Episode 34- Just Monkeying Around

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It’s time to get a little wild in our Pocket-sized towns, as the Zoo Update (Moe’s Ark) is in full swing!  Everything from Lions and Tigers and Emus…oh my!  In this episode, we’ll share our thoughts about the new update, content, Sarah Wiggum and day-old donut unfairness!
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

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22 responses to “Episode 34- Just Monkeying Around

  1. Wow, what an episode I missed. (I was driving to my 20th High School Reunion when you all were doing the live episode.) Just catching up now on the live episode. I agree that the donut deal should be the same for everyone. Out of curiosity, I chekced out the Gil deal of dounuts being offered. I’ve never spent any real money on the game and log into my main game 5 times a day and got the Truckload of donuts deal for $9.99. My main game has over 430 dounuts in it and I’m at level 321. My B game, which I also don’t spend any real money on, gets logged into 1-3 times a day depending on the event. (I use it to help my main game.) My B game is at level 286 with a little over 280 donuts and I got the Boatload of donuts deal for $19.99.

    I also agree nothing is random in this game. I’m guessing the donut deal is not only based on how much money is spent on the game, but also what level you’re on and/or how many donuts you currently have. I’m guessing that’s more the case for me since I don’t spend any real money on the game. But it shouldn’t matter what status your game is in or how much you spend on the game. It should be the same for everyone.

  2. Like every other event, l’m indifferent. Nothing amazing, Nothing awful

    I voted this, however, I’m not a pessimist for each Event …. 🤔

    I just feel Events need to start strong in Act 1, get stronger by Act 2, and not go to 💩 by Act 3 !

    Act 1 finished strong with a great Character who helps earn Event Currency (it’s one of the kids and it’s a girl) without leaving all the good stuff only obtained by spending Sprinkles on Premiums (we did have some nice surprise Characters, some great Bonus % boosters to spend Donuts on!)

    EA should know already when they blow it (that’s when Tappers start leaving the game!) so there’s zero excuses for offering up 💩 as the last Act Prize which doesn’t help earn anything (that just doesn’t encourage grinding for it!)

  3. This poll is too heard to the negative. I had to put down Awesome even though I don’t think this event deserves it. I just refuse to say that I didn’t like it at first and it’s growing on me…because that’s not true at all. I like it enough and I am enjoying the mystery boxes a lot and look forward to Sarah etc.

  4. So I have a quick question about something I just noticed, EA opened up a section of land specifically for this event, why is the bonus percentage area larger than this plot of land, and why can’t I use land tokens to expand around it? For those that maxed out their space this really restricts their zoo event. Also, I could be wrong but I thought I heard of people having issues moving the zoo area to other places in their Springfield.

  5. It’s great to see you guys “in real life” 😄😍

  6. Angry Alissa, best Alissa.

  7. Will Safi ever get pissed off at something?

  8. I thought maybe the boatload was aimed at all the people who left the game for the last couple months after the rollback glitch…trying to woo them back?

  9. Wow Alissa, I love it when you get your dander up!

  10. On the donuts, I have 5 games, it was random – some I got the boatload, some the lesser deals.

  11. Thanks for the poll. In conjunction with the antecdotal info in the comments, IMO it sends a decent view of what the players think to EA.

  12. I kinda like being able to craft multiples of the enclosures…each one has pretty nice accesory/nature pieces that can be used after the event. The main pieces will get stored, but the extra pieces will get used all over my town.

  13. On the calendar, start on the first “full” day.

    • If you have zero for the first day everyone will be ahead to start with. The daily average will be higher, but since your bonus % increases over time people will be able to meet that higher daily average.

  14. Poor Ralph! If Mrs Wigum really ends up costing 300 Donuts he is going to remain motherless in this town anyway. 🙁

  15. I’m really enjoying this event so far I think it’s one of the best events we have had this year I am thrilled that we got Allison Taylor she’s been one of those characters I’ve been wanting in the game for a long time. I’m also pretty happy we are getting Brittany Brockman as well I didn’t think they were going to add her at least not for a while but I’m glad we got her. As for Sarah Wiggum I think it’s about time they are giving us her I will definitely be picking her up no matter what the donut price is. I also like that there’s no crafting and that we’re not really grinding as much and instead we’re just upgrading buildings.

    When are going to see addicts live blogevsary video?

    Alissa: what is your due date?

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