens for visiting our neighbors? Just a suggestion

  19. I see a lot of character and building possibilities in the “Bart the Fink” episode. Most of the character options are minor, but that never stopped EA before. Check out the funeral scene with all of the sidekick’s, etc. Even Bob Newhart is a definite possibility as a character addition. Building options include the IRS tower, The Sea Capn’s Bait ‘n’ bargn’ B’n, etc.

  20. I never thought that the plane would be so small compared to other planes in the game. I am also glad that after the 2 tasks for Krusty (8 hours total) we can have some more downtime in our games and I really hope the next major event is not as long as the last one 4-5 weeks would be preferable, EA. 🙂

    • I also want to include that Springfield Elementary School no longer generates an income even with the new skin on it with this update.

  21. Had to build a little private airstrip for Krusty…you know he hates to share…😉

  22. I have an Android and havent seen the update in the store. Anyone know whats up?

    • Try searching your store for tapped out. I have an android and it was available but not on my update list. I had to search the store for it

  23. Never would’ve thought another plane but really? Another Plane???

  24. I have a task I can’t shift
    ‘Make homer buy champagne ‘
    Any idea how I can clear this
    Many thanks

    • Nothing you can do…when they offered Mindy in the vault, her quest had a glitch. It still does and no fix on the horizon. I’d just put it in the box and forget about it.

    • oktober10aussie

      Yeah, that task is the only one in my task bar. As ebron said, it’s probably going to be there for a while.

      Looking at the Tapped Out wiki, that was task 3 for Mindy. We don’t get:

      Make Mindy Eat at Madame Chao’s
      Make Marge go for a romantic stroll with Homer
      Make Homer go on a Valentines date with Marge

  25. Live on Kindle!

  26. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    100 donuts for a Premium Character
    Not an immediate YES
    Not an immediate NO
    I spent the 🍩 ‘s. I expect another building (bank) or maybe a building on an Island?

    As the Calypso Song of the 60’s sang…
    “Water……, we need water today”🎶🎶🎶

    • Justin Henriks

      Yes a difficult one to make an immediate decision on. A “yes” for most ultra premium players with excessive donuts saved up, a “wait and find out if he is useful” for premium players with limited donuts and a definite “no” for freemium players… will be interesting to see what help this character gives to the upcoming event 😃

  27. TallSpiderCandy

    I’m excited for the next event but so disappointed with all the lag. Makes the game so difficult to play. Currently in touch with EA but not really getting anywhere. Plus they said they’d credit me donuts and didn’t. It gets worse and worse everyday it seems. I’m a faithful player, even stayed after the rollback glitch and all that chaos. Just so frustrated; the game isn’t all that enjoyable to play when you can’t move around your town and all
    : (

    • That sounds more like an issue with your device than a game bug.. Have you tried playing on a different device? (like a relative or friend’s phone/tablet)

      • TallSpiderCandy

        Yep; also in different locations, including two different states. It lags on other devices too, just not as bad as on mine. I only have one book and this game on my Kindle so I know it’s not storage related either. Thanks for your suggestion, have a good day : )

    • Mad Scientist Magnus

      I don’t know if it’s of any help to you, you might be having a different problem than I did/do, but I was only experiencing lag because I was playing the rail yard (5 doughnuts a day. you bet I was.). The only thing in the recycling group of buildings I could assign without the whole game going so slow I couldn’t even navigate, aside from leap frogging from building to building, was the dump. I found out that if I abandon the rail yard completely everything else moved just fine.

      Given the choice between 5 doughnuts every other day by playing strategically around the lag (do everything I wanted to do then bog it all down again for 3 more hours while glass finished) or give up the sprinkles and the aggro, I chose the second.

      Since I’ve got little lisa’s recycling plant I can still get some rail yard doughnuts, only now about every 10 days or so. Less fun, but I was starting to really hate trying to outsmart the lag and still play it my way.

      • TallSpiderCandy

        Sorry you are having issues too! I’ll try and see if it makes a difference, thanks and have a nice day : )

      • I’ve had the exact same issue since Patrik’s recent post inspired me to try recycling again. I only realized the cause yesterday. Seems I can send a few characters without bogging down everything. I just tried maxing out a single station – so far, so good. Maybe you could try that, Magnus.

        • Mad Scientist Magnus

          It’s still kind of barely playable if I only assign one task per building but the graphics get visibly choppy with even a single character assigned to either of the 3 buildings.

          I keep checking it every time I see something that suggests content updated but it seems to be here to stay.

          After a week or so withdrawal I actually think it was kind of good for me to start playing every 4 hours instead of every 1-2.

      • Wow, this sounds like what’s happening to my game! And I do the railyard constantly. Is that really the cause? I may have to stop as this lag thing is killing me. And I have tons of room/memory, nothing going on in the background and have done all the fixes. Granted my town is really big, but it’s been that way for ages & this never happened before. It’s had me wondering if it was EAs servers somehow. Thanks for the idea of only doing one plant at a time, Jazzy. I’m going to try that. I’ve been doing the railyard for so long it’s become a habit. I’ll be SO happy if this works! Thanks all, RachelS 👍

    • Could be a series of things.
      Try rebooting your device
      Your device may be at capacity ram wise.
      Make sure your apps are set to manual updates instead of auto updates. If you have updates happening in the background while you are playing you would get a lag in the game if you are maxing out your device ram.
      You may have too much in your springfield. I know what I have gone to some neighbours I get a lag because they have huge amounts of items. try reducing large amounts of items that don’t do anything for your percentage or money

      • TallSpiderCandy

        I’ve done all the usual restart, reinstall, etc. I’ll try storing some stuff and see if it makes a difference. Thanks and have a good day : )

    • wordsleadmeon

      Seconding aarknader, that definitely sounds like a device issue. I play on an older (as in running Android 4.1) device just fine most of the time. If it gets laggy I do a full device restart and everything’s fine again.

      • TallSpiderCandy

        I’ve done that and all the usual reinstall etc. I’ve tried other devices too it’s still laggy. Thanks for the suggestion, have a good day : )

    • I’m getting the lag too. On my Android and my iPad. It’s frustrating.

  28. Underwhelmed.

  29. Fink*😜

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