Itchy and Scratchy Land: Event Rundown (and Act 1 Content)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, the day has finally come…it’s time to get rid of Krustyland forever!  The newest update to hit TSTO finally axes Krustyland!

This update should autostart for you, with a 6s task for 3 Springfielders.  After that, you’ll be prompted to nuke Krustyland.  You cannot progress until you nuke Krustyland.  It’s not something you have to do immediately, but you do have to do it (or it’ll be done for you) by Monday, June 4th.

So let’s break down the newest update, shall we?

Event Ends July 11th.
Act 1 ends June 13th

First, let’s talk about the Krustyland Nuke.

As mentioned above, you will not be able to progress in the event until you’ve nuked Krustyland.  You’ll have 5 days to do it on your own, or it’ll be done for you automatically on June 4th.

So store your items, if you like your designs ASAP.

Second, you will receive a land token for Springfield for every spot of land you have in Krustyland.  So if you haven’t already done so, BUY ALL THE LAND YOU CAN IN KRUSTYLAND BEFORE YOU NUKE. 

For those that want a land map of K-Land here it is:

As far as what happens with tickets….

you’ll be able to keep them.  You can purchase Krustyland stuff in your store for Tickets still.  It’s just all moved to Springfield.

In addition, for those asking, you’ll also be able to place Krustyland walkways in Springfield now.  They’ll appear with your Road Tiles/Dirt etc.

I’ll have a questline post up (likely tomorrow AM), but you will receive ITCHY for Free as part of the questline.

Scratchy costs 300 donuts…yikes! 

Now onto the other basics….

You’ll first be tasked with placing the Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate which will be free.  This gate will serve as your event “hub”.  Tapping on it will bring up tasks, and the area around it will serve as your bonus area (more on that in a minute)

The gate comes with a patch of land and a free land token.

The event itself (ie prizes and new items in the store) unlocks after you complete The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 3.

Act 1 prize currency is foam Knives (i’ll explain how to earn them in a minute)

Here are the prizes for Act 1…

Itchy & Scratchy Heliocoper- 7,600

Free Land Token- 16,200 

Nurse’s Station- 24,900 

Roger Meyers Sr. Statue- 33,800 

500 Itchy and Scratchy Money (Crafting Currency)- 40,120

Diane- 51,800 


There will be different rounds of crafting with this event, just like the last one.  Each new Act opens more craftables. Except Levels are back with this one…

The crafting currency is  Itchy and Scratchy Money!  It is excepted here…

You can earn I&S Money by tapping visitors and sending characters on tasks.  Here’s the craftables list…

Injury 500 Short Track- 600 

Injury 500 Corner- 600 

Injury 500 Long Track- 1200 

Itchy and Scratchy Land Banner- 1000 

Itchy Parking Lot- 2000

Scratchy Parking Lot- 2000 

Itchy & Scratchy Land Ticket Booth- 1000 

Nurses Station- 4000 (also requires that you unlock nurses station from prize track)

For Act 1 you’ll need to reach Crafting level 4.  After that the items will unlock during Act 2.

Bonus Area

Just like the last two events, there’s an arrangement bonus around the I&S Gate.  Placing items that earn arrangement bonus in this area award you even more event currency (only impacts prize track currency, not crafting currency).  This area is MASSIVE.

Items such as the Injury 500 and craftables all earn arrangement bonuses.  So place them in the area to increase your currency…

Injury 500

While we’re on the topic of the Injury 500….you’ll need to place the long track correctly inside the ride so that it can be used.  If you see from the inital placement that long track is slightly off…

Just slide that long track a little bit to the right to get it to line up correctly.  Should look like this…

Earning Event Currency

Much like every other event….simply tap Park Visitors to earn Foam Knives and Crafting Currency.

Park Visitors Look like this..

Tapping them will earn you 5 and 4 .

You can also tap them in your neighbor’s towns.  More on that in a minute…

They Spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  You can have a max of 30 in your town at once, with a bank of 30.

You can also earn event currency by sending characters to staff rides (this rate earned changes with your arrangement bonus %).  Simply tap the Itchy & Scratchy gate to Staff Rides.

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Actions unlock with The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 4.  

You can tap 3 Vistors in your neighbors towns, it’ll earn the same 5  that you earn in your own town.

New Items In Store…

First, in celebration of donut day on Friday (June 1st) EA is doing some donut specials.

Not bad if you’re looking to spend some cash on donuts.

Also, they’re giving you some free donuts for Donut day…and making it temporarily rain donuts…

Donut day offers end June 6th

Now onto the other items in the store…

New stuff…

There are a few new K-Land items (which you can find by tapping the Krusty icon in the store).  These will all cost tickets…

Parking lots, debris, Walls, highways and more.  Check out that area to see what’s available to you.

Cartoon Set & Scratchy- 300 Donuts. Scratchy can staff rides.

Nickel & Dime Animation & Jeremy- 150 Donuts.  Jeremy can staff rides.

Itchy’s Mine Field- 100 Donuts.  Earns 120 /4hrs

Slash Pass- 90 Donuts.  Earns you more event currency from neighbors…don’t buy it

Mystery Boxes

Summer Concert Mystery Box- 80 Donuts.  Contains: Alaska Nebraska, Alcatraaz’s Mansion, Sungazer Studio, The Jazz Hole, Manager Cletus Bundle, Classified Records, New Bedlam Rest Home, Sungazer Tour Bus, Praiseland Promo Bundle

 Krustyland Mystery Box- 65 Donuts.  Contains: Eyeballs of Death, Twirl n’ Hurl, Unoriginal Log Ride, Krusty Fountain, Itchy and Scratchy Mascot, Mt. Krustmore


Aside from Mystery Boxes there’s not a ton of returning content at the moment…

Itchy and Scratchy Bot- 60 Donuts

Krustylu Studios Bundle- Includes Showshow Mel, 140 Donuts, Rebate 40 Donuts, NET 100 donuts (good buy at 100 donuts)

Other things to know…

-It looks like we’ll be getting a new President for 4th of July (as well as old ones coming back)
-Does look like there will be some kind of Pride element.
-It appears, even with having to move K-Land to Springfield, the item limit has NOT been increased.  This will impact a bunch of you.  Not cool.
-Yes, we’ll be back with the Calendar, Turbo Tappin’ and other info you’ll need to know (and yes ALLLLLL the Should I Buys…) so relax and enjoy day 1.

What are your thoughts on the Itchy and Scratchy Land Event?  Items you’re looking forward to getting? Will you be building a massive theme park or will all of this be hitting storage come July?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

472 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land: Event Rundown (and Act 1 Content)

  1. Is there a limit of how much event currency you can make tapping neighbors? I go to other Springfield’s every 24 hours. I tap 3 park visitors in each one. After awhile the park visitors stop producing event currency when tapped and just produce regular game currency and XP. Any ideas?

  2. Stacey Fuller

    I just started the game, and don’t understand how to get the oNe task done where you have to make the Krusty Land bigger or something like that. Where it says to tap and drag . Well I don’t quite understand what the heck I’m supposed to do. And I’ve looked thro theses answers and now I’m more confused. Lol

    • You’re justs tarting out Krustyland? It probably wants you to drag out some Krustyland road.

  3. So let me see if I get this you can only buy scratchy?

  4. Act 2 is here. Tap Tap Tap What’s the hot item for act 2?

  5. Please let me know what is better Krustylu Studios or YMCA. Currently they are both 100 donuts after discount.

    • Just depends on what you like. No one has a real advantage over the other, other than more characters will use Krustylu than YMCA.

  6. Aycaramba1978

    Ok, so I missed the post on purchasing krustyland lane expansion. But is there a glitch in the game that I can’t buy land unless I have free land tokens? Before I had the option to pay or use free token now some areas can only be bought with free tokens. Am I missing something?

    • Nope. This has been part of the game since late last year. Any new land added can only be purchased with land tokens. There were still some strips added before the change that were purchasable via cash, but any land added since I think Christmas (maybe even Halloween) has only been obtainable via land tokens.

  7. How can I get the blond girl from the itchy and scratchy update? Not sure if her name but she’s in the characters when I look through it. Many thanks, Gail

  8. I just got the roger meyers sr’s a little small.just saying.
    Have a good one everybody.

  9. I just sent Wiggam to a task to earn event currency. Do any other characters have event-related tasks besides the staff rides at the gate?

    • Hi Annette, yes there are quite a few characters that can go on the rides. Ex: Bart, Lisa, Nelson, the princess and some others I can’t remember right now. One of the cop’s ? Just scroll through their jobs list and you’ll find them. Good luck. 😉

      • Wait, event currency? Um. I only see Krusty tickets. You’re not talking about foam knives and Itchy Scratchy Tickets right? Those would be “event” currency.

  10. Does Krustylu earn even currency? Don’t know if i really want to buy it or not.

  11. I was extremely upset that I didn’t know to buy more land plots before the NUKE!!! I could have bought so many more for dirt cheap, no pun intended. Now I have to pay full retail in-game-cash for more plots. I only bought a few from the original KrustlyLand 🙁 so so sad.

    • Man….OK…I feel very sorry for you. Except, for the fact that we told you to buy them last week…BEFORE you nuked…and in more than one post. So, this is why reading posts here, when events happen, is kinda important. Right?

      But, we learn. At least we hope we learn.

      • Yeth Yesh. Vewy Important. I didn’t even think to check the posts. I was thinking “hey, it’s KrustyLand, who cares, what could go wrong”. Well, nothing went “wrong” technically. I mean I could still spend MILLIONS to get those land plots that I could have paid 275 ticket for… sniff.

    • I did the same thing. Very disappointed that the developers didn’t tell us this especially since it matters most to longer term players who’ve collected a boat ton of krusty tickets and a lot just don’t buy the land because it isn’t needed. We missed out hugely, and it would have been nice if they gave an exchange after the fact for buying land tokens with an amount of krusty tickets.

  12. Shouldn’t Scratchy be earning at a premium rate especially seeing as he cost 300 donuts? Also, why are the event tasks just the characters walking around aimlessly?

    • Well…there is no “Premium Rate” for the rides… but, the good news, is he earns the same when he is doing his hilarious “fight with Itchy” task.

  13. F-ing idiots! Take your injury 500 and shove it up your… Why did you morons have to get rid of krustyland?!

    • How do you really feel?

      And we’re trying to use this post to voice your opinions…

      This way folks looking for information can find it without weeding through a bunch of event opinion comments

    • Think of it as an opportunity to create a HUGE KL. You can add the Safari Casino, water parks, a real cool haunted area (not just one Haunted House), studios, old west town, include many restaurants – like the sit-n-rotate (I put mine in the center of the track so they can watch the race from above), Jurassic park, Egypt, Paris, London, Italy (Worlds of Fun). Many items that really don’t belong in Springfield would work great a part of a park.

      • that’s a really cool idea. I think that would be too much work/planning for me, especially if they aren’t going to fix Zoom! But great way to look at some thing negative! truly would make like a magic kingdom and epcot style KL! if I get bored during non events, and zoom and lag issues are fixed, I’ll def try this.

  14. I didn’t know we weren’t going to be able to rebuild Krusty Land at the end of this quest till I came here to check. Thanks EA for letting us know! This is a land hog. I don’t know how those on lower levels can compete. Kind of dumb that we bought land there that is now unusable and now have to buy land again, sigh. Thanks for all of the info!!!!!

  15. What can we do with the extra Injury 500 track pieces? I tried extending around the building, but the ride wouldn’t work.

  16. Does anyone know if I need 600 I&S monies to get to Level 3, and I craft a Long Track (cost: 1200), do I get to collect the rest of the credit towards upgrading to Level 4? Because Long Track would give me 1200 credit but I only need 600 to get to Crafting Level 3 – so I’m just wondering what happens to the 600 other points.

    Sorry if this is confusing – thank you.

    • Yes on both… The two aren’t related…you could actually level up without buying anything- but, buying acts the same way. You level through buying, or paying to level up…so you might as well buy stuff.. right?

  17. I have a park visitor holding a hotdog that I can’t tap away. Any idea what he’s doing in my Springfield?

  18. I have an unidentified park visitor in my Springfield that I cannot tap away. One holding a hotdog, semi bald. Anyone know who that is and what he’s doing there?

  19. Did anyone buy Krustyland Mystery Box? I mean I wanted those items for my KL but now that I have to rebuilt it in Springfield I’m not sure if it worth it. It is better the other mystery box?

    • As a KEM farmer I bought everything. I just they included everything. Only you can say if something is “worth it”.

  20. Can anybody help me set this up, I keep trying and it won’t work.

  21. Anybody have a fix yet for KL not being able to get nuked? Thanks!

  22. It’s sometimes hard to find the new park visitors because they can go all over the place and blend in with the old ones. Is there a way to keep them in the Park only? Do all the summer concert items come with a character?

  23. talon8770 // rick m.

    What is up with this stupid !$#%*#! race track are the craftable parts supposed to go over the existing track, extend the track or something I haven’t thought of. I can drop a corner on the pit building but it changes the shape of the track, and it wont go anywhere else.

    • With all the craftable parts you can make crazy turns and extend the race track around the whole park if you like. Like the monorail- it is up to your imagination.

  24. ZOOM OUT MORE !!!!!!!!

  25. ashley rainville

    how do i get the other peices to finish the first ride..ive got 3 peices but i need two stuck and frustrated…please help!!!

  26. ashley rainville

    how do i get the other peices to finish the first ride..ive got 3 peices but i need two stuck and frustrated…please help

  27. PROS
    I guess you could call this an update to Krustyland ….. and if you’re like me (I took 1 1/2 days off from this Game App due to CONS / FAILS only to start playing the Event using Bonuts to catch up and I can see I am way ahead of all of my Neighboreenos), then perhaps you welcome what is new (Characters, Buildings, Craftables) and may invest in some Premiums (ie Krustyland Attractions / Rides in the Mystery Box at discount). If you played your cards right, then you got plenty of Land Tokens (free Donuts from EA and New Characters long requested)!

    Act 1 Prizes are mostly worthless (one is a Craftable, one is a Character that I don’t think benefits Event progress, oh gee another Land Token!) Nuking Krustyland didn’t solve problems – it created a huge one by adding more game lag (yes my devices have 4gig Ram)! Progress is painfully slow with this Game App continuing to have Network issues since the Event’s beginning (the FAILS by EA this time are at their Epic worst!)

    I can’t stay in Game App for more then 15 minutes before Network issues (good luck bringing your Krustyland back into your Springfield!) and terrible lag stopping the Game App during nuking of Krustyland (that’s why I gave up on this Game App for more for a day -real life is more important than something EA needs to solve!) 300 Donuts for Scratchy? (Nope! Not even most of the new Premiums are worth the Donuts!) Lackluster Act One Prizes (I think the Craftables are more worthwhile with a Race Cars, Roller Coaster, Log Flume Ride to complete your new Itchy & Scratchy Land!) With 30 Neighboreenos left? Only 12 of them are actually playing (the rest? I gather are refusing to play or have quit the Game App due to frustration. those still Tapping have earned less than what I played catch-up earning under the assumption of what the average earned a day would be!) It’s not worth getting upset over these FAILURES, nor taking one’s frustration out over innocent Customer Service (when the anger should be directed at whoever was responsible for managing this project at EA!) Still a cap total on what you can have in your Springfield (again, good luck recreating your Krustyland!) If it wasn’t for the awesome TSTOADDICTS ? The average Tapper wouldn’t know what to do (EA has done a terrible job introducing this Event), nor how to solve the problems presently occuring (a 3rd Party should not have to handle being the messenger for EA!)

    I can conclude? I will remain a Tapper that mostly Kem Farms / rebuilds my Springfield, only uses Bonuts, rarely visits my continuing to abandon game Neighboreenos (miss you but this Game has made it worthless to visit), will not spend any more real $ on a Game App that’s obviously in it’s last year (EA must have a license that ends when the TV Series does and I believe next season coming up is the final one!) Grateful for the 5 1/2 years of fun, when it’s time I shall move on to the Futurama Game App!

    • Great post. Im Still unable to nuke. But, if you don’t like lag, then futurama won’t make you happy

  28. The moment when you are ready to erase Krustyland, the screen turns black and i am thrown out of the game. bug ?

    • I have the same problem as you. Whenever I go to nuke KL it crashes on me. Frustrating.

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