Add Friends for Holiday Fun!

Update: It’s time for a new Add Friends Feed, comments on this post have now been disabled.  You can find the NEW Add Friends Feed here.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, the old Add Friends feed was finally getting full (and you know, it’s not summer anymore), so I figured it’s now for a new feed to find TSTO friends!

Instead of adding a new feed for each event, since friends aren’t really necessary for events these days, I figured I’d do one thread for each major season in TSTO.  So consider this thread your Add Friends feed to get you through the two big TSTO events…Halloween and Christmas!

While not a critical part of TSTO these days, Friends (neighbors) do make TSTO more enjoyable!  So be sure to add some neighboreenos to get design inspiration off of and to have a little help with social points & events!

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests!  Who wants to be first?

Pssssst….If you’re looking for a thread to find neighbor-eenos who WON’T vandalize you check out this Add-Me page…now Graffiti free! 🙂

And remember…if you’re looking for ways you can THANK your neighbors for visiting, tell them you LOVE their designs…or even yell at them for stealing your designs…you can hit up our THANK YOU Thread!  The only place in the TSTO-verse where you can freely Thank and Admire your TSTO Friends and Neighbors!

Happy Tapping!

1,028 responses to “Add Friends for Holiday Fun!

  1. Add me! malharas

  2. Maddiethecool101

    Kids grown and left me with the game & username (haha). Just removed many neighbors who must have stopped playing. Play almost daily – more when events occur. Like to visit different Springfields to get design ideas. I don’t vandalize.


  3. Add me clararea0907
    Thank you !!


  4. First, last

    Please add level 939 starting a new town for fun play frequently
    bigsbiker2 (New)
    bigsbiker64 (Level 939)

  5. bunnyhugss

    Add me, I play every day faithfully. I may not visit that faithfully but I’m here for ya anyways 😉


  6. add me, awesomeguy20031

  7. Add me please

  8. Rickscott520 add me

  9. bartbosdij83 for my older game
    Bartdelux2018 for my somewhat forgotten but now alive again newer game.
    Daily dose is what I need. Dont mind the mess when entering 😉

  10. Hello tappers!
    Please add jvanderkar973
    Daily player.
    Level 88

  11. Hi add me CarlWalker1984

  12. Hi all add my wife and I, chelseayt and Jamesbait8. We are both fairly players.

  13. Add me please as friend

  14. Add me please as a friend Hodl420

  15. Add me as a neighbor please.


  16. 1000Fireball0001
    Level 125
    Add me plz

  17. oliy132 is my username daily player add me

  18. Wotup12 is my username, daily player and will visit you 🙂 level 101

  19. Samuel Morton

    Add me samorton90

  20. Brand new player! Add me please arubberryan
    Thanks, and stay safe

  21. 1000Fireball0001

    Level 124, please add me

  22. SnugsP just cleared out inactive neighbours. Looking for active neighbours. Been playing almost 2 years now. Level 939. Add me please if you are active and committed to playing. SnugsP

  23. PinkSprinkle87

  24. I’m just starting out but active — KablamoSr

  25. Ida Artursson

    Hello all tappers!!!
    Please add me: fispropp6

  26. Hey guys! I’m a bit small town, only lvl 14, but I’m trying my best to decorate all and make it pretty;) Add me please!😊


  27. Add me please…….thank you!


  28. Add me Lavish313

    Beautiful town coming soon , sadly had to restart after losing my 7 year old account

  29. Sophia Kholod

    my nick: lazyturtle2159

  30. Over level 100, daily player add: rickl81