Moe’s Ark Act II Prize Guide – Slimu Auditorium

I’m not going to go into the tragically sad reality that surrounds the history of the killer whale on which this prize is based.  But, you can find it here…

Needless to say, it may be the reason that the animators chose to just animate a shadow of a whale in Slimu’s Auditorium. Or not… After all, the animators and writers  aren’t exactly known for being PC.

Whatever the case…the 3rd Prize in Act II is in fact the Slimu Auditorium…which is really more of an homage to what was, rather than what is, as the flags wave, and a shadow swims…but there is no jumping.

Which is weird…because we already have a jumping killer whale.

For those of you who have the “Wet and Smokey” stunt show for Krusty Land (which was fashioned after the huge “Water World” show at Universal Hollywood), you see a killer whale jump when a cannon is fired.

No wonder Shamu went nuts on a trainer!  But I digress…

Yes…I moved all of my aquatic related items over to a location far, far away from my zoo.  I have loads of extra land…just not by the zoo. Go figure.

Can’t say that I am a fan of keeping whales in enclosures, any more than I am a fan of doing the same with large animals. But,  in TSTO, we are only in the cartoon world of the past…and thankfully, places like SeaWorld have seen the error of their ways. 

I know…I know…it’s a game…and these aren’t real. So, we’ll move on.

The DETAILS for Slimu Auditorium

Act 2, Prize 3- Slimu Auditorium

Size: 10×9
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $120,12xp/6hrs
Task: Moe has a permanent 4hr task there (Clean Slimu Tank)
What Does it Do: Animated when in use, shadow of Slimu appears in water. Flags wave
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +10
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt

Questline When Placed: Slimu Auditorium
Larry Ladkill starts
Larry: I don’t care what kind of arthritis you claim to have. You need to clean Slimu’s auditorium.
Moe: Did I say arthritis? I meant chronic allergies to any form of physical labor.
Larry: Whatever, just get it done.
TASK: Moe Moe Clean Slimu Tank-
4hrs, $175,45xp

Yep…that is some outstanding dialogue there!  Great job writers! 

OK… keep grinding and you’ll earn Prize 4 – 3,000 Sanctuary Grants…and then
PRIZE 35- The Great Plains!

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  1. Before my argument for orcas in captivity I would like to clear up one misconception about Killer whales, they are NOT WHALES they are the largest species in the dolphin family this can be seen by the dominant dorsal fin on its back only dolphins have this whales do not, also they are commonly called killer whales because they literally “kill” “whales” in the wiled mostly juvenile humpback whales. Also they have never purposely attacked or killed a human in the wild.

    When I was in secondary school (high school for Americans) 3 years ago I actually did some coursework on Blackfish and keeping Orcas in captivity. I ended up being on the side of keeping them in captivity but with major improvement to how they are kept and handled. the way that I would improve the conditions for the Orcas is that like with any other animal create a habitat similar to its natural habitat so with the orcas the major thing is to significantly expand the enclosure by width, length and depth, they have enough flat open car parks to do so and if they wanted to still have many guests they should just build multilevel car parks. They should also hire more marine biologists and conservationists to help to improve the orcas living conditions so that they can live longer like many other animals in captivity. Also another factor is that having the animal live in front of you generally gives you more empathy for the animal and you are more likely to inspire children to protect the environment and to donate to help to protect the species in the wild more than seeing it on a screen.
    They could even start up a reintroduction breeding program that has been successful with many other animals to increase genetic diversity.
    (link to images of comparison between orca tanks and car parks)

    • Somehow…it is just difficult for me to see the benefit of any camptivity. I understand research…but turning captives into circus performers just feels wrong.

      • I am against the performances but there are many benefits of captivity for example there is a species of fish that is in colchester zoo that is now extinct in the wild also due to zoo conservation efforts as of 2017 the ; humpback whales, snow leopards, giant pandas are no longer endangered. You can see more of this in the TV show the secret life of the zoo that airs on the UK channel 4 if you are unable to get it or use 4od (the web browser on demand service) you can just watch it online because it is on a freeview channel anyway, it is a show that follows chester zoo and shows the many ups and downs of a zoo and how it helps the wild populations with its conservation progress and breeding programs. if you have time check it out there are currently 5 seasons and 35 episodes and 2 extras, each episode averages around 47 minutes.

  2. Slimu Auditorium

    Yes, we got a permanent 4 Hour Task for Moe, but this Aquatic / Nautical surprise sure feels half arsed by EA (it doesn’t earn Event Currency, nor Upgrade Currency, but it takes up too much space in a Zoo) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Anyone else feel they would have rather gotten a 3rd Land Token instead ? (I never ever thought that Land would be such a hot commodity in this Game App now)😅

  3. Tragically no one seen the signs, think this will end up in storage as I already have wet and smokey, seems more and more goes into storage these days. I am on the last prize, T rex, and am glad, all wearing a bit thin for me at the moment.

  4. After the Zoo event I think I’ll switch the Squid for the Orca in my Zoo. I like the idea of the whale in my Zoo. Yet I put the Aquarium next to my museums, because that is educational. Squid, canon but useless.

  5. Never in many lifetimes will understand peoples shock and horror about this.

    Go figure. A “Killer Whale” sadly did what they do and have done for a Million years. Matter of time 🙁

  6. “Can’t say that I am a fan of keeping whales in enclosures, any more than I am a fan of doing the same with large animals. But, in TSTO, we are only in the cartoon world of the past…and thankfully, places like SeaWorld have seen the error of their ways.”

    Thanks Patric, nicely said.

  7. Do we know how much the next mystery box will be, or when it will be out?

  8. I think you’re supposed to place the guy with the squid-in-a-cart close to it so it looks like he’s bringing squiddy to the aquarium to be the attraction.

    • That’s exactly what I’m going to do after the Event (an Aquatic – Nautical area near / on Squidport Pier)👍

      Too bad our Sushi making Squid doesn’t interact there 😅

  9. Thanks for the post, Patric 😊

  10. Slimu is an octopus in this episode. 🙄

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