Moe’s Ark – Act III – Final Prize – Teenage Homer

I’m not going to go into the “why,” regarding my dislike for multiple characters of the same character in our game.  I’ve made it pretty clear that I fear the ramifications of messing with the space/time continuum.  And having TWO Homers…or three…or four…is just a stupid idea. Plus…you can’t go back, and shouldn’t WANT to go back in your life… as I made clear, HERE.

The ONLY thing that could make any sense in my town, is if I was able to keep all of the spare Homers in a cage…in the zoo. In which case introducing him into the “Moe’s Ark” zoo event would at least bring some semblance of common sense to the programming and writing of this event.

But, nooooooooooo…

It’s just another Homer. One that hopes to learn something from the “old Homer” which is reflectively impossible, as “old” to someone who is coming from an earlier time/space, would have to consider something old, that had aged in that specific time/space.  See?  It gets complicated!

But, here we are. With another Homer. A FULL CHARACTER no less…

I got him waaaaaaay early (last Wednesday) because my time/space was filled by logging in every 4 hours when I could, until he became mine.  I immediately started putting him to work…”Eating at Krusty Burger”- his 12 hour indoor task…so I don’t have to look at him.

OK. So…we’re done with that. You get it. I’m not a fan…

But, HERE are the Details!

Act 3, Prize 7- Teenage Homer
Full character, not costume|
Questline: Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten Pt. 1
Teenage Homer starts
Teenage Homer: Where am I? Everything looks grown up. I fall asleep for five hours and Marge disappears.
Lenny: Hey Homer with a full head of hair?! Looks good.
Teenage Homer: Do I know you?
Lenny: Very funny. You should head over to Moe’s, he’s got something special planned.
Teenage Homer: Moe’s? What is a Moe? I hope they have ice cream.
Lenny: You sure are acting weird. It’s over there. Right where it’s always been. I’ll meetcha there later.
TASK: Make Teenage Homer Go to Moe’s- 4hrs

Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten Pt. 2
Teenage Homer starts
Teenage Homer: A bar?! I’m not old enough to drink, but this place is pretty cool. Marge would love it…so my teenage maturity tells me. Oooh! Cookie dough ice cream! The future is my kinda place.
TASK: Make Teenage Homer Eat Tubs of Ice Cream- 4hrs

Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten Pt. 3
Marge starts
Marge: Homie! What happened to you?
Teenage Homer: Why do you ask? Because I ate 10 tubs of ice cream?
Marge: Ice cream made your hair grow back? And your body change…for the better.
Teenage Homer: I fall asleep under our tree and you go crazy. You seem different too. Did you change your hair?
Marge: Our tree? Homie we haven’t been back there since… Wait, you’re not my Homie, you’re from the past.
Homer: Marge, who is this devilishly good-looking fellow?
TASK: Make Teenage Homer Make Himself at Home in the Simpson House-4hrs
TASK: Make Homer Regret Life Decisions at Simpsons House- 4hrs

Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten Pt. 4
Teenage Homer starts
Teenage Homer: Older Marge, cookie dough ice cream, hair! I could learn to love this place.
Homer: Whoa, slow down, handsome me. I’m sure you’ve still got stuff to do  in the past.
Marge: But Homie, you just got here. At least stay for dinner.
Homer: Marge, he’s not me! I’m the one who stays for dinner before and after going to Moe’s!
Teenage Homer: I couldn’t disappoint Marge. And by observing Homer, I can get to know myself better while I’m here.
Homer: I don’t want young me watching old me doing me things!
TASK: Make Teenage Homer Show Off for Marge-4hrs
TASK: Make Homer be Jealous of Himself- 4hrs
TASK: Make Marge Swoon Over Teenage Homer- 4hrs

Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten Pt. 5
Homer starts
Homer: Marge, you’re going to have to choose. It’s either me or other me.
Teenage Homer: I’m not other you, you’re other me!
Marge: Homie, I love you both. You don’t have to fight over me.
Teenage Homer: Nonsense, Marge, I need to prove to myself that I’m better than me!
Homer: There’s nothing that you me can do that me you can’t do better!
Marge: Is anyone else getting a headache?
TASK: Make Teenage Homer Carve His and Marge’s Name in Tree- 8hrs

Homer: Wow, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself. I’ve really outdone me this time.
Teenage Homer: Thanks, me, I really am pretty great.
Marge: I’m going to be sick. The world can’t handle both of you. Time to say goodbye, past Homie.
Teenage Homer: Alright, I will. But not today. I want to see what other cool stuff future Springfield has to offer.

That should read “CARVE” but it is a screen grab…and not sure if it was Alissa’s mistake or EA’s…but I’m leaving it.

With only 2 Visual Tasks…we won’t have to actually see much of Teen Homer. Which is a good thing. Less chance to mess up the “Today” with visitation of “Yesterday.”

That’s it. Funny dialogue…possibly very unfunny consequences if it could happen in real life!

Now…back to FREE BONUTS!! 

29 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act III – Final Prize – Teenage Homer

  1. Well I know a lot of you are going to get mad at me, BUT I’m sick of all these doppelgangers and skins. For geebez same how many skins do they need. I don’t even really use them. Any way is anyone having problems with their Kindle? I’ve been playing since the game started and this year I have been having a ton of problems with my game. Calling EA tech for help is a joke. They claim the problem is not from their end and tell me to call back if they can help with something else!!!!! WHAT????????? My game keeps freezing, booting me out, over 60 doughnuts disappeared and the lagging in game makes me want to toss my Kindle out the window. 😫😫😫😫😫😞😞 I’m at a loss . I even got rid of several games I really liked. Which by the way I wasn’t having any problems with.

  2. Other than Teenage Homer not being voiced, I really like this character and now I want Teenage Marge in the game to keep him company. I feel that his indoor tasks were wasted and recycled from other characters because I was expecting a task or some tasks for him at the High School. I do like his visuals but I would of preferred his 8 hour task to be at other trees in the game than at Bart’s Tree House.

  3. I missed out on Teenage Homer – assumed it would have given me a chance to buy him for donuts afterwards.

  4. Thank you Patric for working overtime and helping us all out and helping Alissa get her family all home and settled in

  5. I noticed there was no breakdown post for Mad Dr. Hibbert, and that’s too bad because I just wanted to mention that his visual tasks may be some of my favorite in the whole game!

  6. They have to release teenage Marge and have combined tasks for Go on Date, etc.

  7. Teenage Homer

    Well, at least the Character has a permanent Task that earns Event Currency (and it’s not another Character Skin for Homer Simpson) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Thanks for the 10 Free Donuts, EA (and thanks for returning stuff to the Store for a last chance purchase – arr, this Sailor is enjoying his Pirate-y Frozen Yogurt (lol) 😀👍

  8. This is in fact the strangest event ever.. it makes no sense, and again the idea is good it could have been a great event. I wonder if whoever’s putting together these events and ideas for the game even watches the Simpsons.. it doesn’t seem like they do. Also E.A missed out the most recognized part of the flashbacks is Homer and Marge getting busy in the put put golf decoration. But whatever.

  9. Help! After a hard close/reinstall, my town’s icons and dialogue boxes are TINY!! What happened and how do I get them back to normal??

  10. I’m in complete agreement,,,I don’t mind having skins associated with a character,,but have duplicates running around bugs me. A long time ago I played Family Guy Quest For Stuff & they started doing that. That was 1 reason I quit. I have much more time & $$ invested in TSTO,,,so it’ll take alot to make me quit. Most likely when they stop. 🤔😅

  11. Same here got him about wed/Thursday and he’s been on 12 hours task ever since lol, all these characters and duplicates just add up to revenue on 12 hour tasks, nothing else for it.

  12. Be honest Patric… You got it Wednesday already because you used your DIY calendar instead of your normal calendar… xD

    *run into hiding*

  13. Is anyone else having an issue connecting today? Or is it my end?

  14. May I rant about something in this game that drives me nuts? After you get the last prize you finish a quest that rewards you with prize currency. You then get a short quest to wrap everything up that rewards more. Then you unlock bonuts. Neither of the previous 2 quest rewards count towards your bonuts, so they are in fact worthless.

  15. Just wondering if, after Pt. 5, will he continue to earn event currency? I currently have him repeating Pt. 4.

  16. why is he not voiced!

    • Because the lines for the voices In TSTO come from episodes…and he only appeared in one episode? Or…maybe it’s a symptom of being drawn throoough the time/space continuem? Or…most like…Becca sue EA is lazy.

  17. I just don’t understand how he’s not voiced 😯

  18. And yet no reason why EA didn’t voice him.

  19. I have to say, I appreciated the questline 🙂

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