Itchy and Scratchy Land: Event Rundown (and Act 1 Content)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, the day has finally come…it’s time to get rid of Krustyland forever!  The newest update to hit TSTO finally axes Krustyland!

This update should autostart for you, with a 6s task for 3 Springfielders.  After that, you’ll be prompted to nuke Krustyland.  You cannot progress until you nuke Krustyland.  It’s not something you have to do immediately, but you do have to do it (or it’ll be done for you) by Monday, June 4th.

So let’s break down the newest update, shall we?

Event Ends July 11th.
Act 1 ends June 13th

First, let’s talk about the Krustyland Nuke.

As mentioned above, you will not be able to progress in the event until you’ve nuked Krustyland.  You’ll have 5 days to do it on your own, or it’ll be done for you automatically on June 4th.

So store your items, if you like your designs ASAP.

Second, you will receive a land token for Springfield for every spot of land you have in Krustyland.  So if you haven’t already done so, BUY ALL THE LAND YOU CAN IN KRUSTYLAND BEFORE YOU NUKE. 

For those that want a land map of K-Land here it is:

As far as what happens with tickets….

you’ll be able to keep them.  You can purchase Krustyland stuff in your store for Tickets still.  It’s just all moved to Springfield.

In addition, for those asking, you’ll also be able to place Krustyland walkways in Springfield now.  They’ll appear with your Road Tiles/Dirt etc.

I’ll have a questline post up (likely tomorrow AM), but you will receive ITCHY for Free as part of the questline.

Scratchy costs 300 donuts…yikes! 

Now onto the other basics….

You’ll first be tasked with placing the Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate which will be free.  This gate will serve as your event “hub”.  Tapping on it will bring up tasks, and the area around it will serve as your bonus area (more on that in a minute)

The gate comes with a patch of land and a free land token.

The event itself (ie prizes and new items in the store) unlocks after you complete The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 3.

Act 1 prize currency is foam Knives (i’ll explain how to earn them in a minute)

Here are the prizes for Act 1…

Itchy & Scratchy Heliocoper- 7,600

Free Land Token- 16,200 

Nurse’s Station- 24,900 

Roger Meyers Sr. Statue- 33,800 

500 Itchy and Scratchy Money (Crafting Currency)- 40,120

Diane- 51,800 


There will be different rounds of crafting with this event, just like the last one.  Each new Act opens more craftables. Except Levels are back with this one…

The crafting currency is  Itchy and Scratchy Money!  It is excepted here…

You can earn I&S Money by tapping visitors and sending characters on tasks.  Here’s the craftables list…

Injury 500 Short Track- 600 

Injury 500 Corner- 600 

Injury 500 Long Track- 1200 

Itchy and Scratchy Land Banner- 1000 

Itchy Parking Lot- 2000

Scratchy Parking Lot- 2000 

Itchy & Scratchy Land Ticket Booth- 1000 

Nurses Station- 4000 (also requires that you unlock nurses station from prize track)

For Act 1 you’ll need to reach Crafting level 4.  After that the items will unlock during Act 2.

Bonus Area

Just like the last two events, there’s an arrangement bonus around the I&S Gate.  Placing items that earn arrangement bonus in this area award you even more event currency (only impacts prize track currency, not crafting currency).  This area is MASSIVE.

Items such as the Injury 500 and craftables all earn arrangement bonuses.  So place them in the area to increase your currency…

Injury 500

While we’re on the topic of the Injury 500….you’ll need to place the long track correctly inside the ride so that it can be used.  If you see from the inital placement that long track is slightly off…

Just slide that long track a little bit to the right to get it to line up correctly.  Should look like this…

Earning Event Currency

Much like every other event….simply tap Park Visitors to earn Foam Knives and Crafting Currency.

Park Visitors Look like this..

Tapping them will earn you 5 and 4 .

You can also tap them in your neighbor’s towns.  More on that in a minute…

They Spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  You can have a max of 30 in your town at once, with a bank of 30.

You can also earn event currency by sending characters to staff rides (this rate earned changes with your arrangement bonus %).  Simply tap the Itchy & Scratchy gate to Staff Rides.

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Actions unlock with The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 4.  

You can tap 3 Vistors in your neighbors towns, it’ll earn the same 5  that you earn in your own town.

New Items In Store…

First, in celebration of donut day on Friday (June 1st) EA is doing some donut specials.

Not bad if you’re looking to spend some cash on donuts.

Also, they’re giving you some free donuts for Donut day…and making it temporarily rain donuts…

Donut day offers end June 6th

Now onto the other items in the store…

New stuff…

There are a few new K-Land items (which you can find by tapping the Krusty icon in the store).  These will all cost tickets…

Parking lots, debris, Walls, highways and more.  Check out that area to see what’s available to you.

Cartoon Set & Scratchy- 300 Donuts. Scratchy can staff rides.

Nickel & Dime Animation & Jeremy- 150 Donuts.  Jeremy can staff rides.

Itchy’s Mine Field- 100 Donuts.  Earns 120 /4hrs

Slash Pass- 90 Donuts.  Earns you more event currency from neighbors…don’t buy it

Mystery Boxes

Summer Concert Mystery Box- 80 Donuts.  Contains: Alaska Nebraska, Alcatraaz’s Mansion, Sungazer Studio, The Jazz Hole, Manager Cletus Bundle, Classified Records, New Bedlam Rest Home, Sungazer Tour Bus, Praiseland Promo Bundle

 Krustyland Mystery Box- 65 Donuts.  Contains: Eyeballs of Death, Twirl n’ Hurl, Unoriginal Log Ride, Krusty Fountain, Itchy and Scratchy Mascot, Mt. Krustmore


Aside from Mystery Boxes there’s not a ton of returning content at the moment…

Itchy and Scratchy Bot- 60 Donuts

Krustylu Studios Bundle- Includes Showshow Mel, 140 Donuts, Rebate 40 Donuts, NET 100 donuts (good buy at 100 donuts)

Other things to know…

-It looks like we’ll be getting a new President for 4th of July (as well as old ones coming back)
-Does look like there will be some kind of Pride element.
-It appears, even with having to move K-Land to Springfield, the item limit has NOT been increased.  This will impact a bunch of you.  Not cool.
-Yes, we’ll be back with the Calendar, Turbo Tappin’ and other info you’ll need to know (and yes ALLLLLL the Should I Buys…) so relax and enjoy day 1.

What are your thoughts on the Itchy and Scratchy Land Event?  Items you’re looking forward to getting? Will you be building a massive theme park or will all of this be hitting storage come July?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

472 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land: Event Rundown (and Act 1 Content)

  1. Am I the only one whose game crashes each time I try to nuke Krustyland? It just closes the game. When I reopen Krustyland is still there. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to wait until the game itself nukes it on Monday?

  2. I had the Kang & Kodos ride in KL that I got from one of the Halloween events but, now that it’s nuked I can’t find it in my inventory

  3. Are event crafting items and event purchase items the only way to raise I&S Land % multiplier? If not, can the admins or community please list which other items also raise it?

    Thank you!

  4. I actually preferred having Krustyland as a separate location outside of town. My biggest complaint was not having new content for it, if I could have moved more stuff from Springfield to KL I would have been very happy.

    Since the update I have noticed that forcing KL to relocate to Springfield proper creates massive system lag, headaches caused by the lack of space to cram all the KL stuff into an already bloated Springfield and frayed nerves caused by all of the above as well as all the new glitches from a rushed integration of two different in game currency systems that don’t seem to like each other.

    Basically, this “update” is nothing more than a massive downgrade for our games.

    My Springfield wasn’t designed with a massive theme park in mind from the start, and to be honest dropping Krustyland into it just looks badly out of place. Killing Krustyland like this was just bad planning on EA’s part.

    Since there isn’t anything that I can do about it, its time to do a massive work around, all those massively ugly buildings from Springfield Heights with their helpful hidden bonuses just have to go. The Heights has to be dismantled so Krustyland can live again. The ugly buildings will live in storage (the loss of the bonus is regrettable), everything else will relocate to Springfield proper. At least my new Krustyland can have a monorail now. Using the Heights as Krustyland is okay, considering that EA has ignored that area for too long the lack of land there shouldn’t cause much trouble, a good looking amusement park should be easy to build there.

    I will miss the old low lag Springfield with its separate Krustyland, but I will do my best to live with the new laggy Springfield with its integrated Krustyland. For me the Heights was a waste of space anyway.

    Happy Tapping to all and good luck with the Second Life scale system lag monsters!

    • Thomas Tenney

      I feel the same way. Ill probably get rid of krustland for good though once this “event” is done. I messed up anyways and reset all my stuff up in the old kl, so ill probably not get any of those things back (fortunately, i didnt spend too much money, but still would like some of that stuff). This update seems messy and probably the result of people asking about a kl upgrade and them misunderstanding and thinking we wanted it in town, when all we wanted was more stuff for it. I TOO WILL MISS THE LAG FREE GAME, AND ALL THE COUNTLESS “JUNK” FROM PREVIOUS EVENTS IN MY SPRINGFIELD.

  5. How do you craft? I don’t have an icon to craft things. I only have two icons; one for the front gate to staff rides and the second to look at the act 1-3 prizes.

  6. Thomas Tenney

    I think i fudged a bit. I blew up krustyland, and then spent time setting up everything without realizing i cant access it again, so all my rides are still in the old krustyland. Will i eventually be able to access it again, or is it gone for good. Sigh, woops.

    • Thomas Tenney

      Do you think after the forced nuking, theyll be in my inventory, or are they gone for good.? Also, why are they getting rid of krustyland to begin with, i liked having them seperate, since i didnt do much with krustyland anyways, but having spent money, id like my stuff if i can.

  7. I cant complete part three of the mission because none of my friends have updated yet so I cant click on any of their little balloon people! so annoying

  8. Hi,

    I only have 3 corners for the Injury500 and I cannot go passed Part 3 because of that.. Is this a bug?

  9. If I have something building in Krustyland (Scratchy’s Flea Dipper), and i’ve nuked my Krustyland, where does it go?
    The little green tick is next to the task on the task bar to tell me it’s completed, but it’s no where to be found, not in my inventory or anything. HELP ME! Haha

  10. Anonymousething

    Either I’m really stupid or there’s a bug, but I cannot complete Part 3. I only have 1 track piece and no matter how often I try and place it in the injury 500, it will not mark as completed. Should I have more than one long piece? I’ve looked everywhere for the corner pieces, etc but I have none. I tried force closing the game, and even uninstall it but nothing works. What I have noticed however when I place the track piece inside the injury 500, it is displayed above it. Is this a bug or am I merely not positioning it correctly??

  11. My Tooth Chipper is currently under construction, with 3 days 15 hours left (this is 3:30 pm Eastern time on Thursday).

    Can I complete it? My understanding is that Krustyland will be nuked sometime on Tuesday, which is cutting things very close! I know I can’t store it, because in-progress buildings don’t have that option. Also, if I sell it, will I get a full 16,000 ticket refund?

    Thanks for any advice.

    • It gets nuked Monday (June 4th) at 10am ET…it’s cutting it REAL close.

      You will not get a full refund for selling it.

      • Thank you very much, Alissa. Do you know if the Tooth Chipper is available another way, post-Krustyland? If not, I may just use donuts to speed up the construction, whichI hate to have to do.

        • It should be available in the store (if you haven’t purchased it yet) because it’s part of the questline. Personally, I’d just use the donuts on Sunday night (or early Monday morning) to be sure you don’t lose it

  12. Besides Injury 500 and craftables, has anyone found anything that will increase the bonus level?

  13. argentumsound

    Can someone then explain to me what happens if I didn’t even place Krustyland Shuttle yet? XD seriously, do I have to place it and then immediately nuke it?

  14. Hi, is there a way to not do this event. i came back after months and want to keep my kl the way it is. so does this mean, im officially done with this game? sounds that way to me.

    • and also, whats the story on getting money back from this awful game. ive been playing since 2013, and it looks like i may be done. im hoping someone can give me an answer other than “nothing you can do.” although it is fox, sooo…

    • You can skip the event, but you can’t keep Krustyland. After Monday it will be destroyed

      • so, do you know about getting a refund or compensation? i want no part of this event and if i cant keep my kl which i put countless hours into i really dont want any part of this game anymore. if i paid hundreds of dollars (dumb i know) i should have a say over my springfield. am i alone in thinking this?

        • I have to say this…but good luck with that. This isn’t a democracy…and there is always the possibility that it all goes away with the flip of a switch.
          At least this way, you have a chance to save/redeem your work.

          • there’s nothing to save or redeem if i have to put more work into something i thought i only needed tweeking from time to time. i might as well have never had a kl to begin with. i get it, we all know what we signed up for, but hopefully you folks will see this as a cautionary tale: you have no control. we can change that, but we all have to be on the same page. see y’all at the end of the book.

          • Ditto to what Patric said, but I would also add… you can keep *the design* of your Krustyland; it just won’t ‘live’ in a separate Krustyland any more. It will not ‘live’ in part of your Springfield. Just use the new group storage options.

            • i get it, but it’s putting more hours into something i’m not sure i’m feeling anymore. personally, going through an existential crisis of sorts and the two online games i play: gta and tsto, just seem, i don’t know, pointless. i can literally point to certain parts of my springfield (and los santos) and know where i was in 2014, 2016. but this too will change. hey, lets all go outside and get a beer. anyone? you’re payin’.

  15. I am very upset about EA not letting us know in the game about the krustyland tickets. I nuked my town not knowing that I could have used my over 400,000 krustyland tickets to buy more land, then would have gotten land tokens in exchange. Not very fair for players. EA needs to fix that by letting us use our tickets to purchase land tokens.

  16. Hi, so I am in the process of buying up all the Krustyland I can until I nuke it and save my items. My question is should I keep any krustyland tickets or should I just spend them all on the land to get land tokens?

    • The land is the most valuable thing. Otherwise, the tickets can be used to buy k-land items later…but if you weren’t buying them before why would you be buying them now?

      • That’s so true and what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake! Thank you!

  17. I’ve been playing for years alot of time and money but I had to uninstall 😔 game crashed after every attempt to nuke Krustyland I see alot of people complaining about the same thing and getting nowhere 😴

  18. Ok, glitch for me. Didn’t get the option of Krustylu studio bundle to purchase. Also when I bought donuts deal. Missing one of my golden tickets 😩

  19. Really liked the land token swap. Glad I unlocked all KL land long ago.

  20. Why do some land expansion tiles have the land token image on them to unlock while others have the usual dollar amount? Does that mean for the ones that don’t have the dollar amount (and just the token image) it won’t be available to purchase with cash ever?

    • Because those tiles can only be unlocked with land tokens. This changed happened in the game several months ago. All new land added can only be unlocked with land tokens. Land that was already there can be paid for with in-game cash.

  21. A case of should have read this before nuking last night. Missed out on buying land in old KL to get more free land in Springfield…. Oh well!

    300 donuts for Scratchy!?! I like him but this is steep….

  22. So I grabbed my KL items in several grouped batches, in order to move them over to Springfield… it’d be awfully nice if they’d let us grab larger batches of items, but I was still largely able to get my original design moved over, nonetheless. It wasn’t until after I’d placed everything that I realized that I’m going to need to shift the whole thing down away from the mountain range somewhat… I didn’t leave room for the new highway items that they also tossed into my inventory. Meh… I’ll get around to that later.

    Also, HOLY CRAP they opened up a lot of new land tiles! Clearly, they wanted to make quite sure that it’s (at least *technically*) possible for a player to faithfully recreate their original KL design — though, anyone who had spread their KL across the entire original KL property is probably going to have to find some way to balance faithful recreation with leaving space for Itchy and Scratchy Land. (I&SL?) My own KL was pretty compact, so that isn’t going to be as much of an issue for me. Still: I definitely need to move some stuff around.

    Sidenote: I haven’t been playing since the *very* beginning, but I have been playing for quite some time… and if you ignore the notion that it’s really just a shifting of properties from one place to another, this might well be the biggest “expansion” to Springfield that I’ve seen. (It certainly dwarfs SH.)

    So much to do! So much to see! …

    • I agree, i like how they gave a land piece for a land piece to rebuild KL.
      I’m not going to have an Itchy and Scratchy land. I’m only keeping Krustyland in Springfield.
      I’m not sure how to place the highway without it looking like it just starts and ends from and to ‘nowhere’ but I will work something out.

      • I’d actually decided to play around with that highway over the weekend… I think I know a good way to make it look at least halfway decent. On the outgoing end (the top corner) I’ve preliminarily placed my Canadian border entrance; it just seems like a good termination of that end of the highway to me. (So it doesn’t go “nowhere” per se… it just goes… ummmm… *elsewhere*. 😉 )

        And I haven’t done anything with the other end yet, as I expect I’ll still need to shift a bunch of stuff around after the end of the event… but I’m thinking that strategically positioned buildings covering up the threshold between the highway and a local street, is probably a good way to go.

        • That’s a good idea, ha ha, “elsewhere” is netter than “nowhere” 🙂

          I’m still in the process of moving and deciding which buildings to place near my new KL too.

          I like your idea to place the buildings to hide the street and highway, that’s ia good idea.
          Thank you for the ideas that I might ‘borrow’ 🙂

          • That’s a good idea, ha ha, “elsewhere” is better than “nowhere” 🙂

            I’m still in the process of moving and deciding which buildings to place near my new KL too.

            I like your idea to place the buildings to hide the street and highway, that’s a good idea.
            Thank you for the ideas that I might ‘borrow’ 🙂

  23. Hello,

    Should the Injury 500 ride have jobs that produce knives right away, or is that later in the quest line? Right now, Lisa, Bart, Homer and Marge can ride it for cash, not for knives.


    • That does not produce Knives at all..

    • Don’t send Homer or Marge on the raceway…they only earn knives thru the jobs in the I&S Gate. Bart and Lisa can ride the raceway if you like, they have no event currency jobs at present, so why not?😄

  24. Thanks Alissa for a great article. This event is not for me! I didn’t like Krustyland and I don’t think much of Itchy & Scratchy Land either. I really dislike the fact that this is included in my Simpsons town. I like the extra land available but without increasing the item total, it’s pretty useless – not cool EA! This update has also made my game run incredibly slowly, the lag is making it almost impossible to play. I have been playing for many years and I love this game so I hope that once this event is finished, I’ll be able to store the entire thing and that my game will go back to normal, non-laggy, speed.

  25. Littlelolly84

    I only seem to have 3 corner pieces for the injury 500 so cant move forward. I have look all through my inventory and it’s not there. Any advice please?

    • Take a screenshot of your injury 500 and either post it here or email it to me ( so I can see what you’re referring to.

    • The corner pieces look different depending on which way you rotate them … in one view they have a tunnel roof.

  26. I sold my entire krustyland before nuking it. I literally used the mass selection and sold it all, and then converted the Krusty currency into the normal Springfield currency. I DIDN’T REALISE THEM SAYING THEY WERE DESTEOYING KRUSTYLAND MEANT THEY WE’RE JUST RELOCATING IT!! It’s going to take ages to buy all that again

    • Yea, but when you sell something it’s gone. Why didn’t you just store it?

      If you sell ANYTHING in this game it’s gone, you won’t get it back unless you buy it. Why would they give you the option to sell everything back and give it all to you again for free?

  27. Please Can someone Help ->>
    Everytime I press nuke, the scene unfolds where Krusty states – ‘Oh No!’, then it goes to my friends list and then it turns of goes black and goes to my phone home screen. Once i click back on the app it goes back to the beginning? I dont want to wait 4 days for the nuke to happen automaticall yo help please 🙂

    • Same thing happens for me. I could have written your message word for word. Can anyone out there please advise us. I have done a hard close multiple times to no avail.

    • Mine did the same. Do we have a solution anywhere?

  28. I just blew up Krustyland before bed last night. I didn’t save anything before I did it. So I went to check my inventory and I don’t see anything saved. Yes, I see the gate entrance pieces, but I don’t have any of the rides, or decorations. Like the diff beer statue guys, police car hitting the hydrant, or the game tents. Is this a miss? What gives? Because I can buy a lot of these items but what happened to the stuff I owned? 🙁

    • I have exactly the same issue, no rides or anything in my inventory, only the gate entrance pieces. Very frustrating, especially as I didn’t check here before I nuked and have also lost out on the extra land tokens. Not a great start to the event!

    • There should be a new sub-section (Krustyland icon) in your inventory for all your Krustyland stuff. I missed it the first time I went looking. Even the flowers and trees will be there rather than in the nature section…maybe take another look?😊

      • I had noticed that Ebron but unfortunately that’s empty too (apart from some highway and Krustyland Wall pieces. I’ve just spoken to EA and have been told that “the studio has recognized this as a known issue and is currently working on a fix as we speak, you’ll be able to see it in the next update”. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see if it returns!

    • Same here. Total bummer.

  29. Yikes this is so overwhelming . I might have to drop out of school for this. Or have 40 days vacation. Have to have a serious talk with my schoolteacher. “No more papers, please. I have more serious stuff to do.”

  30. Apart from feeling sorry for people having issues with the game crashing, I like it!
    The only time I went to KL was for a daily job. It always took loading time I didn’t like, so moving it to the main town is perfect, I am thinking of making a boardwalk Krustyland (will take some time before I will find time to decorate).
    Got a 100 free land tokens from nuking, also great!
    The I&S event looks good, I like the racing track. Mystery box provided 6 building/character combo’s for 80 donuts for me, bought them all immediately, what’s not to like!
    Scratchy is a bit pricy but I am farming and probably will pick him up later. If I still have donuts left I might take some shots at the KL mystery box.
    The item limit can become an issue , but hopefully EA will do something about it in the next update.

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