Itchy and Scratchy Land Last Chance Premiums!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday! Today, premium items from Acts 1 and 2 of Itchy and Scratchy Land have made their way back to our stores!  So if you missed out on getting them the first time around, now is your chance!  The items will be in stores until the event ends on the 11th…so you don’t have a ton of time to make up your minds.

To help you, I’ve linked the SIB posts for all the Act 1 and 2 Premiums (that have left our stores earlier) here.  You can also access ALL of the I&S Premium SIB posts through the I&S Event page here. Now, here’s the list for Acts 1 and 2…

Jeremy and Nickel ‘n’ Dime Animation

TGI McScratchy’s

Squeaky Voice Attendant and Soarin’ Over Springfield

Talent Agency and June Bellamy

Roger Meyers Story

Did you miss out on any of these the first time around?  Will you be picking them up this time?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Last Chance Premiums!

  1. Squeaky Voice Attendant (a SKIN for Squeaky Voice Teen) + Soarin’ Over Springfield (Building) – I spent sprinkles on this combo, because this is what an Event Prize should have been (and they fit perfectly in my Itchy & Scratchy Land / Krustyland section)! 😀

  2. EA finally decided to address my rollback glitch. Took 3 tickets and 3 months. It was probably the worst customer service situation I ever experienced. I lost all the progress from the crime event and 2 acts of I&S. For this I got 1000 donuts – according to the top level support person, that was the most ever given out (1000 sounds like a lot, but I average over 100 farmed donuts a day – I lost over 3000 donuts worth of content). If it wasn’t for him spending 45 minutes on the phone with me, I was done. Just opened up the log ride craftables yesterday. I will miss out on the giant coaster as I’m sure they will not make those parts available in the future. Such a shame as I really enjoyed the content for this event.

    The only positive is that I can pick up some of the premium stuff with the extended availability.

    What make this really frustrating is that this is the second “fix” of the roll back glitch and I still don’t have several event items working like the giant tree or money mountain. uhg.

    • They fixed my issue with the glitch 4 days before the current event. I lost all my Springfield Job content (most especially Nana Sophie Mussolini) and I got 600 donuts… I know that feel…

    • I’m sorry for your frustrations. I realize EA customer service isn’t at fault …. but I hope EA takes note of this Game glitch and makes sure it goes away. Let’s hope the rest of your Tapping is glitch free …

  3. Keith1Roon991

    Bought TGI for my parents island, would have liked squeaky voiced teenagers costume and building but not at 100 donuts

  4. I only really wanted Side Show Mel, but my park design didn’t leave any room for him. I might just have to get him anyway before the event ends.

  5. Historyguy303

    Any idea if bonuts will be a thing at the end of this event? I got the corporal and am just about to finish his quest line. I’m not sure if i need to keep sending everyone on the task to collect event currency.

    • Yep…. I got the Corporal Thursday…been collecting Bonuts ever since.

    • Yes, you can get bonuts after getting Corporal Punishment, however, you need to complete the 2 main questlines for Act 3 (Jealousy Becomes Him part 6 & The Wildest Ride part 3). You need to complete the two 4 hour tasks for Krusty and Corporal Punishment to finish JBH and reach 50% Amusement Bonus (the max) at the gate while also having crafted the Zoominator Plunge (unlocks at level 10 crafting and cost 3000 crafting currency) with it placed in the bonus area. You get bonuts from collecting 4000 prize track currency each time.

  6. I just want to know one thing, how was Poochie not a character in this event? I had donuts set aside all event for him.

    • Excellent question…

    • fallsd0wnstairs

      Possibly due to the Poochie NPC.

    • Initially I wasn’t expecting him because the story of the presence of I&S in the “real world” moves around Frink machine and Quimby desire to give the park something better than “hire teenagers to wear walk-around costumes”. –> Poochie was not a well received character so no reason to bring him alive…

      Then 5 days later they released the not so important Ms. Mouse… :/
      At least is not Klu Klux Clam…

  7. oktober10aussie

    Don”t have Roger Myer Story or TGI. Would like TGI for my Parents Island. Might buy it in a few days.

    Don’t have the donuts right now as I grabbed French Waiter from the Vault. Such an awesome character! 😀

  8. So bored.
    What’s next?

  9. I just finished the event’s last quest line with Corporal Punishment. I feel dead inside. That event was the worst. What am I doing with my life?

    • Yikes!!! I truly hope you are not gauging the value of your life on a mobile device game. But…trust me…blogging about this event made me question a lot as well.

      • No of course not. I just like finishing what I start, but it’s summertime and I question devoting precious moments to my phone. In fairness, itchy and scratchy were a fun addition and seriously, I love that you’re a crazy cool Simpsons fan doing your thing!!

  10. I got them all because of my donut farming.

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