Itchy and Scratchy Land- Prize Guide- Act 1 – Prize 1- The Helicopter

Let’s all breath a sigh of relief. And if that isn’t possible yet, because you are still gnashing your teeth over the glitches in this update, at least BREATH! Right?

After all…we are going to get a handful of prizes, as well as the chance to build a huge, rambling race track (that only makes MOST games lag…not all). But, I digress.

But now, you should have received the Act I Prize #1- The Helicopter!

Let’s take a look at the details…
So. Yes. It is another helicopter that doesn’t really fly.  Ironically, the only helicopter that DOES fly, is attached to that annoying Arnie Pye. His doesn’t actually exist on the ground…it only appears when it is in the air. So, like almost all of the things that fly in this game…about 95% of them don’t fly…and this helicopter is part of that 95%.

But, it does hover…which is technically “flying.”  Of course, me jumping off of a couch (not recommended at my age) is also technically flying…mostly…for a second or less.  But, I digress…

Here are the details.

Prize: Itchy and Scratchy Helicopter
Size: 6×3
Earns: Nothing
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: Grass|Pavement|Boardwalk|Pier|Dirt
What Does It Do: Animated when tapped, hovers like every other flying object
Comes with some dialogue and a task

Itchy and Scratchy Helicopter

Lisa: Come on, Mom! Let’s tour the park aboard the Itchy & Scratchy Helicopter!
Marge: I don’t know…some of those decorations seem slapped on without regard to aerodynamics.
Helicopter Pilot: Aerody-what-ics? What a funny word! Did you just make that up?
Lisa: Must…abandon ship…seatbelt…won’t unbuckle…

TASK: Tap the Itchy and Scratchy Helicopter
Lisa: That was definitely my last helicopter ride.
Helicopter Pilot: And my first!

The same conversation could have been had with an EA programmer. They don’t seem to understand aerodynamics either.

OK. That’s It.

Next PRIZE – Free Land Tile (which I’ll skip) and move onto “The Nurses Station” (which you may need if you ever ride the Itchy and Scratchy Helicopter).

40 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land- Prize Guide- Act 1 – Prize 1- The Helicopter

  1. Although I’ve already complimented EA for the free Building and the 6 Second Build time to start this Event (we have definitely come a long way from having to spend 1 million Simpsons $ and wait 4 Hours Build time), EA also deserves the slow 👏 for the lackluster Act One Prizes (such as this Helicopter, which is definitely not a motivator to keep playing).

    Back to trying to rebuild Krustyland before game lag 😎

  2. Since there have been some helicopters added to the game that EA should add helipads to go with the helicopters. The helicopter I know of are this, Artie’s one, Attack Helicopter, the EPA one and the Hover-copter. I believe that the Itchy & Scratchy Land Helicopter is based on the helicopters from the Jurassic Park series and the logo on this helicopter is also based on the Jurassic Park logo. 🚁🐱🐭🦖

  3. 1tippietippie

    I think I’m experiencing yet another bug. In the past, when I reached my neighbor limit and tried to add a new neighbor, I would get a message telling me I was at capacity. The request would stay in my neighbor request folder. Now anytime I get a neighbor request, and I try to add them, they disappear into thin air. No warning message, they just go away without being added. So if anyone reading this has requested to be my neighbor, apparently I’m at capacity, and it appears I can’t add you in the future as your request is gone. I used to save requests and add people as I deleted neighbors that quit playing.

  4. Processing error? Uninstall and reinstall game. That came from EA. Worked for me.

  5. The Nurse Center is on the prize track but it’s also a craftable item. Lazy EA.

    • i not sure where to look for answers . I put all my items in storage on krustyland and then did the nuke but after that it just freezes and then quits game? any help ?

  6. Greetings Fellow Tappers,
    I’m looking for help to resolve extremely slow response time and “crazy I can’t take it anymore” lag time, I’m experiencing since the Krustyland move. Same issue on my android phone and tablet.
    I’ve removed a lot of animated items. That seems to help a little. I have NO similar problems with friends Springfields, only on my Springfield.
    I haven’t been able to clear my town since the release.
    Do you know what the system requirements are to accommodate the recent release?

  7. Keith1Roon991

    What about the lag, would like to build the race track bigger but pointless if it doesn’t work without the game lagging.
    Holyfreakinshirt!!!!! sorry just love that word

  8. Harold Robinson

    Can’t log in. Have not been able to since last night

  9. Josephine Kick@$$


    I’ve never been bored with the game… before. After looking at all of the craftables, MEH! I hope the 2nd & 3rd acts have some pretty impressive items and this will be worth it all, if not, I’ll want a ride on that helicopter 😂

    • Well…I CAN tell you that there are more/better prizes in Act II. But, I am still on the fence as to how much land I want to commit to a HUGE amusement area in my overall design. We’ll see…

    • I agree, the best item is the land token.
      And I say that even though I have all the tokens from purchasing all the land from the former Krusty Land.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Yep, I already have race track pieces stored, replaced by other smaller items to keep 20%.

        • I stored the race track pieces too I don’t mind about the 20%, I just earned the land token yesterday, so I don’t mind about the other prizes.
          If we could just store ‘injury 500’ I would be happy. 🙂

          I’ve been busy re creating KL
          Itchy and Scratchy land doesn’t exist in my town 😛

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            😂 I’ll have the racetrack, but it will likely only be an oval when it’s all said & done.

            • I haven’t really been visiting neighbours lately, (since there is no way to help them benefit with this event by visiting)

              So I’ve been working on fixing my Springfield and storing away buildings that I like the least to make more room as I keep reaching the item limit 🙁

              I was even “congratulated for reaching the maximum amount of buildings and decorations” yay, thank you EA 😛

              But I will stop by your town again soon to have a look.

              If you stop by my Springfield (which I think I will rename as Krustyland) 🙂 please excuse some areas of my town that I’m redecorating 🙂

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Same here Kitty, especially with the lag. One of my favorite events was the Christmas one where we could drop presents in neighbor’s towns 😃😃

              • Me too, I loved that. 🙂
                I always chose nice when sending the presenst and when opening the presents a neighbour had sent me.
                Maybe EA will bring a similar neighbour interaction like that 1 day…

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Yep, it was fun, I remember wishing there was a way to get more presents to drop 😂

    • 1tippietippie

      Bored? Really? I am LOVING this event! I’m having so much fun redesigning my Krustyland, and looking forward to all of the craftable rides to add. I’ve already used up all of my space that I allocated (and I allocated a HUGE area) that I need even more land to build even MORE rides. Of course, I’m right smack up against the item limits again.. but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

      • I looked at your town…Wow! So much Irchin’ and scratchin’, and growing! I’m actually enjoying this designing as well.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’m placing my KL buildings/rides, but really don’t want to commit too much on decorating since I want to combine the 2 parks together.

  10. I hate those characters flying around on the screen. My Norbert is always on his 24h task not to have him flying around. xD

  11. I got the helicopter was not over enamoured with the task

  12. I love the game but I don’t even have this mission. I’m hoping they fix the bug because the mission never loaded after updating and deleted all of my items in krustyland.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      😂 I thought it was just me, but I let it go. Have to cut the COG some slack, I mean he’s getting old 😏

  13. My same exact thought. “They killed Krusty Land for this”??

  14. I&S Land is gona look pretty bare unless you intrigrate the KrustyLand items into it. I wish they would combine the two menu sections in the inventory screen.
    My biggest question at this time is “will I be able to continue to build & exspand the customizable I&S rides after the update is over and what method will be used to do that”

    • Just like the airport, it seems unlikely that you will be able to get more pieces after the event. I would get as many as you think you might want later. I always kick myself after an event for not getting more track/road/fence/whatever…I end up doing a design months later that could use them. For now, just store them…unlimited storage, after all.

    • By the way, the track pieces will connect without the main building, so if you wanted to build a huge racetrack somewhere in Springfield, you could use thetrack pieces to do it…🏎zoom,zoom🏎…👍😁

  15. Patric, I’m very pleased to say that nothing you’ve ever come out with has bothered me more than you suggesting that jumping off the couch is flying!! 😂😂🧗🏻‍♂️🎖

    Enjoy the nuking of Krustyland!!! 👆🤡💥🔥

  16. Grrrrr…so angry. I still can’t play. I tried to log in but it said I was logged in as some random 16 characters. Obviously had to re login. But can’t. Reset password and still says error logging in.

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