Moe’s Ark Act 3- Prize Guide – Mad Dr. Hibbert

Let’s take a look at the final Moe’s Ark Prize…

Mad Dr. Hibbert.

Yes. It is a skin, and not a character. So, some of you may be mad about that, and some (like me) aren’t.  I do not favor multiples of the same character wandering around…especially those who come from another time/space.  So, I’m glad this is a skin- even if it is a weirdly goofy one.

What the Doctor Ordered Pt. 1
Dr. Hibbert starts

Dr. H: Bernice, I’ll be home late. I’ve got a project that needs my attention.
Bernice: We were supposed to have dinner with the Simpsons tonight.
Dr. H: I see the Simpsons every day. They’re the most sick and injured people in town.
Bernice: Fine, Julius, I’ll see you at home.
Make Mad Dr. Hibbert Go to Hibbert Family Practice- 4hrs

What the Doctor Ordered Pt. 2
Cletus starts

Cletus: Hey Doctor, I found another one for you to run some tests on.
Dr. H: Professor it’s nice of you to join us.
Frink: I still don’t know why I’m here with all the pipettes, burettes and the flavin-mayvin.
Dr. H: It’s okay Professor, I can prepare you for what comes next. You’ll have to beg my pardon. A-heh- heh-heh.
Make Mad Dr. Hibbert Unpardon the Turkey- 4hrs

What the Doctor Ordered Pt. 3
Dr. Hibbert starts

Dr. H: I need more test subjects, but I don’t think that hill-hick Cletus will be able to lure anyone else.
Cletus: Why don’t weez get the drunk fellers from Moe’s?
Dr. H: I was wrong about you, Cletus. You’re brilliant!
Make Mad Dr. Hibbert Go to Moe’s- 4hrs

What the Doctor Ordered Pt. 4
Moe starts

Moe: Let me get this straight. We all get an island vacation just for participatin͛ in your test?
Dr. H: The rewards are great, and the risks are only moderately…high.
Moe: What’s the worst that could happen –sudden death? *laughs*
Dr. H: A-heh-heh-heh-heh…
Lenny: Sign me up, doc! I love the islands.
Carl: I hate beaches cause the sand gets everywhere, but if Lenny’s doing it, I’m in too.
Dr. H: Perfect, meet me at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant tomorrow after work.
Make Mad Dr. Hibbert Address the Crowd- 8hrs
Dr. H: I think that’s a big enough sample size for human trials.

What the Doctor Ordered Pt. 5
Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Stop right there, Mad Doctor!
Dr. H: Hey Chief, how’s that knee been treating you?
Wiggum: Oh, it’s good, really good. Thanks for asking.
Lou: He’s just trying to distract you, Chief.
Wiggum: Don’t you think I know that, Lou? Hey, where did he go?
Make mad Dr. Hibbert Hide at Simpsons House- 4hrs
Marge: Dr. Hibbert? Why are you hiding in our garage?
Dr. H: Oh hey, Marge, just baby proofing it for Maggie.
Bernice: Julius, I thought I heard you in here. Did you come all this way to apologize?
Dr. H: I sure did, I was not hiding from the police for unethical science practice if that’s what you think.
Bernice: You don’t just invite yourself into the Simpson͛s home unannounced.
Marge: I made pie.
Bernice: I guess you do.

And here’s a look at his tasks…

Mad Dr. Hibbert’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Harvest Nuclear Waste 1hr $70, 17xp Power Plant
Unpardon the Turkey 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Address the Crowd 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Experiment with Human Subjects 12hrs $420, 100xp Hibbert Family Practice
Visit Bernice 24hrs $600, 150xp Vulgari Jewlery Store

And that’s it, the details on Mad Dr. Hibbert!

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