The Addicts Want To Know: All About You the 5 Year Blogiversary Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Can you believe it’s almost our FIVE Year Anniversary?!  Yea, that’s right I said FIVE YEARS!  We’ve been blogging here at TSTO Addicts for nearly 5 years!  How crazy is that?!  On on Tuesday, August 14th we will be celebrating 5 Years since we starting bringing you Tapped Out Coverage! Holy Jebus we’ve been doing this a long time!  Some faces may have changed, although Wook and I are still 5 years strong, it’s for sure way longer than I think any of us originally thought!   We’ve been blogging here at TSTO Addicts for nearly 5 years!  How crazy is that?!

So…on that note, just as we’ve done for every Blogiversary in the past…we figured let’s get to know more about YOU! (this is a feature we know a lot of you love)

Yes that’s right…we want to know more about our AMAZING Community of Tappers we have here at TSTO Addicts so we’ve put together another little poll ….the results of which we’ll share in the coming days!   So we hope that you’ll take a minute to answer the poll questions so we can learn more about you, and you can learn more about each other!

If you’re having trouble using the form above, here’s the direct link:

Addicts 5 Year Blogiversary Poll

Thanks for being a part of the AWESOME Community here at TSTO Addicts & for taking the time to participate in our poll!  You guys seriously rock!! 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to ask us your questions on those post for our traditional Blogiversary Q&A!

Have you participated in any of our last polls? (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years)  What do you think the results will show this time?  How long have you been a part of Addicts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 🙂

45 responses to “The Addicts Want To Know: All About You the 5 Year Blogiversary Poll

  1. Jimmy Necessary

    When you do this poll again next year, for the Most Favorite/Least Favorite Major Event/Mini Event questions, please give us the option to be able to choose more than one answer that may apply to each question. I ask this because there’s more than just one event that I may consider as being my most favorite or least favorite event. Also, maybe you could include questions (with check boxes) asking players what their most favorite/least favorite characters/buildings/decorations are with a list of choices for each question.

    • By definition its your most favorite and least favorite…can only be one. Multiple choice isn’t an option. M

      • Jimmy Necessary

        I understand that, but I can’t always choose just one choice because there are many times when there is more than one thing that like, and sometimes those things are tied for first place.The same can also be said for all of the things that I dislike.

        • Yup but the point is im forcing you to make a specific choice. Otherwise the results are skewed.

          • Jimmy Necessary

            Okay, well, then how about adding an additional comments section for those questions that is an optional field to fill out and therefore would not affect the results from the required fields of the poll.

            • That’s what these comments are for. If I put a comment section in the poll there no one would see it but me. That’s why we open it up for you to elaborate in the comments here, so everyone can see

  2. Congratulations for the anniversary and thanks for all the informations and laughs. Keep up the good work and -more important- good humor 🙂

  3. Have Long Time Tappers gotten more synical? 🤔

    Are we less patient for Content we’ve requested from EA over the years that still hasn’t shown up? 😣

    Shouldn’t we still have fun Tapping as long as we can Kem Farm? 😌

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one more Level Update (OG style) before the Game App goes buhbye? 👍

    Can you believe I’ll be 50 and started Tapped Out when I was 44? 😱

    Has it been 3 different Android Devices since I started Tapping? 🤔

    Will the Mrs and the 2 Cats appreciate the fact I Tap less and we Go Out more? 😂

    Does Work still lol whenever Homer Simpson yells from my phone “Better you then Me!” ? 😋

    Stay Tuned (or Tombed) for Halloween 2018 🎃

  4. I’d like to take a poll of my own…If I’m allowed.. Are “that’s what she said jokes” Via the Office still funny? I personally have a problem, I can’t stop


    To put into Simpsons context

  5. A early happy happy 5th anniversary in case I don’t get to it in time .
    It’s been a long road and we seen a lot of people come and go here’s to another hundred .

    See ya bye . 👽

  6. So grateful New Zealand was an option for a country 😅😂

  7. Done and done. I like both mini and regular events 😀

  8. I assume on the question about mini events vs level updates, you mean mini events vs major events, since level updates have been gone for quite a while now. You might want to update that question.

  9. Every time you do a poll like this, I end up just randomly putting down what event was my favorite or least favorite because of the way you have it in the question. Having choices like Stonecutters, Superheroes, etc would make more sense to me. I’ve been playing since the beginning and I couldn’t tell you what the Winter 2014 event was, or the Halloween 2013, etc. So I guess instead of giving an actual answer.

    • I’m not sure what you’d like me to do. Leave those events out? Give a detailed description of each event? Those events are called winter followed by the year and THOH/Halloween followed by the year. So not sure what else you want me to call them.
      Stonecutters was called Stonecutters…

    • I have chemo brain so i have a really hard time recalling everything about an event so i had to keep opening my game and going to the character collections to see if looking at the characters that came with those events would help jog my memory. It really helped. Maybe that would give you a more educated guess instead of just a random guess? I dunno. It helped me a lot. I got to those questions and went ah geeze that’s gonna be tough.

  10. I like a bunch of the older THOH, (Zombies, Brain Aliens, etc) but couldn’t decide so I picked Stonecutters. Hard to believe Stonecutters and Clash of Clones were in same year.

  11. I think you left off one checkbox about Family…How about Grandkids?? I have a bunch! You did remember kids…I have a bunch of those too…which are required to have grandkids, as I recall.

  12. Hi fellow tappers! Thought I’d finally introduce myself. 😊 I’ve been playing TSTO for 2 years – I started about midway through the SciFi event. My siblings had been playing the game obsessively for awhile, so I had to finally see what the fuss was about. Now I’m the addict! I found this site about 6 months later and have been reading regularly ever since. I have to thank you all for the great info I have found here. It has helped me figure out strategy (thank you mystery boxes!), designing ideas, and is really just a great way to learn more about The Simpsons. I jumped into donut farming around Xmas 2017 and now I can get most of the premium game content I want. I also spend real cash when there are character combos.
    A huge THANK YOU to Alissa, Patric, Wookie, and Safi for all your hard work in keeping up this site! I am always checking for event info, and to make sure I don’t miss anything. And I love the community that has grown here. I enjoy learning about all my fellow Tappers!
    Still trying to figure out my Itchy-Scratchy-Krustyland, so have been enjoying a bit of downtime before the next event. And we’re entering into the best time of year with Halloween and Xmas!!

  13. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    You are truly a wonder – blogging, answering questions, setting up polls and handling a REAL life and work & commute
    Ah, well, in about a month the latter should fall away. Or both. Then you can devote all your time to US! Bwa-ha-ha!

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      Truly, truly, truly — I admire your energy.

      • If it makes you feel better….when I first started this blog I used to go to bed at 1 or 2 (sometimes 3 or 4 am) and be up by 645a for work. Now I’m in bed by 10 each night (sometimes 930) and drag my butt outta bed at 715 lol. So energy is there, just takes a lot of sleep lol

    • lol I’ll still end up working on maternity leave. Too many people depend on me, but it’ll be nice to be home.

  14. talon8770 // rick

    It’s starting!! IOS anyway. ” Disgruntled goat ” just jumped into my game while I was trying to arrange krusty land. Looks like the devil dolls. Its also a booth

  15. Oops, I selected ‘Donut Farmer’ even though I just started farming last week. I’m also a hybrid freemium/premium and completest player, as well as a monster !

  16. I find it funny that for the survey question of how long we’ve been tap-tap-tapping, you didn’t put a middle ground between “2 years” and “EVER”. I’ve been tapping for four years — I started during the middle of the Clash of Clones event — and I think I found your website not long after I started, right about the time that I put my username on one of the “I need friends!” posts on another website. (I kind’a wish I’d just used one of the lists here for that instead, as I never really go back to that other site anymore.)

    • I used to do it for each and every event. But at 5 years there are a LOT of events (30+) to mark in there as a starting point, so I had to reduce it down.

      • Oh sure, and I don’t blame you; this stuff gets hard to keep track of pretty quickly. I do think it would have enhanced the overall experience if I had taken some time to get to know the different communities, before deciding where to post that friend request, though.

  17. There was no question to specify how crazy, in fact, is that. 😉

  18. Put my response that I visit Once a day – But I actually visit the page multiple times a day. (The page is a permanent “open” tab on my iPad when I open up Safari (Internet), but I check to see if there’s a new post a few times a day.)

  19. Happy 5 years!! This site makes playing the game exponentially better, thanks for working so hard to keep us informed!

  20. TallSpiderCandy

    Congrats and thank you all for everything that you do!! Have a lovely day!! : )

  21. Poll not working for me

  22. Even when I click on the direct link it says year 4 not available

  23. I love these

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