Should I Spend Donuts On Three-Eyed Whale?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Lions and Tigers and Emus…oh my!  The Springfield Zoo (aka Moe’s Ark) event is in full swing in our pocket-sized towns!  Of course, by now, we all know that a new event means a new excuse for EA to fill our stores with limited-time premium items to tempt us.

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Three-Eyed Whale to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this 3 eyed nonsense to your town…

Building/Decoration: Three-Eyed Whale
Donut Cost: 333 Donuts
Size: 7×16

7% bonus on all cash and XP
Vanity +200
Can Be Placed: 
Ocean only

Leaves stores September 1st

-Comes with a short questline

-Price is ABSURD

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium:
Don’t buy this.  Just because it has 3 eyes doesn’t make it worth 333 donuts.  DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!  (of course that being said, there are a ton of you who will buy it and you’ll tell me i’m crazy…)

But do me a favor. If you’re insane enough to buy this (even if you’re a farmer) please send me your address so I can slap you upside the head…

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as a premium player, I’m passing. But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at the questline it comes with…

Three-Eyed Whale

Smithers: Sir, is that whale another result of chemical spillage from the plant?
Mr. Burns: Nonsense, Smithers. I may drip but my plant nor I have any spillage issues.
Make Burns Be in Dential of Three-Eyed Whale- 4hrs, Earns
Tap Three-Eyed Whale

What are your thoughts on the Three-Eyed Whale?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

88 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Three-Eyed Whale?

  1. Got the three eyed whale from an event going on, 30 donuts per item.. And 5 items would pop up, and there’s a free refresh button.. You could buy all 5 items at 30 donuts apiece if you want.. I got the 3 eye whale after the 3rd pull so I only spent 90 donuts on it. Score. Plus with my donut factory making 6 donuts every 24hr it’s all good 👍

  2. just bought it for 30 donuts. not a bad price for the multiplier… 😀

  3. I bought one for a number of reasons:
    1) I needed a leader for the whale-volution I started when I decided to build my anti-whaling whale wall.
    2) I want more ocean things.
    3) I found the “3’s” joke completely hilarious.
    4) Sometimes there’s beauty in ugly things.
    5) Sarah Wiggum was 300 donuts and how many y’all bought her without complaining?

  4. I got 10!!!

  5. I know someone is going to spank me for saying this, but………Play the game the way you want to play it so long as you don’t cheat. If you want to farm for doughnuts, then farm for doughnuts. If you want to pay for everything, then pay for everything. If you want to play for free, and not pay for anything, nor farm for doughnuts, then do that. There’s too much judging going on.

    • All true… So many ways to play.
      Just don’t buy the three-eye whale…or ask to be slapped…or blow through everything without designing…or complain about the calendar.
      Then we are fine.

      • Sorry, Patric. I bought the three eyed whale. Go Huskies!

        • LOL!
          And yes…this will be your year in the Pac…hope they are good enough to make into the playoffs.

          Oh…unless we shock them and ruin their season!

          • The Ducks could be better this year. I think most outside observers will say that the Duck offense is good, but that the defense is suspect again.

          • The Duck defense is young and largely untested. There’s a lot of potential there, and if they can figure things out early in the season, the Ducks could be a force to reckon with. The Ducks get both Stanford and Washington at home, and I’m sure the Ducks will be out for blood against both teams considering how things have gone the last two years for these teams. The Husky offense is seemingly healthy again. Gaskin should have another great year at running back, and Jake Browning will have a healthy receiving corps for the first time since the 2016 season. If the Husky receivers had been healthy last year I think the Huskies could have been in the National title game. The Husky defense could be even better than last year. The only real weakness is the pass rush. The Husky secondary could be one of the best in the nation. I’m a little nervous about the first game against Auburn, but if the Huskies look good- watch out.

  6. One day I’ll reach the point where I can casually blow 300+ donuts on a prestige whale. Not there yet though. 🙂

  7. I understand the resistance. However, donuts are free-ish. I use them on % increases. It makes donuts free-er. It’s what’s known at the supermarket as a “shelf-filling prophecy”.

    No joke, I want a 1k donut item like I want a 1B in-game cash item. The best thing about something ridiculous is that, at the very least, it’s something. Tapped Out! could benefit from more “something”. Lots more something.

  8. Nope nope nope. Fair price must be 140 donuts. Unfair and ridiculous price must be 180 max. I would pay up to 150 for it and in the last moment because it’s not a priority. Most likely even with 150 price tag I would leave it for a mystery box.
    If we indulge, we ll end up with 3333 price for human Maude or something along the lines…

  9. David Billington

    Not only would I not by this (KEM farmer with over 6,000 donuts) if it was in a selection of mystery boxes and I won it for 50 sprinkles I’d be ashamed to put it on display in case somebody thought I’d deliberately bought it.

  10. For those not aware, the whales are a literal joke.

    Most freemium games are supported by a core group of big spenders. It’s usually less than 10% of players, consistently spending money. These big spenders are colloquially known as “whales.”
    Offering the original whale, and now this one, at 300 and 333 donuts, the developers are making a stealth pun.

    (This is, in part, why I’ve found the recent trend of 300 donut characters to be ridiculous bordering on cruel. That price point is supposed to be for the “whales,” who have donuts to burn and will buy literally everything. Regular ol’ character combos should never have gotten that high.)

    Anyway. Yeah, it’s a literal joke at our expense.
    I have one normal whale, bought at a time I was particularly flush with donuts and had everything else I wanted. I’ll not be buying this one. I could, but I won’t. Apart from feeling like the devs are just laughing at us, I think it’s weird looking. So. Ne-ope.

    • I have written about the repeatedly…and have even quoted the writer’s dialogue when the first whale came around. It is exactly why I won’t consider it.

  11. Stefan Flueckiger

    Alissa? I already bought it when it was released! I like it, and i like the jellyfish fountain when tapping it. Will you also travel to Switzerland for slapping me? 🤪

  12. I worked a lot at this game, missing out on so much because I totally missed out, on cluing into the Mystery Box as a way to get my xp bonus up. Once I did, and turned on my xp,collider all the time, then farmed Kwik E Marts, my percentage went up from less than 300% after years of grinding, into literally thousands of bonus percentage points. I kicked myself hard for missing out on cluing in for so long.

    I started just after the Aztec event i think. I played so long to little avail. Had to wait weeks to get one character. It was a grind and i thought about quitting.

    My point is, there is a way out and EA gave us the solution. I know it looks like a tapping based game, but if you want to get new characters, it has to be understood that TSTO has an underlying strategy base to its game. You HAVE TO buy the Mystery Boxes as much as you can at first to get your percentage bonuses up. Forget the characters for a bit, they come back cheaper later anyways. Then, when you have enough houses, calculate when its beneficial to turn on the xp collider permanently. It increases the cash you get from the game, along with the amount of xp points. Extra money from houses, gets you donuts faster. You then buy more Mystery Boxes unless something comes in at the vault that gives you 1% bonus xp points, for every 10 donuts. Way less work than Mystery Boxes. Plus you get extra cash you can then Kwik E Mart farm. Within months with this strategy, i literally jumped up thousands of % points. After YEARS of having a low bonus percentage and being frustrated at the lack of progress. People keep talking about farming because it works. It seems like it will take too long, i get that. It works bettervthan you think it does!

    Id send in photos of my town for proof, but i know some dislike seeing others high percentage points. Also, Patric, i take offense at plopper shaming. 😆 im a CRAMMER, not a plopper, lol. I crammed for ages because my goal was to get new characters as fast as possible, so i house crammed. 😁 i play the game for the characters, and want them as fast as possible. After following the above technique, i finally have all the characters i want. My new character inventory is finally empty, and i finally buy buildings just because i want to. Also bought the 3 eyed whale. 😁 its all just doing the above strategy. Seriously.

    Alyssa, you can come over to show me the new baby after he/she is here. We will call tea slapping, and will even send you home with a freshly made lasagna because i know thats appreciated with a newborn! 😁 hope you are well! If this kid makes it into Virgo birth month, you will end up with a kid great at cleaning his/her room. 😁 if they come sooner, Leos are notoriusly big hearted, loving and very easy children. 😁 also generous. My mom didn’t appreciate the last part so much though. I kept giving my toys away to my friends, because they liked them. 😁

    Best wishes and blissful delivery!!! 😊

    • This post is just so wrong…in so many ways…but, I let it go through, because you took so much time to write it.

      First…we have written extensively about donut/XP farming. Literally volumes.
      Second…it’s Alissa. How hard is it to look at the thousands of posts she has done in the last 5 years?
      Third…there is no excuse for cramming/plopping/dropping…especially if you are a farmer. Just do something with it. To just acquire for the sake of acquiring is greedy and sinful.

      And…you “whale-people” are far too obsessed with slapping. Just sayin’…

      I could go on. But, you get my point…

      • “Greedy and sinful”?


        • LOL… I am using the old “Greed and Avarice” definitions from the Old Testament. Which pretty my decry collecting vast sums of anything beyond your need and use.

          I admit that “hoarding” is one way to play the game. After all…there are recent reports of people with literally billions upon billions of game cash stored. At some point, you need to take the advice of Warren Buffet…and do something worthwhile with it. Right?

          And of course…I am also just having a bit of fun with the truly tap-a-fied addicts who play for the numbers, not the rewards.

    • I took offense to the whole plopper thing too. I think the old if you don’t do it the way i do it, why even exist, if you don’t do it the way i do it, you are what’s wrong with the modern world, is what is wrong with the modern world. It’s pretty much the state of everything today. People are so polarized. Black and white. No room for gray. No live and let live, no let it be. Think like me or why exist. Do like me or be the problem with the world. This post certainly reflects modern day thinking and attitudes toward our fellow man.

      • For the love of God………
        This whole debate is hilarious!!!

        First of all… Taking this into some statement about the current state of society, on a blog about a silly game, is absolutely the best, most hilarious thing I’ve read all day. But more so… Giving credence to anything anyone writes on a blog, and taking it personally, is equally hilarious. Yes… I’m being dismissive… This whole plopper -vs- designer is a choice. First of all… Taking this into some statement about the current state of society, on a blog about this silly game, is absolutely the best, hilarious thing I’ve read all day. But more so… Giving credence to anything anyone writes on a blog, and taking it personally, is equally hilarious. Yes… I’m being dismissive… With the number of real problems in the world today, this is what you choose to get riled up about? Man…

        Please. Stop.

        • “First of all… Taking this into some statement about the current state of society, on a blog about a silly game, is absolutely the best, most hilarious thing I’ve read all day. “

          It’s not only what you read, it’s what you wrote, your near to last sentence on what is wrong with modern society.

          I didn’t think replying to your commentary about what was wrong with society was that big of a deal.

          My apologies. Glad it made you laugh, though.

          • Again. Nothing I write is ever worth taking so seriously.

            • Patric, i am Sorry. I am a plopper and a survivor and I don’t take many things very seriously anymore, which is probably why i am a plopper, it’s just a game. (and mostly i just don’t like roads). I didn’t think my reply was a very serious thing, or I wouldn’t have posted it. It was just a reply. I really had no idea it was against the rules or some sort of inflammatory thing that wouldn’t get posted. Again, my apologies. In the future i will “stay off your lawn”. Lol. I hope you are laughing and not taking this so seriously. I truly didn’t mean to post anything against the rules. Again, my apologies.

        • Hmmm, i am just realizing none of this is even on the post. If it is so hilarious why isn’t it posted? That’s a bit confusing. Weird that we are talking through this message thing, i thought it was that post! Anyway, happy labor day weekend! Sorry if i broke the rules, didn’t realize i was doing so. Again, my apologies.

          • If you could see me when I write blog posts, you would see my tongue is bloody from tucking it firmly and regularly into my cheek. My point is that none of this should be taken seriously in any way. It’s a silly…repetitive game.

  13. Three-Eyed Whale

    7% Bonus is enticing … but for 333 Sprinkles? Sorry EA, but this Kem Farmer can’t support spending 333 Donuts for what should be 100 (especially when any Tapper can obtain that 7% Bonus for a fraction of that asking price)! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. I am a donut farmer and still had no desire for this at all. I second Alissa’s recommendation wholeheartedly.

  15. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I’m constraining. myself to refrain from making an inappropriate remark regarding what sort of clothing Alissa might be wearing if she were to come to my house to slap me. Of course at this point in time, I’m certain it would be Maternity attire and extremely comfortable shoes.
    Not that there is any, ANY chance what so ever that I’ll buy this goofy offering.

  16. So you recommend it then?

  17. EA is testing the waters. If we buy at this outrageous price-point, they will continue to inflate the cost of everything.

  18. The butterfly garden is THE best 100 dollars spent with its sounds…

  19. I expected the post would consist of one word, “nope”. Kinda says it all.

  20. I think E.A is probing to see if it’s a ridiculous price or if its acceptable to start asking for the insane money.. It is.

    • Honestly, I doubt that they put anywhere near that much critical thinking into it. I envision a conversation along these lines:
      “So how much should we charge for it?”
      “I dunno… how much did we charge for that other whale again?”
      “Uhhhh… 300 donuts, I think.”
      “Okay… just charge that.”
      “Hey! What if we make a joke out of the number of eyes?”
      “Sweet! Let’s do it!”

      • As I said in another post…I think there are several rounds of passing a jug of fireball first. Then, they think they are being hilarious! Most of this event feels drunk to me.

        • While not to my taste, I saw plenty of tappers pleased at the nods to Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. As mentioned, the whale is clearly Seuss-ian and the Warmongers must be tribute to something else- Rigellia?Something for everyone I suppose.
          EA soaked me for plenty of donuts the first 2 acts. I’m still upgrading my first plains and want at least one more, possibly another Baboon Country or a 3rd Emu Experience to spread out different animals. I’ll focus on those and be happy.

  21. A whale of a rip off.

  22. Not in a million years. I mean, sure, I maybe could farm it back before Halloween – I average 12-15 donuts a day excluding monorail – but why should I have to drop 333 donuts for a 3-eyed whale with a 7 percent bonus. Following Alissa’s 20 per 1% advice this thing should cost us 140 at most? I spent about the cost of this mutant whale for two characters with items that have over a 2 percent bonus and Old Faithless. I’m good with that. My waterfront doesn’t need a whale at this price point.

    Don’t get me wrong… I love whales in RL. Orcas in particular (which are actually more closely related dolphins but meh), especially the Southern Resident pods – they’re local for me, but this is just beyond ludicrous per donuts spent.

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