Moe’s Ark Removal Update Available

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Officially back from my maternity leave from the site…a few hours early, but that’s ok.  Hopefully y’all didn’t give Patric too hard of a time.  I know he did a great job filling in for me, and I know it wasn’t easy.  Especially since I’m crazy OCD about how things are done around here lol.

Anyway…popping in a few hours early to let you know the Moe’s Ark Removal update has hit the stores. Here’s a look at the update description…

Personally, I’m hoping that census comment means that Townhall will finally be easy to search feature…

Downloading this will prep your game for a mini update that’s slated to hit tomorrow. You can download it now (it won’t impact the Moe’s Ark prize track or update content) or you can wait until tomorrow to download it.  However, you will need to download it to start the next update…

And remember, when the timer runs down on Moe’s Ark the event will be over.  You won’t be able to earn the prizes you missed out on for free.  So use all the time you have left if you’re still behind on the prize track.

Anywho, I’ll be back tomorrow once the mini event hits (as far as content, let’s just say it’ll be something Superand in my opinion something super bad and overplayed…) so for now enjoy your night and the calm before the storm….


61 responses to “Moe’s Ark Removal Update Available

  1. So, do any of these zoo habitats (emu, baboon, etc.) that we spent so much time grinding on actually do anything of value anymore; i.e. earn money, XP, or even a site to send jobs on? Or are they now just decorations that take up a lot of space?

    From what I could tell, they seem to do nothing now, but I wanted to ask in case somebody knew something I didn’t.

  2. Well, it wasn’t the biggest event ever, but the decorations fit my Springfield much better than the huge ISLand attractions (which BTW lagged my game to much, but that’s a technical issue).

    Ironically I find rollercoasters exciting and zoos stinky and depressing IRL.

  3. I like the idea of revamping the Townhall Census. It’s way overdue.

    I got over 200 characters and I don’t like having to scroll down searching for a specific character (i.e. Chief Wiggum). It’s not so bad if you have 10-20 characters but it’s a drag if you have over 100 characters.

    Adding a descending order option (Z to A) is not enough. What if I want to look for Moe, Lisa, or another character with a letter in the middle of the alphabet? I would like a search engine where I can type to search for a specific character.

    I would also like to see a “Search by Alphabet/Number” option. Click “A” and you get Apu, Akira, etc, “B” and you get Bart, Barney, etc, “C” and you get Chalmers, Cletus, etc and so on.

  4. They’re really hot on the timing of the events now. Gone are the days when you’d maybe get 24-48 hours to finish off an event before they closed it down.

  5. Help – I can’t get the update. Even though Moe’s Ark has ended, it still wants me to upgrade Watmongers and Prairie. It won’t move on to update – not in App Store or in-game.

    • It’s there… I had to do a “App Search” on my iPhone/iPad for “Simpsons Tapped Out”… then when I hit “open” it showed the update.

  6. would like to know if you are going to bring back young homer cause i missed getting him

  7. Dang, they are as strict as Cinderella’s fairy godmother these days! I was buying some final zoo items (I never have time to design during the event so I just buy a ton of anything I think I might need) and cashing in my final zoo upgrades when my phone’s clock turned 8:00 and right then and there everything was gone from the store and I could no longer upgrade any habitats.

  8. Welcome back, Alissa! Glad to hear you and your family are healthy.

    For the first time since April or so, I am proud to announce I have ZERO quests to do! It’s such a satisfying feeling 😊

  9. I do wish they would still give us the ability to purchase the rest of the rewards with donuts. I’ve missed a few final rewards, because I’m at work when the event ends 🙁

  10. I havent been around long enough for a superhero event yet

  11. beginning of mini event today? is it superhero or no?

  12. Keep milhouse free.

  13. Oh wouldn’t it be nice if E.A was really interested in our opinion for the next event? If I could influence the next event i’d be salivating for the chance to do so . If E.A is really out of ideas… and it looks like they are from the last event we witnessed, please let us help you. The true Simpsons fans that actually know what a great event could be and the ideas behind it, we are the ones to ask. E.A we will tell you what the concept is and you program it.. A college or clown college would be fun.

  14. Would someone like to tell me know I am supposed to tap Krustyland Visitors for today’s daily? lol
    It’s not the first time I’ve gotten this since they nuked Krustyland, so you think EA would have done something about it by now…..

  15. Congrats and Welcome Back!

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