In-Game Update: Event Teaser “Moe’s Ark”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA has delivered an event teaser to our games. So for all of you looking for more downtime…you’ve got it.  This teaser will start today and end next Wednesday (Aug 1st), which is likely when the next event will start.

So what’s inside this teaser?  Not a whole lot.  Some minor dialogue and a free decoration…

And that’s really it.  So those who asked for a break, you’ve now got a full week with nothing else going on in the game to enjoy that break…

Oh and there is this teaser for what’s ahead in the system message…

“Cartoon animals might be a thing of the past, but what about real ones? Find out what new attraction is coming to Springfield soon!”

What does this mean for the next event?  Will we really get Moe’s Ark?  Only time will tell.  But keep in mind last time we got the Cayman Island Banker and the update was Itchy and Scratchy Land…

Thoughts on the teaser? What do you think the next update will bring? Disgruntled Goat now? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

73 responses to “In-Game Update: Event Teaser “Moe’s Ark”

  1. Zoooooooo! That would be so cool and definitely due with all the zoo visits through out the show.

  2. 1 land token in a 2 week event. Nothing this week. 150 available…and I’m one of the ones who got all 100 from KL. Seriously at this rate it’ll take a decade to get the land. This has GOT to change.

  3. I hope they put all the hard to get animals from the past in mystery boxes, so we can get them.

  4. For those of you who (like me) don’t remember any of these characters (goat, clams or ants)🤔…a clip…😁

  5. I don’t think it has been mentioned yet but the Itchy & Scratchy Land buildings and decorations don’t play their sounds anymore when tapped after this update. I don’t know if any of the characters lost their voices as well since I don’t have any of the premium characters from the update but I do have Itchy but haven’t checked if he still is voiced.

  6. At the moment I am still busy working my way through all the quest lines left over from the last event. It is taking a while since I only log in once a day (if that…). In my B game I am still working on the last part of the quest. Luckily EA always leaves the last open quest after ending those mini-events, so I will be able to get Poochie’s car eventually.

  7. Disclaimer: I know you all don’t control adds here, and I appreciate the adds because they help you and usually don’t bother me.
    Anyone else getting the pop up spam “you win” adds recently? I have, and I don’t like them at all. They make me leave the site.
    I love you all tsto addicts, and don’t blame you.

    • We don’t control the pop-up takeovers. We are as annoyed as you.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      I and others have experienced this annoying intrusion, though personally, it has been a while for me.
      I have had to deal with the same thing, on occasion, on other internet sites.
      My suggestion, grit your teet, close out and re-enter – and plot ways to introduce red ants into the pants of the vile person responsible.

    • Those pop up for me when i check email, ebay, wish, my Cubs site, EVERYWHERE! Whats worse is i NEVER even get what I’ve won!😡Lol

    • This is how I get rid of them…first, turn on “airplane mode”(no wifi access) , next delete your browser, then go to settings “privacy” and turn off and delete all cookies. Lastly, do a hard close of your device.
      Now, restart. Go to settings and change back to your normal “cookies” settings (whatever it is). Get out of airplane mode (wi-fi is back) and go to your app store and re-install your browser. You should now have a clean copy with no imbedded cookies that hijack your device. Good luck.😁

  8. What is moes ark?

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