Itchy and Scratchy Land- Act One Calendar

Well…well…well.  That’s not exactly what I was hoping for…

Let’s just say that I am currently too deep into the “holyfreakinshirt…did they rEAlly do THAT?” mode to be too positive and chatty about the numbers to “get it all” for Act I.

As has been the case over the past few events…there will be some grinding (of teeth in my case), there will be some crafting (maybe less than usual in my case), and there will be a ton of people who are going to freak out when they “are behind” after a day or two.

I’m not really sure just how EAsy this act will be. But, I am certain that because of the idiotic item limits (more about that in another post), I will be making some serious decisions on IF I can even place what I win.

But, strap on the backpack of “happy smiles,” and grimace… Here are the numbers for all of you who want to make sure you can plan your lives around “getting it all.”
As laid out by Alissa in the initial post, what you want to collect are these lovely foam knives…which can also generate Itchy and Scratchy dollars for crafting.
And by the end of the event…you may be wishing that knife wasn’t foam…because you may want to slice up a nice bunch of salad fixin’s and go on a diet from TSTO.  We’ll see.

PLEASE NOTE:  These numbers are on a 24 hour clock…so you aren’t “behind” until you have reached a full 24 hours from the time you started the update. It’s based on PDT…so the dates my be wonky on the final day, as it ends at 6A here in the land of the “Real Springfield.”


And for you folks who “just want the numbers…”  here is the digital version.

I admit…I will have to go back and see if I can remember who the heck “Diane” is. I’m sure she is worth grinding for…at least that’s what I’ll tell myself. At least she won’t count against my overall Item Limit.

Good luck. “Happy Tappin'”

121 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land- Act One Calendar

  1. Since I’ve gotten scratchy land the people and objects on the game are not moving smoothly and parts of buildings disappears and returns any help would be great

  2. Minor correction – I&S money is available at 42,700 – Monday.

    • Yes! I was about to comment on that, too. Did EA quietly bump that to make sure it wouldn’t be too EAsy to complete the prize track?

      • If so then I won’t be getting Diane… like 400 away from getting i&s and just under 3 days to go. Really annoyed now!!

        • Not sure why you wouldn’t make it. I have an account without any premiums and received Diane this morning. Maybe you could spend 5 more minutes a day to collect event currency 4 times a day?

  3. It looks like this should be another stress free event. On my anonymous game (no premiums) I just received the Nurse’s Station.

  4. Can you fix the ‘enlarged’ maps? When you click the image nothing happens. I keep all of these for posterity and I like the large image (sorry for the extra work!)

  5. At first I was just over a day ahead of the calendar thanks to some daily challenges saved up before the event but today I only logged in twice and got the land token which means I am now on schedule.

    • I haven’t thought of that – saving daily challenges before an event, I only saved the first days challenge to dismiss it to get an event challenge

      • This was the first time that I saved 2 daily challenges for an event because usually I get a challenge and complete it quickly during downtime. I do save the challenges 2 days before a new act starts though to get a head start on the currency.

  6. Hmmm… I’ve been trying to click on & open the calendar but I can’t seem to get it to work. 🤔 😬 RachelS

  7. How do I “Move Injury 500 long track to Fill Track Gap” in The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 3?

  8. I took 1.5 Days off from this Game App (that’s how I handled that ‘holyfreakinshirt’ due to Game Lag / Game Freeze), I used Bonuts to play catch up based on what I assumed was earned every 4 Hours 4 Times Daily (now I’m 2 Days ahead of the Event Calendar and light years ahead of those Neighboreenos still playing – gee whiz I guess more stop Tapping?), not impressed by Act 1 Prizes (Crafting Race Car Tracks, Log Flume Ride, Roller Coaster seems more rewarding and less stressful!) but thanks for the Free Land Tokens (and Krustyland Mystery Box gives me the last Ride at 1/2 off!)

  9. Due to recently becoming unemployed, for once I’m already ahead of the game! I already have more foam knives than the Friday total listed in the calendar. Thanks for those by the way, it’s always nice to know where I stand.

  10. Sorry meant act 1

  11. Can’t nuke krustyland without being signed out.if I have wait for forced nuke,can I still complete add 1?

  12. there are a lot of characters and they chose this “Diane” as a price, I’ll keep waiting for a Stone Cutters II event

  13. I have played this game from the beginning. Also, what a joy this site has been that guided me all along the way. Combining the two I have built a beautiful Springfield that I am proud of. Each section of my town takes me back to a time of each event with its up and downs, highs and lows. What a ride for five years!

    However, after all this time, and after the last event, I want to “slice up a nice bunch of salad fixin`s and go on a diet from TSTO”. I have deleted this game now and look forward to new adventures. I will miss the long past achievements of adding a new building or new character to my Springfield, looking back at each and appreciating them for some time. Now they come so fast and furious that I don`t even bother to look at or appreciate them… I miss how casual it was back then when it was so relaxing, compared to today that forces your focus on the “Get it all” mentality. I get how most games now want your full attention to fluff their feathers. I get the give and take…

    It is just not fun anymore. Time to go. Bon Voyage Gang…

    Allisa….. Bravo! What a natural treasure you are. You see a little league kid hitting his first home run. You see a major league hitter hitting his 500 home run. And you know that the thrill and satisfaction of accomplishment that both felt were the same…

    • Lone…I respect your decision. But, remember, you can’t live on salad alone. Right? Might I suggest just taking a few weeks off (how long is this update again?) and pop back to check out what’s next. We have had a ton of players do that…with even longer breaks…and come back with a refreshed attitude. We bloggers…we’re too addicted to quit cold turkey! LOL!

      • I ” gave up ” a while back, lasted for all of a week !!!

      • I’m not long back after 2 years off. I’m now KEM farming for the first time to catch up. I’ve missed so much stuff!

  14. Am I missing something or is there no crafting in act one?

  15. It’s all about the Christmas event format last year. So peaceful..

  16. Did anyone lost all of their neighbors? They were there yesterday and gone today.

  17. Although I’m sure I’ll get it all, I did think “well if I don’t get Diane , who cares? I don’t know who she is anyway.”

  18. Strike is a good idEA! But we should all go on strike. Again 41 days is far too long. And I hate the idEA of levels for crafting. Last event was much better for crafting. I am far over the limit with what I have in town now and it’s causing problems.
    On a positive note, thanks for the calendar! I always freak out at the beginning when I am behind, but I know I will finish it!

  19. I think it’s time to start boycotting these events until these lazy programmers decide to change their format. I will still login to my game just refuse to update and dEAl with all their ish for a bunch of things I really don’t want or need. Perhaps if others are sick of their lack of crEAtivity, and decide to not play what they want to force us to, they will extract their hEAds from their hind ends and do what they’re paid for!

    I just want the game I used to love to feel like fun again!

  20. Not gonna kill myself on Act 1 at least. Really indifferent to me if I get the final prize or not

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