Patch/Changes to fix bugs…define features…and more?

Yep…we just got “patched!”

EA just did a patch update that seems to have done a couple of things that are obvious.
1. The killed all of the Mini-Update Poochie related tasks that were lingering (and perhaps added a Glitch that blows up some of the content…) make that…they killed Poochie!
2. Changed the color of the zoo walls (weirdly one of those, “huh? This was worth patching???)
3. Appears to have added a MAJOR Glitch where all of the Poochie mini event content is now missing…
4. They have rolled back a bunch of “Bonus %”…perhaps hiding the Springfield Heights % again.

It’s a SNAFU!!  (Situation Normal…All F’d Up!)

EA….it seems that this update had the wrong calendar/clock in the code.  We get Teenage Homer…and lose progress from the last mini-update??  See???  This is what happens when you mess with time/space!!!

EA>>>>How about getting your programming team to understand versions of the code??  As in…if you don’t update to the latest, it rolls back when you go live with something associated with an old date…  GENIUS!!

They also patched a couple of holes in the code that allowed some exploitation of a task or two.

So far…that is it.
Let us know if you see anything else!

UPDATE… another patch being offered? We’ll keep you posted.
Someone at EA just had an “AH #%%&$!!” moment…

80 responses to “Patch/Changes to fix bugs…define features…and more?

  1. I must have missed all the excitement. I’m on iOS. I only got 1 update. It sped up my ISL characters from their 24 hrs tasks. Mozart Bart lost a 4 hr task “Demand more things”. Nothing disappeared, % still the same, zoo walls are original color. Back to “normal” maybe?

  2. I guess the new walls look better with the premium roads?

  3. Uh, I got the day-old donut deal for a second time. 2400 for $19.99.

  4. My bonus Money and XP went from 100+% to 64% !!! I was really mad, honestly, but now everything seems to be back to normal. I just entered the game and i’ve got the same % of bonus that i used to have before.
    Anyway, yes i think too that the problem was with Springfield Height, because i put the Velvet parking in the inventory and my bonus didn’t change, while it did change when i put other bonus stuffs that weren’t related with Heights.

  5. During the glitch period, lion farming was back. After the zoo wall colors changed, it was gone again.

  6. Lion Glitch is back

    • Missed it !

    • what glitch?

      • When the Lion Statue, Butterfly Garden and some signs were first made available, they had big XP – 500 for the statue and 1000 for the Garden etc. Multiple purchases yielded huge level upgrades depending on your Bonus %. In one afternoon I increased over 500 levels. Until yesterday, it was the fastest fix of all time as it was changed to 10/5 XP. I guess it reverted briefly with the update/reversal yesterday.

        • Are there more things that cost little but give you a high XP levels? It takes me weeks to pass just a single level…

          • As has been written about in the past…the best way is to buy Mystery Boxes…which for 6 donuts, often provides items that have between a 1.5 and 2% bump. It takes a lot of grinding and time…but, in the end, is worth it.

        • No one told me about this… i wish i picked up on it…

  7. *update downloading* *done*
    Me: *silent* WTF!?
    My boss: Igor could you please check this thing?
    Me: Sure.
    *5 min later* *me very angry* *download another update*
    Me: Another? WTF?
    *done* *everything is fine*
    Me: WTF!?! Bah…
    *4h tasks*

  8. Huh?

  9. No updates available (iPad player with iOS) and no changes were made to my game. Not sure if iOS wasn’t affected or if it’s a regional server thing (I’m in Massachusetts, USA). Hope things get fixed for everyone who’s affected.

  10. Weirdest update ever, only noticed the wall changes but it reverted back to normal and can’t see any different now.

  11. As always, Patric, thank you for keeping us updated ❤

  12. I got an update to undo the update that they updated 🤣

  13. Did thEAy rEAlly just do that… 🤯


  14. I got Grant Connor with 85 donuts rebate! Yay!

  15. Update failed, poochie is definitely missing and all poochie items. Hopefully another update is coming 😡 very soon!!!

  16. I typed my comet about the % while I was on phone with ea. Didn’t see the post where you mentioned it. While on the phone another update happened and my % is now where it should be. As far as all the other stuff, I haven’t even checked that yet.
    Thanks Patric

  17. Lot of tiny design details changed in the zoo, the wall color, the Emu experience have no Emu anymore but ostriches, the buck and fawn are grey and older, the bush have white flowers instead of red, the rhino has red eyes, the Safari gate as the hut on the other side, the animal wall (small or big) can’t be put in a corner anymore… And all the Poochie stuff gone missing, including the premium stuff, like the firework factory and Mrs Scratchy hill…

  18. 😎Patch was just patched…
    Impressively the quickest fix ever👌🏽
    Like to think my EA call contributed😎

  19. Just got another update, and everything is fixed.

  20. Looks like the 2nd patch i got gave me everything back….and fixed the wall colors too. Sorry for being so spastic in the other posts. I’m still a little salty though.😕

  21. Check your conform o meter.. mine went down by 140.50%

  22. Maggie’s special 4 hour task that paid 636 is gone. Not sure if this was part of the Poochie update or not.

  23. Yep I had the patch when I went into game to reset my stuff and noticed roger standing around doing nothing. Now I know it was because of this ISSUE of the Poochie Mini Event stuff missing and disgruntled goat stand missing. The 4 hour task the Unemployment office put him on sent him to the trailer from the event, when it was removed it caused him to stand around and do nothing which forced me to send him on a 1 hour to clear the UEO and then spend 2 donuts to rush and clear him and put him on the same rotation as everyone else. I AGREE TOTALLY SNAFU. The forums are quite hot right now I would recommend a flame suit (LMAO) before going in and looking at the threads.

  24. Know SNAFU among others being a veteran. Pretty bad when I was in game at o430am est then 4 hours later to reset event, then my son tells me there is a patch and so I log in get patched right out of my belongings from the game. BIG SNAFU and see that the forums are flaming hot. The players have a good reason to be upset when we work so hard to get the event stuff. Have a great day.

  25. My Poochie character and a number of buildings and decorations connected to him have disappeared completely. Do I need to contact EA or is this a known glitch that they will fix if I wait patiently?

  26. 💩🧐All my Poochie event items are gone, including Reality Network, etc, killing multiplier by ~180… Made a case, got immediate callback from End Game Support in Austin… everyone feel free to do the same & hopefully it gets un-updated😏✌

  27. As always, thank you for all you do! Didn’t even notice the walls being different…

    That being said, I can’t seem to find Poochie anymore…? I know he’s on a task somewhere in my town, so I went to the Town Hall to track him down. If he’s listed as ‘Poochie’, he’s no longer showing up. Just me??

  28. ….and now the walls don’t match the zoo gate which is damn annoying.

  29. I see my anger, and my bonus decreased by 170% grrrr

  30. Oh boo! I liked the old wall colour! It’s why I used so much wall for the zoo.

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