Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 2 Amusement Bonus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Arrangement Bonuses are back again and it doesn’t appear that they’re going anywhere.  This is now the third event in a row where Arrangement bonuses have been featured.  This time around it’s called an Amusement Bonus, same concept different name.

So let’s take a look at how this bonus works for Act 2, how you max it out and what it’ll get you…

We broke down all the basics on the Amusement Bonus during Act 1, you can check it out in this post.

Unlike previous events, the bonus area has not changed for Act 2.  It still remains the area around the Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate…

The bonus max for Act 2 has been increased.  It was 20% for Act 1, it has now increased to 35% for Act 2.

Once you’ve reached 35% (the max for Act 2) your characters will payout 81 .  There (at this time) is no difference between Freemium and Premium Payouts.  Also, crafting currency is not impacted by the bonus %, it remains the same 25 per character no matter what your bonus % is.

Remember, you only have to have 1 square of the item touching the blue area to get the bonus % for it.  It does not have to be completely inside the blue area.

Act 2 added several new items to help increase your Amusement Bonus.  Here’s a look at those items…

Free Items..

Log Ride- 4,800  from prize track.  The complete Log Ride from the prize track earns 6.25%


Log Ride Short Track- 800
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Log Ride Corner- 800
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Log Ride Long Track- 1,600
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Log Ride Plunge- 2,400
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Log Ride Loop- 3,200
Amusement Bonus: 1,5%

And as a reminder, here are the items from Act 1 and what their Amusement Bonus is….

Free Items…

Injury 500 Building- Free
Amusement Bonus: 0.25%

Placing the original Injury 500 from the Store, the Free one for the questline, will award 6.25% bonus.  The original (before crafting anything additional) comes with 1 long track (2%), 4 Corners (1%/ea, 4% total) and the main building (.25%).


Nurse’s Station- 24,900 
Amusement Bonus: .75% (can also craft more once you unlock on the prize track for 4,000 .  Same bonus % awarded)


Injury 500 Short Track- 600
Amusement Bonus:1%

Injury 500 Corner-  600
Amusement Bonus: 1%

Injury 500 Long Track- 1,200
Amusement Bonus:2%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Banner- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Itchy Parking Lot- 2,000 
Amusement Bonus:3%

Scratchy Parking Lot- 2,000
Amusement Bonus:3%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Ticket Booth- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Nurse’s Station- 4,000
Amusement Bonus:0.75%

The best bang for your Itchy & Scratchy buck for Act 2?  Either the Log Ride Short Track, Corner or Long Track.  They all pay out about the same % for  spent.

As far as design is concerned.  You’ve got 3 Acts to fit a lot of Bonus % in, design may not work out so well until the event ends. I know some of you are really big into making these items work around your I&S for the bonus %.  Honestly, I’m not.  It’s a matter of making them items fit, maxing out the bonus % and moving on.  Once the event ends I have entirely different design plans for the buildings and craftables, so that’s when I’ll be moving everything around.

I just don’t think it’s worth stressing over the design right now.  Achieve the bonus % needed, craft what you like and make it work once the event is over.

And that is it my friends, the details for the Amusement bonus in Act 2!

How are you making the items work?  Are you designing now or just getting the bonus % and waiting till the event is over to make a design work?  Where is your bonus % sitting right now? Which items did you use to get there?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

62 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 2 Amusement Bonus

  1. Deborah Burlingham

    How do I get the parade roller to work. How do I get the axe to activate.

  2. I am really glad that there is not a lot of items to craft that isn’t a extension for the rides because the only items I want to craft multiples of at the end of the event is the parking lots, ticket booths, the weirdos in Act 3, and maybe another Nurse’s Station. I have already got all the track pieces I need for the Injury 500 and am currently working getting more of the log ride pieces. My bonus is already 33% so there is no need for me to get the pieces for the bonus but now for the design.

  3. I’m so ready to quit this game. This event has been terrible for me. It will let me play 5 minutes then I get the Bart screen. I feel so behind because of this. I try to organize my land it shuts die. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve disabled the race track in hopes it’ll help.

  4. Clare Holland

    Yeah I’m trying to keep it neat but it’s sooo frustrating not being able to see either of these new rides in motion because of the serious lag it causes… 🙁

  5. I don’t care about the design yet. My whole town is still a huge mess after nuking two month ago. Trying to get from plopper to design isn’t that easy at all. My biggest problem was how to include everything that is not Springfield. But KISland is the solution to all my problems, so I will do a grand redesign of everything anyway afterwards. But will keep my SH area for plopping… There should be a place for that. Like the closet where just throw things in and close the door 😉

  6. come check out my Krustyland and I+S Land for inspiration. Level 268 and fully rebuilt Kland. In I+S have fully built and almost done with log ride.

    player ID: 7O457 (that’s a capitol O)

  7. 1tippietippie

    OK, I’ve tried and tried and tried to design around the bonus area, but alas…. I haven’t been able to make it work. So, tonight, I’m officially joining the ranks of being a plopper. At least a temporary plopper. As much as it pains me, I will dismantle my amusement park design, and squish it all in and make it a mess. *sigh!*

    • Tippie…take a look at mine. I am keeping some design integrity, and staying “in the blue lines.” My Friday Filler is about this tomorrow as well…

      • 1tippietippie

        Patric, you did a really nice job with your amusement area. I see how you put the track and the log flume right at the entrance. I’ll have to take out some roads and move things around but this isn’t easy for me. I was never very good at coloring within the lines. I’ve always been a free spirit. :).

    • Don’t despair Tippie, I had to rearrange my whole area to make it work. I had to move my gate back away from the “edge of the world” so that I could use the entire blue zone (it’s larger than I thought). I also decided to downsize the race track, since we don’t need 2 sets of stuff earning a bonus…or you could move the racetrack out of the blue zone entirely. Come by and see what I did, if you like…I’m currently at 35% and it’s not too crowded at all. I hope they fix the lag issue with the track before the end of the event…Id like to have it just outside the park, but it’s staying in storage until I know it won’t cause any more problems.

      • Ebron, yes, I did come by and took a look. You’re way ahead of me in the game. I haven’t even unlocked the log flume loop yet… so I’m kind of stuck with the track for now. Fortunately though, my track doesn’t cause the lag. My recycling center does. That’s why I save the recycling center tasks until I’m almost finished tapping. Tonight, I got rid of paths and stored some rides. I just plopped pieces of track and the log flume any which way in the blue area for now. Looks pretty crappy.. but at least now I’m getting the full bonus.

  8. Anyone else notice that in the initial formation the entrance to the ride is inside the loop?

  9. I did what someone else suggested, and turned all the turns with the tires burning around and the game picked right up. I also turned one turn in the log ride. Its not how it was but its better than it was before I did this. I also turned 1 track in the monorail.

  10. I think the event is quite achievable without worrying so much about the bonus in act 2 or 3. 😎

    The design elements to this event are superb! You can combine anything and everything into the new rides centres. My large race track alone took me up to 20% in act 1 and then to my surprise pushed me further up to 35% in act 2. Just build what you want, when you want and where you want. I’ve got KL stuff in my itchy and scratchy land that doesn’t give a bonus. Am I going to move it? No… I’m having fun designing inbetween the 4hrs wait. ☺

    Or like Alissa says cram it all in and wait for it to all be over… 🖒

    • I think you’re right. Even if it goes to 50%, probably we will achieve it with act 1 and 2 stuff.
      If not i will move some things, but i have the feeling there will be not that much moving necessary.

    • Alissa said “cram it”….haa-haaa!

      • 1tippietippie

        Ebron, how much is your bonus in the blue lines. It looks like you aren’t really worrying about it?

        • I’m actually at 35%…my 4 parking lots are barely in the blue zone, so they add 12%…then there’s the nurse house, the banner, the main Injury 500 bldg, 5 ticket “bombs”, and all the log ride stuff. It all added up to just the right amount and it looks better than when the race track was there. The secret is getting the parking lots just close enough to count, but not take up any space needed for the rides.

  11. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Act 1 had a 20% Bonus
    Act 2 has a 35% Bonus
    Act 3 will have a ??% Bonus – wanna guess ~50% (another 15%)
    Find a way to put those Bonus Producers in the proscribed area.

  12. Here is a quick video of my design showing the bonus area.

  13. But if fun in this laggy game, president lisa, lucius and quimby giving a speech, didn’t work to well, Quimby at the back

    • Hah, nice. Lucius Beeblebrox!

      Taking the game’s persistent bugs in stride is easier when they’re benign like this.

  14. I didn’t have a lag in act 1, but now it’s lagging quite a lot. Not really unplayable but very annoying. For the time being i disconnected the cart race, but i hope they will fix it. What’s the point of having those rides if you can’t use them. I like the things like that (including monorail).
    Overall, at first i hated the krustyland things in my SF, now i do kinda like it. With KL and I&S, i might want to design a nice theme park, including Praiseland and other stuff that doesn’t really fit in a normal town.

    • My game is completely frozen, no matter what I do as soon as I clear my characters from the staff rides in the I&S land gate it completely freezes and has been that way for over 24 hrs now. If not fixed by tomorrow will definitely be deleting the app and never touching it again and I’ve been tapping since day one.

      • Have you tried a hard close of your device…that clears the cache. If you can then get in, store all your track pieces immediately, piece by piece (you can’t store the main building, but it doesn’t seem to be the problem) and see if your game is back to normal.

        • Unfortunately it has nothing to do with track pieces, I sent the 10 people to do what ever task for the second expensive expansion quest and every time I clear the quest the characters don’t appear they just stay hidden like their stuck in the quest I guess. And I’ve waited, hard reset, and uninstalled, every thing you can do, but it still freezes as soon as I clear them and that’s it I’m locked out of my game.

          • I think someone a couple days ago had the same issue with trying to complete this task. She spent 2 donuts to pull Marge out in the middle of the 4 hrs, then immediately sent her back on task. It broke the loop and she was able to continue. Worth a try…😕.

            • Can’t, completely locks up, I can log in and hard close and because I was really close to earning my 3 bonuts it actually saves my donut collection I could log In like every 5 seconds and earn 3 donuts over and over again. I’ve tried lol. But as soon as I tap on the I&S thing everything freezes. EVERYTHING. And I have a iPhone 8 128g and no other games or music, this is literally the biggest app on my phone.

              • Ok, last ditch effort…can you store the buildings that the trapped characters are tied to? Marge and Moe are tied to Moe’s, so try storing Moe’s, pull it out and resend them on the task -not thru the I&S gate, don’t touch it – but thru their own task lists. Maybe this will break the loop. Goodluck😊.

              • Hillaryroses

                Don’t touch the gate afte you clear everyone, because that screen makes everything freeze. Find Marge via the Office of Unemployment and rush her task, and then send her on the same one that everyone is stuck on. If that doesn’t work, try what Ebron suggested – as this weird glitch has actually hit me twice! My suggestion worked the first time, then when I got stuck again, I stored the first building I could find that was tied to a character (the church from the last event with the ghosts, I think), hard closed, opened, cleared everyone again and then they were finally free. The characters getting stuck in the gate thing is super weird! Since I’ve gotten it twice, I’m assuming it will happen again if there is another “Send Springfielders to do Whatever” task.

  15. If you are having lag issues, don’t complete the circuit. Ie, shift a segment one tile off. Once the circuit / track forms a complete loop, the lag of both rides kills everything in terms of easy movement.

    • Thank you, I was about to throw my tablet out. I am suffering from lagarama.

    • Also if you’re not fussed about design at this moment in time and are waiting until the event is over, turn the corner pieces so that there is no fire burning the tires. That extra animation for 4+ corner pieces must contribute to the lag as well.

  16. I really wish they’d get rid of this arrangement bonus nonsense unless they’re going to start letting us just buy open land again instead of getting tokens. I thought they switched to the tokens because they weren’t going to be adding much new land to the game but then they went ahead and added a ton before this event.

  17. No. That’s it. I’m out. First this huge race track taking up all your space, now put this huge log ride in that same confined area. I didn’t like the put this here for bonus bit anyway. I’m out, after 6 years I’m deleting the app. Farewell

    • 🤷‍♀️ seems like strange final straw..considering you can redesign anyway you want when the event is over but okie dokie

    • Also, you don’t need to have the Log Ride or Race Track completed to have any bonus, so there’s no point in completing the track (at least the race one) while the second and third events are going. I made sure mine works, then I disassembled it & just put all the pieces in one pile in the corner…

      • I sent everybody to work at the I&S entrance…that gave me 4 hours to delete the track and build the log ride to get my 20% bonus back. With over 12,000 crafting cash saved, 4 parking lots (12%), 3 ticket booths, the nurses station, the banner, and the main Injury 500 building, I was able to build the log ride back up over 20% before everybody’s 4 hour jobs were done and didn’t miss any bonus. I turned the Injury main building into a bumper car track and left the rest stored…don’t need them and they really cause a lot of lagginess. Have my log ride completed today…it’s lots more fun than the track!

        • GMTA! I agree completely ebron. After watching Charles’ vid up above, I was just thinking that I liked the look of the log ride much better & don’t care as much for the i500. I’ll probably inventory it in favor of the new ride. RachelS

  18. I’m of the same mindset as Alissa. Packing items in for the bonus percent. I will worry about design at the end of the event. There are still a lot of items coming, so it is difficult to plan what the final design will look like. My plan is to have K-Land and I&S Land be two sides of one giant park. So while the I&S side is in shambles, I’ve been designing the K-Land side.

  19. I’m doing a combo of designing and plopping for max bonus %

  20. claudiojr6515

    Boring event, boring prizes, boring crafting..

  21. Keith1Roon991

    Normally i design as I go along but this time it’s plopperville and maxing the bonus %, that way I get the pieces i need, the water ride looks like it could be a fun attraction to my town but as it doesn’t work it will end up in storage, along with a lot of this events stuff, think I might end up with a small amusement park incorporating krustyland/i&s and my Jurassic area and western area that might leave some land for other events.

  22. I’m trying to make my Injury500 and Log Ride take up as little room as possible, so the can go around both of them. That’ll make it easier to move I&SL into a KL expansion..

  23. I got the ride as soon as I could log in yesterday with daily challenges saved and 10 freemium characters tasked but it took another few taps to unlock crafting the sections.
    The act 1 crafting and the log flume starter bundle bonus means I’m already over 35% and by the end I’ll probably have enough bonus to max act 3 before it starts so I can place the ride for that without worrying if there’s enough blue area left

  24. Anyone having the problem of the game freezing up every time you try to send characters on staff rides? Every time I click on the I&S thing to send people it freezes and same with clicking the upper right icon, I’ve hard stopped and deleted and reinstalled and it still locks up every time. Have t been able to play since yesterday morning.

    • Just me hua? Damn I’m still completely unable to play.

    • Is your Injury 500 track disabled? That will help (pull one piece over one square to disable the riders animation). You might also try turning the pieces with smoke so that the animation is gone. I actually stored all my track pieces (since we have the log ride now) and it helped a lot.

  25. If this system continues into Act 3, things are going to get very crowded in my I&S themepark!

  26. If the same system continues into Act 3, things are going to get very crowded in my I&S themepark.

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