Rollback Bug “Solution”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it seems we finally have a resolution to the Rollback Bug. While it doesn’t seem to be the solution/resolution many of us were hoping for EA has come out with their plan to “fix” to Rollback Bug.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rollback Bug check out this post.  Or this episode of Addicts Live.

Many of you who have reported the bug to EA should have received an email yesterday about their solution to the problem.  Thank you to many of you who forwarded this email to me.  Too many of you to name, but I appreciate you all taking the time to pass the info over to me.  And yes, you all got the same email.

So what does it say?  What’s their solution?  Let’s take a look…

Here’s one of the emails that was forwarded to me…

Hello ______,

Thanks for sticking with us. We’re sorry you had to wait so long on this issue.

What happened?

The idle character button caused problems for some players in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

What are my options?

We have two options for you to pick from:

  1. We can roll your game back to a previous save. You’ll lose progress and Donuts from today until the rollback date, but you’ll get 50 Donuts per week of lost data. If you have receipts, we can restore the Donuts that were bought during the rollback period. Just attach them to your case when you respond. You will also be required to remain logged out of the game across all devices for 48 hours after we confirm rollback. This final step can help prevent it from happening again.

  2. We can give you a brand-new Springfield: It won’t be the same as your current Springfield, but you’ll still have your level and can continue playing your game. If you have receipts, we can replace the Donuts you bought before the template land was applied. Just attach them to your case when you respond.

We’ll also be giving you an additional 100 Donuts to get you back up and running.

Let us know which option you’d like to go with through My Cases.

Is this issue fixed?

It’s possible that this could happen again, but we’re doing our best to prevent it.

Where can I go to see the details of this case?

Review this case and your entire case history on EA Help.

Where can I go if I still need help?

EA Help and Answers HQ

We’ll never ask for your password and you should never give it out—Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Find more account security tips on EA Help.

Taylor H.
EA Help

So obviously the options aren’t great.  You can either have your game rolled back (which is something we mentioned in our original post) OR they’ll give you a brand new Springfield.  It seems to me, from what the email says, that the brand new Springfield is basically a nuked version of your town.  You’ll have the same level and characters but it’ll be a different game.  I’m not 100% sure if that’s accurate, but that’s how i’m interpreting it.

If anyone has talked to EA about it, let me know what their explanation on a new Springfield was.

UPDATE: Here’s a link from Hobbesisreal in the EA Forums with a better description of what EA told him, my advice is to read what he says before making a decision.

Also, some of you are saying you didn’t get an email.  I don’t know what to say to that.  I know a lot of players received this email, so if you didn’t try calling EA and see if you can get some kind of update.  I know they look at this site, so they should be aware that it’s now public knowledge.

So as we discussed it the Addicts Live episode about the Rollback bug, I believe the Rollback Bug is a server-specific issue.  So it appears that it’s not something they can fix with a patch since it’s not impacting every player.  Their only solution is to move you to a different server (new Springfield) or roll you back to an earlier point.

It does appear, for those concerned they may get it, that they’ve worked to resolve the issue from spreading further.

Either way, the options aren’t the best in the world but at least they’ve finally put out some solutions to move forward.  Not what many were hoping for, but at least they’re working out some compensation for players.

Which option should you choose?  I have no idea.  If I find out more info about the new Springfield I’ll certainly report that to you guys, but without that info, I couldn’t tell you which option is better.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Wanna just vent?  Feel free to do so in the comments below…just keep the venting PG.

150 responses to “Rollback Bug “Solution”

  1. So….I left the game because of this bug and now trying to come back. I’m still experiencing the bug (Character Icon does not work / collect radius at level 1). I’ve tried reaching out to EA but they were not very helpful. Any ideas on how to recover from this?

    • Right now i’m sure their staff is limited so they can’t do the rollback for you. Your options right now, unfortunately, are basically “deal with it” or start a new game.

      • Quit playing in 2018 around April bc of the dreaded “Glitch”, have all the symptoms. EA would not rollback my game at the time, so I quit playing. Seems like there still isn’t a solution except to have Ea give me a template town. Can they preserve characters, buildings, decorations, etc in your inventory? Otherwise I’ll just star over with a different account. Would love to keep my level and donuts too… sigh

  2. Sad times. Oh well :- (

  3. Is anybody else still sufferring from this glitch ? I conctacted EA and they said they never heard of it and it’s a problem with my device ! Ha ! I’ve been playing since 2013 and don’t know if I’ll carry on. I have been playing as there’s nothing else to do. I’ve cleared my cache, uninstall/reinstall, tried on an iPad, tried a mobile phone. Still the same glitch. So, clearly it’s not a problem my end. I’ve asked them to patch it, so I just keep resending them the same message – it might get attention. Appreciate any consoling thoughts lol

    • I’m still glitched. I’ve learned to live with it although it’s frustrating as hell.

    • Yep. Living with it. I’m definitely not playing to the extent that I was and I will no longer spend $$. I played regularly every 4 hours and was a regular spender on donuts. Now, I’m in it about every 8 hours. Characters are sent away every 24 hours only, excepting event play.

      Eventually, I do see myself leaving the game.

      • I am still dealing with the glitch. I do the same as you. Just send all characters on 24 hour tasks and collect once a day, except any characters that are used in events.

    • dissatisfied customer

      You are not alone! I held out too long hoping for a real fix. Now there are no backups of my pre-glitch town. When they finally acknowledged it’s a real glitch and not a problem with my device, EA offered me a level 60 town and no donuts. Just in case they come up with a real fix I don’t want to kill my lvl 280 town, so I started a new town instead. It’s just not the same.

      There has to be some simple solution that’s not so *dissatisfying*. Maybe I could nuke my old town and EA could take an inventory, then give me the same items in a new town. I wouldn’t mind what level it was then, except for the Homerlayas.


      • I’m glad I’m not alone, but sad the code has not been fixed. It takes like 20-30 mins to clear my town. The Sky finger statue thing is still glitchy and I don’t trust it to give me ALL my XP. The only reason I carry on now is the discovery of KEM farming lol

  4. coreyblake1990

    I had my game rolled back and my donuts earned are no longer saving. Does this fix itself??!!

  5. I decided to go for the Rollback but it didn’t work, so I had no choice but to go for the template Springfield. I figured I had nothing to lose since I have only been playing for 4 months and am only level 45.

    The template Springfield is not perfect but it’s not that bad for a beginning player like me. They load your game up with a LOT of stuff. I’m overwhelmed by all the stuff they put in my inventory. There are premium characters and buildings I didn’t have before, (although there are some I DID have and don’t have anymore) there are characters, buildings and decorations from past events. Before I only had one monorail station, I now have 4. I hadn’t started Krustyland before, I had been putting it off. Now I have a full Krustyland with lots of rides, although I had to nuke it due to the event.

    Overall I am satisfied with my new Springfield although It has required a lot of work reorganizing it to my liking, and all the new stuff is a little overwhelming but if you are a new player like me it’s not so bad to give it a try.

  6. Just this week I was offered the rollback. I was not told to wait 48 hours. It didn’t work. I’m being offered a templated land.
    This is so frustrating, all my work gone.

    • I have posted in EA help twice now and each say case closed and I have not been offered anything. This is going on far to long now and yet they wont offer me anything? I did the first bug report in May!

  7. I went for the rollback option last night & all seems ok so far. The guy I spoke to said to wait for 5 mins before logging back in.

  8. Jack R DeRyke

    Yeah… So, EA hasn’t sent me any emails about this since I first reported it. However, I suppose that doesn’t matter. I wholeheartedly reject both options that they offer and choose Option C… I have deleted my Tapped Out permanently. Actually, I will probably actively avoid purchasing ANY EA products ever again.

  9. I requested a roll back to March 1 and that wasn’t back far enough. I requested a further rollback to Jan. 5. In their response they said they rolled it back and no extra no donuts would be credited as I would have the same amount. That made no sense and when I questioned them they said they I usually rolled back to Feb. 24th the last save they had…so clearly they know when they can roll back so why bother having us guess dates. Further if it’s 50 donuts per week I should be given a lot more now for the extra rollback but was denied. I think this is the last straw and I’m done with this game.

    • Jack R DeRyke

      I would have to rollback to February. And lose everything that I have done since. I think not. I just deleted the game. After three years of playing.

  10. Juanarrosp813

    So is this a temporary solution? Or this will be the only way you can get rid of the rollback glitch
    Because i prefer not having the character search than losing 3 months of progress or getting everything out of my inventory…again.

  11. Last night (5/26) I finally got back with them after a few days of waiting for info and I decided to do the roll back. It seemed the lesser of two evils for me, losing 2 months (to the day) of progress vs opening a box of chocolates with the new Springfield.

    After the rep did the rollback he said I have been given 650 donuts for my inconvenience – which is not quite 50% more than I had when the glitch started. I have yet to see if it will compensate for the characters I may have lost. Initially the option said to wait 48 hours to log in, but the rep said I could log in and play. Think I’m going to wait, just to be safe, then I will update here.

    • I don’t understand why they’re mentioning these 48hrs. All three times that I’ve called them for a rollback they’ve kept me on the phone and actively asked me to log on to the game to confirm that it’s working again. Maybe this is just for rollbacks requested via email tickets…

    • So here is my update, finally. After contacting them on May 26th for a rollback, I waited until May 29th to log into my game (well over 48 hours, and yes, i don’t see the point either, but whatever). I had requested rollback to March 20, several days before the glitch hit me. Nothing had changed, my game was still broken. Tap radius, character search, money mountain, etc all still not working. But I had over 1000 donuts so they obviously added that. I sent them a message asking what to do and they said call them or chat. I requested a call yesterday evening (30th) and told the rep it didn’t work. He performed another rollback again asking me what date (I said March 20) and I was thinking why the same date when it didn’t work before? But he did it while I was on the phone and it did work this time. No clue what happened the first time. But now it’s all fine minus the 2 month lost progress. I have yet to see what earned characters I’m missing. I’m sure there will be several. 😖 If this hits me again like it has with others, not sure what I will do.

  12. Had a rollback on Friday and everything seems OK now. After a couple of “Hi Unknown” emails, I thought it better to ring and I didn’t think that used to be an option in the UK. The guy I spoke to was quite helpful and went through everything with me, no need to wait 48 hours. He had seen the text of the email but thought we were just getting the 100 donuts and not the 50 a week on top of that so he had to go get some clarification on that and emailed me later the only things that I can see that I’m down are the assassin from the end of the last event that I finished and Senor Dingdong which I got as part of the Cinque de Mayo thing. I’ve still got Bumblebee Guy which I bought at the same time though, which is strange. I’ve also lost Rich Texan, which I bought when you got 30 donuts back on him. The EA guy gave me the 30 donuts back (?) but I can’t buy him as he is not in the store now. I thought he was always in the store. There doesn’t seem to be a great number of characters for sale at the moment.

  13. After an exchange with EA I’ve sadly decided to leave the game off the back of this. They took 2 months to get to my case with those standard 2 options. The 500 donuts they offered wouldn’t even buy me back 5 preimum characters and in that time I finished the last event in full + purchased others to speed up the earns. It’s a no brainers, time to move on.

    If EA did some real thinking (and real coding) I’m sure they could come up with a better fix than those two terrible options.

    It’s sad end, but I enjoyed the ride, thanks to TSTO for all the info, really enjoyed the community around this game for 4+ years, but time to uninstall.

    • Honestly, it wouldn’t be as painful if everyone stopped playing after being hit by the glitch and requested a rollback to one or two days earlier. The loss is much less, if significant at all.

      I’ve said over and over again that it’s unlikely that they’re ever going to repair broken games which have been played since. They’ll work on preventing new corruptions from taking place and use the existing rollback solution to restore games to a known good state. There’s basically no incentive for them to spend substantial enginieering time on another scenario affecting just a limited number of players.

      I’m saying this as someone whose game has been rolled back three times in March and April.

      • Pyanfar the Hani

        I did that. Glitched again two times, rollback a little further each time. Then EA refused to do any further rollbacks for me when I glitched again.

        That’s my issue with their decision and solution. I did what they told me: continue playing and wait for a solution. Their solution doesn’t even come close to replacing the fruits (content earned, bonuts from events etc) of playing during that time, lost premium content that was available for purchase and now isn’t.

        They could have taken the earned freemium content from the last two events and put them in bundles for free, just to say “our bad” to the player community. But they haven’t admitted they caused the glitch or gave players bad advice on how to fix it. Maybe they’ll still do this – but I’m thinking we’ll get a bundle and it’ll cost donuts.

        Having done exactly what support told me to do, it was time for them to be generous in compensating for the lost play benefits. That’s not the choice they made.

  14. I figure this is the best post to vent about this particular issue. I really am disappointed in EA’s solution. It seems kinda lazy… but I guess they don’t want to do a case-by-case fix. I really think there’s a better way. They just want the cheapest, easiest, route. Seems if we have to contact them anyways that they could do it. Anyways,, I know there’s a huge event coming soon & so I’m spending time trying to do the rollback to mid February,,,when this 1st hit. I was going to just continue playing with a broke game,,,hoping a better solution would come later. But what if it doesn’t? The longer I continue,,the more I could potentially lose later. Will I REALLY miss the 3 months of cr@p that I’ve accumulated? In all honesty,, it’ll be forgotten,,other events will come & go….so no,,I probably will have forgotten in the not to distant future. I feel better speaking my thoughts,,, thanks to this,,,the TSTO addicts site 🤔😱😂

  15. Not impressed, time to start looking for another game.

  16. Regardless of all the criticism, can I just take the opportunity to thank the customer support people at EA for fixing my game.

  17. I am playing with the RBG for six months now and it somehow works. I asked for a rollback when it first hit my town in November but it failed. But then they actually FIXED (!!) my game im January – at least some functions like character button and Friend Points. In March the RBG hit my town again and all fixes were gone. So I relax and play on… but what I find really weird is that EA now says that there is no fix. There is one! But as it is currently only a manual one they do not do this anymore.

  18. They will not give you the characters you purchased or earned after the rollback date. The pittance of donuts they are offering still puts me at a loss… My rollback will need to go back at least 6 months to revert before the big glitch! This is an absolutely minimal effort on EAs part.

    • If your game is rolled back just one or two days due to immediately giving them a call when your gamer is affected, you might lose premium purchases made in this time frame, but your donut count will be restored to the amount that you had before so you’ll likely be able to make the same purchase again (as long as there wasn’t a time limited phase ending just in this time window).

      Therefore: Dont wait. Call and get it fixed ASAP.

  19. I emailed EA about the bug, I would like to do the roll back but all they keep telling me to do is uninstall and reinstall. How do I get the roll back?

    • Respond to them that does not fix the problem…

      • I did that but they keep sending the same message back – check your device, clear cache, uninstall. They then say it’s fine our side, your device is at fault.

        • Hello,, I’m curious as to what problems are going on? Earlier this year there was a big outbreak. Haven’t heard of new cases,,but I’m just a casual reader/poster,,,,it sounds as though you’ve tried the normal troubleshooting measures. Keep trying until you get a rep that can help you. Stressful,,I know.

  20. Pyanfar the Hani

    Does anybody know what they’re offering to do about Golden Scratchers? It’s not a purchase of donuts, it’s actual cash.

  21. Pyanfar the Hani

    I know that this is a game and playing it is a choice, but EA is a business and they’ve chosen to make chintzy reparations to players. When they could have chosen to be more generous, and to correctly acknowledge the scope of the glitch so that players at least felt like they were heard.

    • I don’t feel like they are doing this on purpose. It is not a great solution…but perhaps the best they can offer at this time.

      • Pyanfar the Hani

        An offer that feels so cheap feels like it’s on purpose. They’re counting their pennies, so why shouldn’t I, and point out that it’s not even a break even offer for me? They could have easily said 200 donuts a week to a max of 5000, but it’s not a game to them, it’s a business. They’re being cheap for a problem they caused.

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