2018 Treehouse of Horror Bug Roundup

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So one constant we’re seeing in the comments with this event is that a number of you are seeing a variety of glitches appear in your game.  So I’m providing you with one post that displays the most common glitches, so that you’re able to see if others are experiencing it too.  Also, this is a place where you can post a glitch you’re seeing with this event that may not be posted.

This gives us one place so it’s all neat and we’re not throwing glitch reports into every other post written.  So here we go, the most common bugs we’re seeing appear in the comments…

Let’s first start by saying, 99.9% of these bugs cannot be fixed by us suggesting something.  You will have to contact EA, which you can do so HERE, so that they can patch the game.

Now here’s the list…

-Lag.  Yes, the game has TERRIBLE lag right now when collecting income from buildings.

-THOH Store disappearing.  We’re seeing reports from players that the Treehouse of Horror section of their store has completely disappeared.

-Flanders Tome levels are resetting back to level 1.  We’re seeing reports from players that their Tome was a higher level and suddenly it’s reset back to level 1.

-Freezing when visiting neighbors.  Seeing reports of games freezing when you’re visiting neighbors and tapping their minions.

-Freezing when playing the dig site.  Ok, this one can be fixed.  If this happens just hard close your game and it should restore itself.

And I think that covers all of the major ones we’re seeing you guys report.

Again, if you’re experiencing one of these bugs, please contact EA.

If you’re experiencing a bug not listed here please share what you’re seeing in the comments below.


227 responses to “2018 Treehouse of Horror Bug Roundup

  1. On mums the word, part of the quest is to store flowers. I bought and stored flowers but it’s not marked as completed
    When I click the link it takes me to a certain spot in the game but I don’t see any flowers there to store


  2. My friends aremail still missing and I cannot even log into EA!!


    • Happened a few times with this event already… each time it’s been fixed. Just have a little patience


    • Mine were fine for the beginning of the event, but they’ve been missing for the past week. I never had this problem before but now it’s really annoying. Just trying to finish the event and get those bonus task wraps…


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