THOH XXIX Episode Tie-In Content

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So along with Act 2 hitting our games this morning we also go a little episode tie-in for this Sunday’s Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons!

Here’s a look at what’s inside the update, including full dialogue questline…

So when you started up TSTO this morning you will have noticed 2 questlines started for you.  One was an auto start with the Werewolf that continued Act 2 of the THOH event and the other was triggered by Homer.  The questline triggered by Homer is for the THOH XXIX Episode Tie-In.  Here’s a look at that questline…

Heads Shoulders Knees And D’ohs Pt.1
Homer starts

Homer: Bart, what did I tell you about peeing on the lawn?
Bart: Not to do it, because you might step in it when YOU’RE peeing there.
Homer: Exactly. So how did these plants start growing out here? There’s no way my pee has enough nutrients to sustain life — it’s mostly beer and wing sauce.
Build the Pod Patch- Free, instant Build
Homer: So how do you explain the plants?
Bart: Ask Lisa.
Homer: She’s been peeing out here too?!
Bart: No, dummy — she’s an expert on plants. They’re like her boyfriends.

Heads Shoulders Knees And D’ohs Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: Hm… this is really strange.
Homer: It’s not strange! The dog pees out here all the time and no one gives him guff!
Lisa: First of all, ew. And secondly, I was talking about the plants. Since we’ve been out here, they’ve doubled in size. They’re huge!
Homer: Hey, lay off — those plants are just big-boned, like me!
Make Lisa Research Pod Patch at the Library- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Heads Shoulders Knees And D’ohs Pt. 3
Marge starts

Marge: What did you discover, Lisa?
Lisa: That there’s nothing at the library I couldn’t have just looked up on my phone.
Marge: Okay… then what did you learn on your phone?
Lisa: That Janey and Wendell made their relationship official on social media.
Pod Patch: *muffled sounds*
Lisa: Did that plant just try to talk? I need a plant expert who can relate to speaking unintelligibly and living in filth…
Reach Level 10 and Build Willie’s Shack
Make Lisa Enlist Willie’s
Help– 4hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

Heads Shoulders Knees And Doh’s Pt. 4
Willie starts

Willie: All right, lass, where do you want me to spray the pesticide?
Lisa: No! These plants could be intelligent beings, Willie!
Willie: Aye, so you’re sayin’ we have an ethical responsibility to nurture them.
Lisa: Absolutely! Also, a sentient plant would earn me at least an A-minus at the Science Fair…
Make Lisa Care for Pod Patch- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Willie Care for Pod Patch- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Skinner: I must say, Lisa, forcing the Science Fair judging committee to come to your backyard is highly unorthodox.
Pod Patch: Give her an A.
Skinner: …but then again, so is a talking, sentient plant! A-plus!
Lisa: Hooray!

Heads Shoulders Knees And Dohs Pt. 5
Willie starts

Willie: Well, you won the Science Fair. And more importantly, you scared the bejesus out of Skinner. What now?
Lisa: Now we tap the plants and see if they’re ripe…
Tap the Pod Patch
Willie: Heads up — there’s heads inside!
Lisa: I was right, it IS sentient! And aggressive!
Willie: Stand back, Lisa! You got your precious A, but now it’s time for Willie to kick some A!  ACCCHHHH!!!

So with the questline you’ll receive a Free Pod Patch (animated when tapped, as you’ll see)

And that’s it for new free items!

Beyond that you’ll have an option to purchase a Premium Character, Xylem, that relates to the THOH Episode.

Xylem- 90 donuts

I will have a SIB (and questline) up on Xylem tomorrow.

Know that the THOH Episode Tie-In content ends Monday October 22nd.  So if you want the Pod Patch or Xylem you have to get them by Monday.

Now, what I’m going to get asked a lot…

Is It Important That I Do the Episode Tie-In Questline or Can I skip it for now?  As Lisa and Willie are needed at the Holy Forge to earn Event Currency and Pickaxes?

Here’s my answer…No.  You can skip the questline, as long as you trigger part 1 and PLACE THE POD PATCH you can skip the rest of the questline.  I’m not 100% sure if it’ll remain after 10/22, BUT as long a you place the Pod Patch it won’t be taken away from you and really that’s the only important part of the questline. 

Again, I’ll have the SIB info on Xylem (and yes continuing coverage of the THOH event…remember I do everything based on when items leave the store…) up tomorrow.  Hope that clears up any confusion/questions y’all may have on the episode tie-in content that hit today!

Thoughts on the tie-in?  Plan on buying Xylem? Where’d you place the Pod Patch?  Sound off below…

21 responses to “THOH XXIX Episode Tie-In Content

  1. Another topic…is there a SIB for the Monsters Castle? Thanks!!

    • Not up yet. Zero benefit for the event and doesnt leave until the event ends so it’s low on my priority post list… and should be a low priority for you as well. It’s not going anywhere for a month.

  2. minimalistonaut

    Nothing is moving when I tap my Pod Patch … no animation.

  3. THOH Episode Tie-In

    Pod Patch (that was some funny dialogue, involving Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Principal Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie – Pod Patch has cool animations after all the Tasks) 🤣

    Xylem (while I can’t say that I’m interested, to be fair? I haven’t seen this episode to judge if this Character is worth the Sprinkles) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Rita Pastorelli

    Italian language, same empty bubbles.

  5. I picked him up because he looks like Treestache’s nephew. His dialogue is pretty punny.

    I’m going ahead and completing the questline for the Tie-in because I’ve already gotten the second prize in the THOH event, and already have Were-Milhouse from saving pickaxes and daily challenges from Act 1.

    I was actually hoping THOH XXIX would have been like the Bodysnatchers due to the image from the THOH episode published months ago. Maybe next year???

  6. Alex aabcampos2

    I am groot

  7. A dope-smoking Triffid? Oh, I’m tempted …

  8. I’m level 13 it won’t let me build the library? So I can’t do Lisa’s task help!!!

  9. I must admit that when I saw the questline pop up, I assumed it was for the THOH event and I sent Lisa to complete it. If you think about it, it almost looks like it ties in with the event. I say almost because maybe, just maybe, the werewolves did pee on the lawn. LOL.

  10. I missed most of these dialogue in the language I’m playing in. Thanks for the transcript ^^

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