Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Skin and the Winner is…

It was four years ago, just after the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket was complete and I was filling out my bracket for the 2014 FIFA World Cup that I thought it might be cool to do a The Simpsons Tapped Out bracket. Here we are at the next World Cup and it’s time for our fourth TSTO Addicts Bracket Battle!

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of character skins in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. We present to you TSTO Addicts’ Most Desired Skin Bracket Battle.

We created a Bracket of 32 awesome character skins for characters that don’t have a second skin that we believe would bring a smile to your face, have great visuals, could make for an awesome event, or simply be a nice idea for a new Friends Point prize.

For a recap of rules and guidelines, click here.

After nine weeks of voting and over 30 thousand votes, we finally have a winner. And the winner is…


Human Maude defeated Stay Puft Uter 69% (846 votes) to 31% (372 votes).


Here’s the final completed Backet:

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented each week. Be sure to come back next summer for the next edition of Bracket Battle!


What are your thoughts on the winner? How early on did you predict this? With the winner of Most Desired Character, Bleeding Gums Murphy, introduced into our game within a year of earning the title; how much time until Maude’s human skin joins the mix? What were your overall thoughts of the Bracket Battle? While no one will top the suggestion of having a Bracket Battle to determine the next Bracket Battle, what Bracket Battle do you want to see next? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

29 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Skin and the Winner is…

  1. I believe The Tower or Babel has something to do with the halloween this year maybe it will focus on Hell and/or Heaven and giving us away to collect human Maude as she was depicted in Hell as in one of the THOH’s.

  2. I’d like to see my buddy goose gladwell.. oh he would make an awesome character. How much fun you could make with him, maybe a mini event with a permanent mini game if E.A didn’t foul it up they could do so much with him.

  3. Actual most desired skins XD

  4. It would be great if EA released Human Maude for say a Halloween prize skin. What do you think?

  5. Human Maude – what a Christmas present that would be (the Flanders Family can be reunited for an Event – make it so EA!)♥️👍

  6. Yay for Maude!

  7. How about least favorite prize or character? As much as I love President Lisa, I hate her loooong catchphrases. Seriously, I can tap like 10 or 15 character jobs in the time it takes to do her spiels.

    Or, related, most wanted improvement like one-touch collection or the ability to create curved land and roads. Or to mute characters.

    Thanks for all you do, Safi!

  8. Instead of a most wanted I would be interested in battle to determine the favorite mystery box of all time.

    Honestly I wasn’t a fan of this bracket. No offense, I know they are a ton of work, I’m just not a big fan of skins. Have enjoyed all the other ones though.

  9. Love the win, but fearing the cost. Sarah Wiggum’s 300 D’oh-nuts, comes to mind.

  10. Very good. Thank-you for taking the time and effort to put together this lil game for us. I enjoy these polls that you take, it puts a little entertainment in the post and gives us something different to do…… Still wish catwoman Skinner was up for the vote, regardless I’m glad Maude Flanders won. Now if only E.A knew.

  11. Hmm Safi have you ever made a survey or a bracket battle on ALL the past events as a way to see the favourite one / content we want back / sequel we want ?

  12. 30,000+ votes ! Holy Lurkers – come out, come out wherever you are!

  13. No surprise, I predicted this from post #1 of the challenge. I have never been offered Ghost Maude in my 2 1/2 years playing, at least yet.

    • She’s been a regular for donuts or mystery boxes at Halloween. I’ve never had the sprinkles to get her. My last attempt burned through four mystery boxes before I ran out without her. This year, thanks to KEM farming, I have plenty saved up. I just hope she comes around again. Given her popularity, I’m going to make the bold prediction that we’ll get a ghost/human Maude combo offer during this year’s Halloween event. Unfortunately I also predict she’ll be at a Mrs. Wiggum cost.

  14. This bracket challenge has been fantastic! Kudos to Safi, bravo! 👏

  15. I’d still rather have Stay Puft Uter, but Maude would also be cool 😁 EA has so many options yet as far as characters, character skins, buildings, etc. Really looking forward to the Halloween and Christmas Events (as always!) 😁 Thanks Safi for taking time to do this!! Your write ups are the best!!! The game is much more enjoyable with your and the other awesome Addicts insight and opinions! Take care and have a lovely day! 😁

  16. Maude certainly got my vote from the outset, though she feels a bit more like a truly new Character than a ‘skin.’

    Adding Costumes to those without them is a good call but have you a Costume bracket for the more common Characters?  There are still plenty of quality options left that may have been overlooked by the brain trust at EA…

    Bigfoot Homer – Call of the Simpsons
    El Barto – Telltale Head
    Officer (Marge) Simpson – The Springfield Connection
    Sideshow Bob Roberts
    Armin Tamzarian – The Principal and the Pauper
    Rory B. Bellows – Bart the Fink
    Lord Nelson – Das Boot
    Candidates Clinton & Dole – THOH VII

    • Sideshow bob is a character… i just cant get the quest to unlock him…

      • I cant get him to unlock either 😔
        Also, I think Arman was available too.

        • Sgt. Skinner is a TSTO Character as the “real” Seymour Skinner. Armin is the ‘greaser’ that stole Skinner’s identity – a crazy retcon storyline. He would be a Costume for Principal Skinner, which has not made it into TSTO.

      • Contact EA. My son had this problem and they placed him in the game for him.

        • I just dont think i ever got the quest, worth the contact?

          • Definitely contact EA. I sent them an e-mail & they put him in my game. However you have to contact them 3 or 4 times to get them to activate each part of his quest. EA Australia were very friendly & helpful.

            I’m actually going to contact them again myself & see if they can activate the Mona/Abe sitting joint task. It doesn’t work for those of us who got her in the last valentines mystery box.

          • In my opinion, it’s always worth the contact…there’s a chance you will get what you ask for or maybe donuts for your trouble, so why not take the time to email them, ya know? (Phone calls have never worked for me plus I like to have a “paper” trail) ☺ good luck and have a lovely day!

          • Yes, It’d be worth it.

      • Sideshow Bob Roberts was Mayor Terwilliger.

  17. Of course Human Maude won XD

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