It’s Event Day!

2nd Update: Guys it’s LIVE!  Check out this post for a bunch of details…working on rundown now

Update: Hey guys so the files have hit EA’s game server, HOWEVER it’s not live in the app stores just yet.  Waiting for word from EA if we can release the info we have at this time.  I will keep you posted on that.
In the meantime, this is promising.  Typically (the last few events) the update hasn’t hit the game files until 4-5pm ET (which is like 4-5 hrs from now)…so we could see the update in the app stores soon.  Fingers crossed!
I’ll keep you posted!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So today is the day…the day the latest event hits TSTO!

It’s business as usual, we have no idea when this event will actually hit the app store.  If recent history tells us anything, it’s likely that the event will hit app stores later this evening…usually around 5-6pm ET. (9-10pm GMT) So we’ll have to see what happens.


And as soon as we can give you guys more info about the event we will…fingers crossed that’s soon!

In the meantime feel free to speculate on the Rumor Mill post from yesterday or hang tight until something hits/we can share more info. Anyone else excited for update Wednesday?!

63 responses to “It’s Event Day!

  1. Juudas Mooses

    Event already started for me on Android

  2. Both Android and iOS have updated over here for the New Event ….. but nobody in this Household can connect (it’s the Bart Simpson Holding Power Cord screen of death!)😬

    EA may have come up with something new and interesting (this Event does look like fun), but the execution of it is pathetic when the servers can’t even handle Tappers wanting to login! 😠👎

    I guess I’ll have to check back later after work (and try to play catch-up tonight) 🤷‍♂️

  3. urrrgg….. all servers busy error message…..can’t….launch………..

  4. Update is live for ios!! Woo hoo. Enjoy tappers

  5. Just a tip for Androiders out there…. For GooglePlay, I could see update in search results but not when I opened the game page. I had to reboot my tablet to get GooglePlay to refresh it’s cache so I could see and install the update.

  6. Update is released on android!!!

  7. Downloading now!

  8. Melissa Oesch

    It’s available for android

  9. Update live on Android,,,woo-hoo,,

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