Halloween 2018 How-To: Act 1 into Act 2 Preparations

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing a bunch of questions in the comments about saving pickaxes/crafting currency for Act 2, so I figured rather than repeating myself over and over again in the comments it’s best to just answer the questions in a post.

Here’s what I’m seeing…

I’ve Unlocked Count Grampa, Should I Save Pickaxes for Act 2?

Yes and no.  Remember, Count Grampa is just a relic prize it’s not a Prize Track Prize.  You still have an entire prize track to complete.  So continue using Pickaxes until you’ve unlocked Countess Dracula.  Once you’ve unlocked her then start saving your Pickaxes for Act 2.

Remember, the Dig Site is the best way to earn event currency for the prize track.  Which is why you should continue completing digs until you’ve unlocked Countess. 

How Many Pickaxes Can I Save For Act 2? Is There a Limit?

I’m sure at some point there is a limit, but I haven’t found it yet.  I currently have over 200 pickaxes built up and have not yet been capped.

Will Crafting Currency Carry Over for Act 2?

YES!  Every event it’s the same.  Crafting currency carries over throughout the entire event.  As a currency reminder…

 Act 1 Prize Track Currency, this will change once Act 2 starts.  So any of these you collect over the required number to unlock the Countess will NOT carry over to Act 2.

 Crafting Currency (and Tome Upgrades), this will stay the same throughout the entire event.  So your counts carry over for each act.

Pickaxes, used at the Dig Site, these can be carried over into each Act.

Hopefully that clears it up for everyone asking!  Good luck on the last week of Act 1!

Any other tips?  Thoughts? Strategies?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


97 responses to “Halloween 2018 How-To: Act 1 into Act 2 Preparations

  1. Well damn. I really messed up here. I had just got to the part in act 1 to unlock countess Dracula and started act 2 by mistake. Now I can’t unlock her without spending donuts. Is this done on purpose so we have to spend real money? I put a lot of time in to this game and this Halloween event has just made it feel even less worthwhile

  2. Hi, I only got up to prize 4 in act 1, and I’m trying to decide if I should use donuts to be able to unlock Countess Dracula, but I can’t find out how much she costs and if its worth it.

  3. I stopped getting your emails not sure why? Love the site,HELP

  4. Just blasted through about 50 pickaxes to get to a second round of donuts and then realized I was probably better off just using one of my daily challenges… I was over 1900 on the quest for donuts so I thought if I was really lucky it would be better to go axe route. Then I got unlucky on 3 rounds and on top if it, it took 3 tries to get the 3 donuts. *facepalm*

    Of course I could’ve gotten those relics tomorrow and finished that track so much faster. I should’ve just been happy with one bonus round. This is why I shouldn’t tap at midnight. Bad decisions abound.

  5. Hiiiiiiii Alissa,
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    i know you hate people that say this but i was waiting for you to put up Tween Lit Inc & Slick SIB to post this.
    Since Act 1 almost over and I think this is important you should know you can get 1000s of track currency (~17K max i think) depending on how many kids you have in town every 8 hrs from his second or third quest.
    Just dont do the task for him! 😀

    Thanks again!!!!! 😀

    • I’m just going to say this once… the worst way to start a sentence is “I know you hate this…but…”.

      Alissa has a system, and a calendar for posting. If she doesn’t slam up a SIB about something, it usually means it’s not critical or time sensative.

      • Hi Pat. I understand and realize she does from LIVE shows.
        If i remember right she says she prioritizes SIB for items that help with event, i would says 17K fangs every 8hrs qualified. I only mentioned it because its almost act2 and might not have been obvious he does since its mixed up in a followup quest.

        • Look…all I’m saying, is that I just got to hang out with Alissa, Riley and Sam. And we both said the most annoying thing about doing the blog was impatient readers… we are both super busy…and I trust Alissa’s methods implicitly. She posts SIB for a reason….. AND it seems that you already have stated a great reason to buy. So do It?

  6. Hiya,
    I’ve got the Countess and Grandpa, so I’m onto the ‘bonus’ end fang collection quest line. I’ve heard you get donuts for completing it, and was wondering how many you get? Ie is it worth getting the fangs to complete it, or saving my Pickaxes for act 2?

  7. Let’s see –

    I’ve got at least 400 Pickaxes, 1100 Crafting Currency, and I’ve saved 2 Daily Challenges (tomorrow will kick in the 3rd right when Act 2 starts). My Old Ruins Dig Site is at Level 20%, while the Flanders Family Tome is tappable every 3 Hours (leveling both works in your favour, but don’t panic trying to level things up asap).

    Bring on Act 2 and thank you Alissa for reminding us to prep for it👍

  8. Thank you Alissa! I was about to ask about saving pickaxes if I was done in Patric’s calendar post, but then I saw your link in there! Already stacking my daily challenges! You guys are the best!

  9. Not sure if this has been addressed yet; but will tween lit “currency” be carried over into Act II and III ?? I want to buy, but I also don’t want to waste bonuts if it’s only good for one Act.

  10. Maybe this has been asked and I missed it but can someone let me know, I have finally remembered to try to save my daily challenge for the next update, do I complete the challenge and just not collect the prize or don’t do it at all? Thanks,
    Also is ther a SIB for Gil’s deal for the devil?

    • yes. you can complete the daily missions, and if you don’t collect them you can save it for the next act.

    • Either works. Most of them you won’t be able to avoid doing (jobs to collect fangs, clearing minions in your town) so just leave it there and don’t press collect.

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