Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Prize Guide – The Webs

I’m not going to lie (and you should never trust someone who starts a sentence with “I’m not going to lie!”), this is really a silly item that is barely worth the tapping to get it.

I honestly have no idea why the designers/programmers thought that this would be a great addition to Halloween…but, here it is.

The Webs.

I get it. The concept is creepy.  But for those of us at or nearing retirement age, the idea of being “cocooned” for eternity is just plain weird.  Unless of course, you are talking about the way the codgers in the movie “Cocoon” were treated (swimming with hot aliens in a pool that reversed the aging process).  But, I digress…

We got The Webs…”A Retirement Forest” at “Giant Spider Acres.”
So…yes…this does kind of make one want to buy the Giant Spider if you don’t have it. Which I don’t. But, I won’t…simply because I don’t want to give into the thought of having my loved ones visit me in a creepy forest, dangling from a tree branch.

No…we already have a plan for my cremains (ashes). One Third in the family cemetery (yes…weirdly…my family has a cemetery), 1/3 sprinkled near Proposal Rock at Neskowin…my favorite beach, and where I first knew that I would be with Deb the rest of my life, and 1/3 sprinkled into a drink served to my enemies so they can choke on me one more time.

But, once again…perhaps I am missing the point.  It is free (which is a heck of a lot better deal than real cemeteries or memorial gardens), and it does get us closer to getting the rest of the stuff in this act.

So…Bring on The Webs.


Act 1, Prize 4- The Webs

Size: 8×7
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $300, 30xp/24hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10
Can be Placed: On grass|dirt
Arrangement Bonus: None
What Does It Do: Comes with a questline and earns income every 8hrs, Burns will have a 12hr task there (Consider Retirement) to earn event currency (however this does not earn axes, so you’re still better sending him to the tasks at Holy Forge to earn axes)

Questline:The Webs
Auto starts when built
Burns: Smithers, there comes a day in every gentleman’s life when he must grapple with his own mortality. I find today is that day.
Smithers: Nonsense, Sir, your best days are still ahead of you. Why, you don’t look a day over ninety-five.
Burns: Thank you, Smithers, but today I found a wrinkle in the one wrinkle-free spot I had left.
Smithers: *gasp* Not the crevice between your second and third toes?! But we’ve been oiling it nightly.
Burns: I think it’s time to decide what happens after I *shudder* retire.
TASK: Make Mr. Burns Consider Retirement- 12 hrs,
Earns 360 Event currency and 100xp

Smithers: What did you think of the retirement home, Sir?
Burns: I think it’s an excellent opportunity…to buy and squeeze all the money we can out of those old codgers.
Smithers: Oh thank goodness. Your cold-hearted evil mojo is back!

And there you have it… The Webs.

Next up? Event Crafting Currency…and then…

40 responses to “Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Prize Guide – The Webs

  1. I wish we had some single trees that looked like this!

  2. IT kind of reminds me of the upside down from stranger things

  3. Is there a maximum of axes we can save?

  4. The Web (”A Retirement Forest at Giant Spider Acres.”)

    I got a good chuckle at the Montgomery Burns’ Task here (a shame the rest of the other Senior Citizens of Springfield do not have a Task here, too – missed opportunity EA). Yes, it is a free Prize at that earns Simpson’s $ and XP, and I will gladly take that over worthless Decor.

    Would I have preferred something Transylvania / Vampire themed instead? Absolutely! But I should have Countess Dracula by tonight, so back to Kem Farming and looking forward to Act 2 (Werewolves). 👍🦇⚰️♥️

  5. I love this prize! Another addition to the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings stuff in my Springfield! 🙂

  6. Reminds me of the spiders in LOTR and the Hobbit.
    Bring out Sting.

  7. Love the idea of your ashes in a drink, I’ve thought about mine thrown in the eyes of a few people but now I’ll have some saved to brew with their coffee before they get ashes in their eyes!

  8. Hi, sorry if I am a bit behind but crafting level 4 has not unlocked, do i have to contact EA ?

  9. This is one of my favorite prizes so far! Very creepy 🙂

  10. whats wrong with spiders?

    • I like spiders. From a distance. I have this cool spider catcher thing…long handle with a synthetic grabber. Works like a charm and doesn’t hurt them. We have sooooo many here. Big ones, little one, jumpy ones… all good.

    • R u serious? 🚫🚫🚫

  11. I wish we could craft more of these … It’s one of the only prizes we can’t craft more off and one of the only ones I’m going to want to stay in my town after the event! 😞

  12. As an obscure cartoonist, I won’t have the luxury of retirement. I’ll probably just kick off right at my art desk, and if the family even notices I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, pining for the fjords, off the twig, my metabolic processes history, they’ll just tip me, head first, into the trash bin. They’ll probably just think I’m hunched over, working on my latest comic, but nope, I’ll be joining the choir invisible.

    • Join the crew Karl! I am either heading into the woods, or taking a sailboat west. I love the concept of my final struggle being like “old man of the sea.” Of course…with my luck, I’ll probably catch a current and end up in Hawaii, where I started this journey!

  13. I might be on the opposite side. I wish this was expanded on and there were a bunch of items with this theme and color scheme.

  14. Okay so I’m trying to figure this out. If I want to max out my vampire teeth. Should I counter to send homer and Ned for the 8 hour quest , then mr burns for 12 hours quest ? Then just collect pick axes from everyone else ?

  15. My only complaint is the color…the garish blue just takes over anywhere I put it…finally decided to put it behind the Spooky Gorge.
    Also changed out some of the trees for blue-green firs to help it blend in better.

  16. I like it..

  17. Haha your cremains idea is great Patric, similar to you, I have plans…not sure how well they can be accomplished though.

    I always tell my family if I die before them I want to be cremated, and 1/2 my ashes are to go I to an urn made of Lego, to which they can do whatever they please with, and the other half packed into a funny car (top fuel dragster) parachute so I can go for one last quick ride.


  18. Spiders are the antichrist.

  19. What’s this giant spider you speak of?

  20. *screams* 🕷🕸
    I put mine with Nightmare Willie!
    Fits well with that hideous creepy Willie headed bagpipe spider … 😱

  21. Wasn’t sure where to fit this one into my “area”, it is sort of just dangling in a corner there.

    Question for all, I am well on my way to Countess Dracula, at 196000 points right now, and I know to save my daily tasks three days ahead of Act 2. But should I also start saving crafting currency (am at max level) and also pickaxes? I love the pickaxe game though, much thanks to the “formula” you guys have presented. I know there will be bonuts after the Countess, but I’d rather try to save for the next act in case I don’t have as much spare time then. And if I do, I can always get the bonuts then/at the end of Act 3? What’s the strategy of my fellow tappers?

  22. I put mine near my Hogwarts, which made sense to me as it kind of represents the Forbidden forest. I like it as a decoration.

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